The year is 2233, 95% of the earth is now covered in cityscapes, the other 5% is filled to the brim with biowaste and other hazardious materials. for the past 33 years mankind has been working on expanding to space, yet time and time again they failed, untill finally, three years ago, they succeeded, or more specifically Rose-Corp did.


Inside a dimly lit studio, there appeared to be to figures sitting in a well lit circle of light, almost like a spotlight, one, a man in his mid thirtieths, the other a woman in her late twenties. The man had long black shaggy hair, and a well braided black beard, blue eyes that seemed to glow in the light, he had a tan complexion and was sporting a clean black suit. The woman on the other hand was quite in contrast to the man, for she had pale hazel eyes, stark white hair, and a pale complexion. Instead of a suti, she wore what seemed to be a filthy lab suit, yet the man nor the woman seemed to be bothered by it.

The man glanced to the woman, and the woman likewise glanced back, they both seemed to nod to each other, before the man stands up, clearing his throat as if to speak.

"We would like to thank Hvh news for the ability to speak with the public today" The man says, gesturing to the side as if to indicate someone. "For today, we of Rose-corp have made history!" He exclaims loudly. "I, Campell Rose, and my wife, Jannet Rose, have broken through the wall that is space travel! Where it would take anywhere from years to decades to reach the planets in our system, we can now reach them in seconds! The same can be said for other star systems, and even.." Campell pauses for some seconds before yelling excitedly. "Other Galaxies!"

At this time, the man sits down, and a video of a ship in space pops up, seconds later, a glow can be seen from the rear of the ship before suddenly, it's gone! No, not the glow, but the whole damn ship! The video feed cuts off, and as it does, the woman is now standing in the place of the man.

"This device is called the FTL drive, capable of sending vessels through space at speeds Faster than light! This was just a small test, the next we will attempt to send one of our own not only through our system, but also out the milky way!" She says, though with what seems a fair bit of malice, after which she sits down and the program ends.


First Person View (Lyn Rose)

I slowly wake from my slumber, feeling a cold hard floor underneath me I begin to think that I had fallen asleep in the kitchen again. I open my eyes, then close them again, I open them again, yep, still looking at a small square METAL room, not my kitchen, not my bedroom, but a bare METAL room, with no doors.

"What the fuck?" I mutter in confusion. "Where the fuck am I"
I jump back startled as one of the walls turns into a holo-screen, and the face I see there is my father's.

"Dad? Is that you? Where is this? What's going on?" I ask, my voice turning panicked as he just stares on in silence. Minutes pass by with me rambling on, until he suddenly starts speaking.

"Child, oh you dear fool Child, Do you not realize the chamber you created? The one for the ALPHA-002 shuttle?" he says in a sad tone. "You silly child, my hand has been forced by both your mother and your siblings, they wanted you dead in a ditch, I however do not wish for that outcome, I still love you" He states, tears flowing freely from his eyes. "Please know that I love you dearly, I've left you a gift behind the holo-screen, A gift that I hope serves you well, For I will not escape the wrath of your mother, nor the assassins sent by your brothers, this is goodbye my dear little rose, papa loves you" The holoscreen fades, and the room changes back to normal.


Suddenly a mechanical male voice interrupts her. "T9892JD922 Sector 4 Set, Entering FTL Now, Please Brace Yourself" It says as a small girl begins to curl up on herself, bracing herself as much as she can.

"FTL Drive Ready"








Then all she felt was darkness.


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