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What was his name? He was wondering that more and more often lately. Or maybe he wasn't; It was such a long time ago when he placed his Crown upon his head, so it was only natural he would forget few inconsequential facts. The problem with that however was another question. What was of any consequence anymore?

He was the most powerful among all beings, that was why he was allowed to let this Crown rest on his head; he could remember that clearly. He no longer had any idea who he was before; he couldn't even recall how he obtained the Crown in the first place, and even sometimes thought that there might had never even been a time when it didn't occupy his head.

Lately he could feel himself turn sluggish, or at least he thought so as he wasn't sure what his normal state was. After contemplating about such things for a while he decided to go for a walk.

He slowly stood up from his gilded throne and took a step forward; then he stopped moving. Why did he decide to stand up? Well it didn't matter now, since he was already standing he might as well take a walk. He left the throne room and entered a lush garden. There were at least hundred servants, running around and tending to the various exotic flowers.

He could not recognise a single one of them, but he could barely remember that each time he went to sleep all of the servants would mysteriously be gone, replaced by different people. He wondered why they did that for a split second before he lost that train of thought and moved on.

He did not find the garden very interesting as he was already aware it existed. That couldn't be said about the other rooms, so he picked a door at random and walked straight through as all the servants desperately tried to avoid him.

He found himself in a large decorated room; there were various glittering gems ornamenting the shiny metal walls. There was also a gigantic round table of pure living flame directly in the middle taking up almost the entire room; the rest was taken up by chairs made of either true devouring darkness or pure illuminating light. It was curious, but not worth a second glance, so he walked through the only door on the other end.

He found himself in an ordinary room; the only thing of note were two open passages, one clearly leading to a balcony and the other revealing descending stairs.

He took a step forward after deciding to head for the stairs.


He quickly realised that it was not such a good idea, so instead he headed for the balcony.

It was a balcony, but very different from a common one. Instead of railing there were nearly invisible threads; preventing anyone from falling, but not obstructing even a part of the view.

And what a magnificent view it was. As he stepped onto the balcony he felt as though the entire world was laid bare in front of him; he saw everything and everyone. That should be impossible for many reasons, but he could. He saw towns on the other side of the globe, silent in the night; he saw the ascendant realm of gods and saw them tremble in terror beneath his stare; his gaze pierced through the depths of void, witnessing the feared archdemons cower in the darkest shadows in a desperate attempt to avoid his look. He stared through the stars and saw the ever still empyrians shake beneath his gaze; he saw countless souls, damned or otherwise in the many places designated for their rest, as he looked into the eyes of their rulers, just like those before them, they all flinched, utter horror apparent in then. Except for one. A soul in a realm of furious blaze gazed back and smiled.

Maybe that soul should be erased for such arrogance; he could not remember the last time someone dared look back into his eyes.

He raised his hand and in an instant transcendent power manifested itself. It didn't matter that the arrogant fool was an infinity away: nothing was far enough to escape his reach and nothing was mighty enough to resist his wrath.

Just when he was about to obliterate the entire realm he felt irresistible compulsion to stop. Compulsion? Was someone somehow manipulating him? No, that was utterly impossible; he was the apex of existence! The one above all, and the Crown was his proof. He dismissed those suspicions, instantly forgetting they ever existed.

Now he looked beneath himself; he could see something tall, so tall that its bottom was the one thing in the entire universe he could not see. A memory he should no longer have told him that it was called the Spire, it was the tallest construction to ever be built. He remembered that it was the pedestal for his throne at the very top floor. And it was the  gilded cage for the bearer of the Crown.

Cage? Ridiculous; no fetter could ever possibly bind him; he could walk right out if he willed to, he just didn't have a reason to leave.

A sudden feeling in his chest awoke him from his contemplations; it was a curious thing, and he was absolutely certain he never experienced such a thing in his entire life. The feeling grew stronger and he was fascinated by it. It was something new, and he was always fascinated by things he did not know.

Curiosity overtook him, and he turned around, searching for its source. In the place right behind him he found a black haired youth in a black robe which covered him from neck to toe. The only two things that were not pitch black were his youthful visage and the scarlet on his hands. He held something crimson and oval in his blood stained hands; it was obviously pulsating and gushing out blood.

At first he was considerably confused and dazed since it was an abnormal sight; he could not really comprehend what was going on on. He was only awoken by a clearly audible *clang*.

He looked at its source. It appeared to be an item laying on the ground right in the middle of a pool of blood, upon closer inspection it was a large crown of pure gold covered in countless gems and couple of crimson splashes. The gems were of every colour and shape imaginable some of them so intricate they could not even be perceived by a common mortal. Almost all of the gems were dim, each of them had a feeling of deathly stillness that convinced any onlookers that nothing could possibly be more lifeless. Only two of the gems were different. They glittered with overflowing vitality, these two were both at the bottom layer.

When he looked at the exalted crown he immediately began to covet it. The temptation was utterly irresistible; he immediately began to crave the presence of that crown, and without a second thought he reached for it.

Or at least he would have if his hand was willing to move. Suddenly the sensation in his chest was no longer unknown; it was the familiar pain of ruptured organs. When he realised this he also began to recall things. His name, his knowledge, his past, but most importantly, his purpose.

He looked once again at the youth who was still holding his barely beating heart; the face was still unfamiliar, but he was now certain who the person was. Instead of fury he felt relief and gratitude when he looked at his slayer. He no longer had enough strength to speak, so he instead attempted to make a thankful smile, blood creeping down his cheek. When the youth realised this he smiled back and spoke.

“Welcome back, I am sorry it took me so long this time; I died because of terrible luck.” Then the youth picked up the Crown with a single dexterous movement. Now when the dying man looked at it he no longer felt any attraction, instead he felt repulsion as he looked at the cursed doomsday device. He anticipated the day it would be destroyed more than anything; he wanted to curse just from thinking about that thing, but he didn't have the strength needed to open his mouth.

“As always, I would love to have a prolonged chat with you after all this eternity, but our time is short.”

The youth raised the crown to the height of his chest and placed the other man's hand directly on one of the still shining gems.

The man's body might had been on the death's door, but his power was not; he could still forcefully utilize it at the expense of its vessel. And he did exactly that. He poured out every smidgen of power in his entire being, focusing it entirely on exhausting that gem.

The entire Spire shook when such marvelous power ran loose. It coursed through every corner of every reality, making every single being with enough power across all existence feel deep existential dread. Just as abruptly as it began it also ended. The now almost mummified hand fell off the Crown, revealing a newly dim gem.

“Just one more time; just one last time and then this will all finally be over. We will finally be free. Just a few more centuries of this nightmare.”

The dying man didn't react to those words. Instead he used the last breath he should no longer have to repeat the sentence he would always say.

“Goodbye brother, I shall see you soon.”

The last thing he saw was the youth reluctantly putting on the Crown. Then his soul was swallowed by black oblivion.

[Death confirmed, removing all titles and skills not marked as *soulbound*]

[Death confirmed, designating destination for the soul.]

[Destination overwritten by higher authority, destination set to *Hell*]


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