What game-like system should I go by?
D&D Like system
14.29% 14.29% of votes
Level/class Based system, EG Like most game-like worlds
28.57% 28.57% of votes
Evolution system (Monsters only) Humanoids get one of the others.
57.14% 57.14% of votes
Other? If so comment down below
0% 0% of votes
Total: 21 vote(s)

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                ~Without darkness, there is no Light~

  I Awoke slowly, opening my eyes all I can see is darkness, I can barely move. *Where the heck am I?* I question silently, somehow knowing instinctively that I was unable to speak. *Why is it so dark? Why can't I move?* I think to the endless void, *Or maybe not endless? Is that a light I see?*

  I begin moving towards the light, not by choice mind you, as I feel something pushing me towards it. Seconds tick by as I move closer towards the light. *Where will this lead?* I wondered.

  I didn't have to wait long as suddenly the push turned into a SHOVE, All I knew then was light, and fuck did it HURT! I hear a baby crying in the backround and it takes several long seconds for it to calm down, it seems to stop as soon as I open my eyes.

  As I open my eyes I witness a strange sight, I am being held by Giants! Huge Fucking Giants! "Who The Fuck Are You?!" I scream at the top of my lungs, or at least I try to, Instead all ll I hear is the crying of a baby. "Will somebody shut that brat up!" I yell, yet again all I hear is more crying, every damn time I try to speak.


Four men and Two woman stand around a grand bed, in which lies a woman, beautiful beyond measure. As she lies there, one can see a gentle smile upon her face.

"It's a Girl!" one of the men in the room exclaims. "Go, fetch the lord at once!" Another one of the men in the room bow, dashing out of the room to carry out his task. The rest seem to be guards of a sort, most of them wearing an asortment of metal and furs.

Not long after the first man had left the room, did he come back, this time in tow with a man that seemed to be in his late thirties, he had long dark red hair and glowing red eyes, he was adorned with blood red plate armor. "This is the Child?" He asks, his eyes glowing even brighter for a moment, and without waiting for an answer runs up to the bed and hugs the woman, who like her smiles gently down upon the little girl. "What will you name her?" He asks, Looking to his wife. "Her name will be lyn, Lyn Lionheart" The woman mutters softly, turning to him, smiling. The man smiles back, looking down to the little girl he speaks. "Welcome to the family, Little Lion".


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