Crown of the martyr and martyr of the Crown.

by sarvashaktimaan

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead GameLit High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Mythos Reincarnation Secret Identity Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

An undisputed being sits upon his throne, the Crown of damnation adorning his head. One gaze enough to make gods tremble, and one wave of his hand enough to make the mightiest of demons flee. An unfathomable cataclysm will surely arrive when such a being is slain and grasps another chance to walk among the living.

This is a story of a monarch more ancient than time itself defying the absolution of death in his eternal strive to accomplish his primordial goal. 

And the Crown gazes on ravenously, its curse awaiting its next martyr.


Story with an overpowered mc who still thinks with his brain, not muscles. I believe I put my own twist on the reincarnation trope. The story is mostly told from third person view with mc’s perspective. New chapters are released 3 times a week.


This is an updated synopsis after requests from viewers.


I do not own the cover picture.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Coup de grâce ago
A stroll through Hell (01-01) ago
Make a wish (01-02) ago
Farewell (01-03) ago
Duke Blackburg (02-01) ago
From the depths (02-02) ago
The progenitor of all existence (02-03) ago
Thus beckoned the awakened one (02-04) ago
The price of life (02-05) ago
Path of a True mage (02-06) ago
Plot (02-07) ago
The Tree of life (02-08) ago
Sound the horn I (02-09) ago
Sound the horn II (02-10) ago
Battle of wits (02-11) ago
Trial and conscience (02-12) ago
The catalyst (02-13) ago
Meeting of fate (02-14) ago
Deal with the... (02-15) ago
To reshape the world... (02-16) ago
The terror of death (02-17) ago
Futility of kindness (02-18) ago
Festival of Dragoncull (02-19) ago
Underdog (02-20) ago
Undisputed I (02-21) ago
Undisputed II (02-22) ago
Undisputed III (02-23) ago
Overconfidence is... (02-23) ago
An unexpected visitor (02-24) ago
Indomitable (02-25) ago
David and Goliath (02-26) ago
Battle of 'geniuses' (02-27) ago
Battle of Geniuses (02-28) ago
Pact (02-29) ago
Well laid plot (02-30) ago
Assassinations and idle chatter (02-31) ago
Hidden in plain sight (02-32) ago
An abusive and entitled brat (02-33) ago
An unpleasant meeting (02-34) ago
Sweet but broken (02-35) ago
Problematic connections (02-36) ago
Burning through funds (02-37) ago
Magecraft (02-38) ago
Dante, the world eater (02-39) ago
Death of an idol (02-40) ago
Intermission: Desir ago
Intermission: Minet ago
Intermission: Gedon ago
Intermission: Leila ago
Intermission: Alice ago
Intermission: Elizabeth ago
The first trial (03-01) ago
The Gilded Overlord (03-02) ago
The Gilded guard (03-03) ago
An old friend (03-04) ago
Vault number 10 (03-05) ago
Soulbound (03-06) ago
Found you (03-07) ago
Prismatic magic (03-08) ago
Desire (03-09) ago
Intermission: Still alive ago
An apple doesn't fall far from the tree (03-10) ago
Cloud powder (03-11) ago
Twisted affection (03-12) ago
Carnival (03-12) ago
A rose for the deadeye (03-14) ago
Sowing seeds (03-15) ago
Joy (03-16) ago

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  • Overall Score

Lovable premise; personality inconsistencies

 Author uses great foreshadowing and hides just enough information to keep the reader interested (proper use of "show, don't tell"). 

Unfortunately, there are some inconsistencies that don't sit too well with me and forced what I thought a solid 4 star to a 3.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 MC's motive for killing his sister seems questionable. I understand the author needed someone to set up the "don't fuck with this guy" aura for MC, but it was done very awkwardly. It is infered the MC is 6000 and has undergone multiple reincarnations; I have a hard time believing this man, who is trying to be semi-discreet, would want to deal with the drama that ensues killing his sister. It also feels like the mother had a bigger hand in his attempted assasination but he is willing to play that off. We're not looking for a righteous MC, but there must've been a better way to sort this scenario


  • Overall Score

Description of the story is trash

If you want people to  actually open the first chapter and read your story, you need to have something better than an edgy picture and some generic worthless quote that doesn't say anything about what and how the story is.

In a website as saturated at this one, no one will take the chance to read a story to figure out what the hell it's about, when other stories spell it out in the description.

As for the story itself, its fine. 

  • Overall Score

Amazing, just nerds faster release rates

Im lazy af, so just gonna say: forgotten conqueror 2.0.

(it isnt a copy, its its own thin)

Andross Guile
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

So, this could be a subpar Andur story. You have an OP MC with an OP potential romantic interest and it's an isekai story. 

It's slightly different though because it's far more flawed. There are elements of xianxia in this and sadly the writing style and tropes of that genre bleed over. To intricately describe one's plans to a rival while they're alive is retarded. It doesn't matter if you're the son of the creator, it's stupid. 

The style is bad, the grammar needs work. I'm interested in the story and in the characters. 

To the author: After you've finished book 1 rewrite this. Obviously, we're alpha readers but we're not enough. Either hire a decent editor or, if you can't afford one, use some editing software.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

very nice, i greatly enjoyed it and its unique concept both caught my attention and held it, said concept is hinted at, revealed abit, but not fully, leaving me desperate to finished the puzzle (in a good way). story is a very good example of  'show don't tell' !

only complaints are that the system is a bit weird, but considering what he is it makes sense and is fine, and that mispelled words and missing letters occur around everyother chapter.

9.5/10 would recommend

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A wonderful story thus far (02-10), only marred by sporadic errors in sentence structure or grammer.

The characters are well written and act how they are described; a cowardly character would try to avoid conflict etc.

Nicholas Morgan
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I do not review many stories here. Often, the author starts out strong and interesting, only to falter. This story starts out a bit weak and perhaps a bit genetically. However, the characterisation grows into something worthwhile. The author here understands, succinctly,the power  fantasy. She ,or he , understands that a truly strong character needs not be the best in the moment, but should have the potential to be so. What follows then,is  the reader being taken along a journey where there is risk and potential. This story might not be the best, but it had potential and is worth your time.


Ps. I must applaud the writing for showing understanding that a world , when created, has its own rules and morals. The author does not try to put incessant moralising of contemporary society into a fantasy world. The author allows his/her world to breathe and allows the characters to act as is fitting to their setting and their nature. 

Sir L
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

He's not an idiot!!!

Personally, I just adore how the main character is actually thinking about his actions, the consequences of them and what he wants/needs to do in the future. His entire personality and his decisions also match perfectly. You also manage to balance his constant scheming with different events that will cause growth or a shift in mindset, which is even better as it is usually difficult to strike a balance like that. You're also demonstrating a harsher side to the whole reincarnation as a noble trope while keeping it at a point where it doesn't make the readers feel uncomfortable at everything.

I also absolutely adore the story's concepts as well as the slow yet steady revelations of the world's lore which has a connection with the main character instead of being used as some sort of plot armour or reason that the main character suddenly gains a stupid amount of power like some other stories.

Keep up the good work man!

  • Overall Score

Overused concept done RIGHT

Let’s get this out of the way. This is a op Mc reincarnation story. Yes, the Mc will always be the strongest person in the room. Uncharacteristically 

The characters are all interesting and some tend to be more interesting then Irwyn at times. Also, Irwyn does feel like he is ancient, unlike other MCs that are incredibly old yet still act like teenagers at some point. 

As of chapter 34 (2-29) there isn’t a super clear goal as to what’s intended for the future, however the pace of things so far is in a nice jog -not too fast and not too slow- which makes reading this a pleasure.

Best of all I think, is that the quality is almost at the point that I could easily see being sold on Kindle.

 Edit: I just saw IHATEEVERYTHING’s “lazy” review and completely agree in his amazing review this story is Forgotten Conquerer 2: Electric Boogaloo. It’s not a copy of FC but they do share similarities in their overall tone. If you liked Forgotten Conquerer even a little, then you should check this story out

  • Overall Score

Strong Characterization but weak Organization

Interesting story, an OP MC handled quite well. Could use a pass from an editor but around average for popular RRL stories. Still, cannot wait to see where the auhtor takes their tale.