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Sorry for the large info dump, I just couldn't stop writing. And once again, please enjoy the read!

Lyn's POV


It's been a few months since I was born, and I feel like I have come to terms with my current situation, my reincarnation. I'm still not sure what happend to my ship, but that is the least of my worries. First and foremost it seems I have been born into a rather primal world set in the middle ages, at first I thought I had traveled back in time, but that was not the case. It was a few months after I was born that I was convinced otherwise.

I was laying in my crib, bored out of my mind when suddenly I heard a racket outside my room, and me being the infant I was just layed there, I was able to turn my head a bit to look at the doorway. Guess what I saw there? It was a HUGE man, standing in the ruins of what used to be my door! His muscles had muscles, if I could gag I would, instead I stared wide eyed at the.. thing infront of me, and it was a thing mind you, for what man looked like a cross between a bear and a jackal? As the thing entered the room I was able to see it's features more clearly, the upper half was that of a bear, even the head! While the lower body was that of a Jackal, if said jackal's legs were twice the size of a mans forearm.

The other thing I noticed was a sickly sweet scent drifting in from outside the room, and red splotches covering the Thing in front of me, it took me a second before I realized that it was blood! The Thing looked down upon my crib, a sharp toothed grin spreading across it's face as it approaches me, reaching down to presumably to pick me up, I say Presumably due to the fact of said arm never reaching me, and instead I got bathed in blood as the thing's arm vanished in a spray of blood, it's arm landing over my crib.

Looking behind the Thing, I noticed two glowing crimson eyes, It seems my father heard the sound of fighting and came running, fearing the worst, and upon seeing the Treag in my room (I learned later what it was called) went into a rage fueled frenzy, ripping the Treag limb from limb with his bare hands. After the Treag was taken care of he hurried to my side, and, upon seeing me covered in blood, picked me up and began to emit a crimson glow from his hands which slowly covered my infant form.

As he was doing this I felt as if something was invading my body, scanning every nook and cranny, It was unpleasant to say the least. But whatever Father did when he made that 'light' appear seemed to have calmed him down, as he was now looking at me with less worry and more relief then before.



Father's POV


"I care not what it costs! find out how that beast was able to get that close to my baby girl without the wards going off!" I scream at the man before me, letting some of my classes blood lust seep out. "Now begone! or you'll end up like that fucking beast!" The man before me pales after I speak those words, and rushes out of the room in all due haste.

I have no clue how it happend, one moment I was busy with the enemy of all rulers (Paper work) the next I hear fighting from the west wing, where little Lyn lay sleeping! Fearing the worst I didn't even realize that I went through the door to my office, not even bothering to open it. A blood red haze fills my vision as I run down the hallway, the bodies of my house guards and servents ripped apart, strewn across the hall I ran down.

It's only been a few seconds since I left my office, as I begin nearing my childs room, I hear struggling from around the corner in front of me, It sounds as if one of the childs guards are still alive and fighting! I round the corner quickly, seeking to aid the brave guard only to find her ripped in twine and the door to Lyn's room broken inward.


 Lyn's POV


It's been about six years since the whole Treag encounter, and things have mostly calmed down. Since then I have discovered quite a bit about this world, I also learned the local language. This is a quick summary of what I have been able to figure out on my own.

It seems I am in a fantasy world where magic is as real as the sun in the sky, where monsters roam the land that many of the 'civilized' races call home, yes I said races as in more then one, you see, there seems to be many races here, orcs, goblins, Giants and Half-breeds, such as Half Dwarf-Giant and Half Elf-Human, there are also the standard races, such as Humans, elves dwarves, gnomes and halflings, and many of these races also have sub-groups within them, such as Dark elves, High Elves, Deep Gnomes, Mountain Dwarf and Hill Dwarf.

The 'civilized' races also rely on what most call the 'Voice', said voice allows the races of the world to combat the monster threat. Speaking of monsters, they also have an intresting system, called the 'evolution' System, which in a sense could theoreticly allow even the weakest most to become one of the most powerful, Like from a Slime to a King Slime, which is a S class threat.

I mentioned the King slime as being an S class threat, I've learned that you can classify the threat a monster poses by its ranking, or class, most monsters can be ranked from SS and S, all the way down to F class. A example of F class could be a simple wolf, While a Dire Werewolf would be an S class. Each S class can easily take on a group of S rank adventurers

Due to the monster threat, the races of the land also have classes to help combat monsters, these can range from the most Basic, such as a farmer, the blacksmith or warrior to legendary and rare classes, which often times changes the very appearance of the class owner, Such as the Stone Guardian, which sets your race to a golem.

Also among the races is the unified Adventures Guild, which employs races ranking from SS and S rank to F rank, While these ranks are similar to the monster ranking, They tend to differ somewhat. An example would be a single S rank adventurer, such people who reach this rank would be able to take down an A class monster by themselves, While a group of S ranks can take down a single S class monster with semi-ease.


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Fixed a few mistakes and errors, changed some things to make the chapter flow smoothly.

EDIT, Added some POV's, hopefully to help the story flow a tad better.

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