Black Steel Brandy

by Redkawa

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Strong Lead Supernatural Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

One thousand years have passed since Ragnarök. The world has thawed, new lands have been brought to Midgard do to the collapse of Yggdrasil, and new magics have been discovered by the survivors. The old gods are dead and have been replaced by the new or ones smart enough to avoid death.

Brand was born Jabari, a dark-skinned human that is seen to be monstrous or mysterious in the city in which he lives. For his entire life, he's had to fight off attackers and deal with mistreatment. Worse, within two years he will be forced from the orphanage he's lived in his entire life in to fend for himself on the streets of Vellia. Before he is forced to go, Brand intends on gaining as much wealth and power as possible in hopes of having the kind of freedom only the powerful ever known. 

 Little does he know an opportunity to learn magic at a school for nobility is nearby. He just has to survive long enough to reach it.


New cover art by Daniel Kamarudin!

And old art by Narupiti HARUNSONG

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 Review as of chapter 19.

As the title says, this is an interesting read. Has some issues with grammar and spelling, but nothing an editor could not fix. I am particularly interested in how all the interwoven mythologies will turn out.