Creative thinking is everything I have

by Omi Nya

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead GameLit Gender Bender Grimdark Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Meet Orihara Satoru, a 33 y.o. Game Designer who was about to confess his feelings to an overly cute co-worker. Yes, he ‘was’, because his life unexpectedly came to an end.
He woke up in a new world.
In the world, where 99.9% of the population are reincarnated people like he is, and technology co-exists with magic.
In the world, where every few days Beasts are summoned by a Wave to bring chaos and disaster.
"How will I fare in a world, where everyone is an Isekai protagonist? Also, my build is a random mess and why am I a girl now? Oh, well. Creative Thinking is Everything I Have."

I'm slowly adding illustrations. You can find them in chapters 1, 4, 9, 11, 13, 17, 22, 24, 26, 31, 36, 38, 44 right now.

Who might enjoy this story:
- readers who love references to popculture/games/anime (also after the first chapter they are not that abundant)
- fans of an isekai/transported to another world genre
- those who dislike OP protagonists and prefer MC to grow stronger bit by bit and rely heavily on his friends.
- people who enjoy black-and-white-and-grey stories, where life is not always bad, but not always good, too.


Special thanks to best bro Mecanimus for editing, helping, motivating me, and always being there. Check his work, please

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Omi Nya

Omi Nya

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch.1: Mom will be sad ago
Ch.2: Hello, World. ago
Ch.3: Orisa The Scammed ago
Ch.4: It's all right because I'm here ago
Ch.5: Until my body is dry ago
Ch.6: Nine and Three-Quarters of morons. ago
Ch.7: Full Metal Witch ago
Ch.8: Limitless possibilities. One choice to rule them all. ago
Ch.9: Shower thoughts ago
Ch.10: Am I a wizard now? ago
Ch.11: Twin Lightning Strike ago
Ch.12: Engineering life in another world, right? ago
Ch.13: This has turned into a difficult situation. ago
Ch.14: If I need, I will cheat! ago
Ch.15: A New Hope. ago
Ch.16: A Work of Ice and Fire ago
Ch.17: Into the Breach ago
Ch.18/1: That's how Spellcasting works. ago
Ch.18/2: I'm a Living Legend ago
Ch.18/3: No Time For Caution. ago
Ch.19: Who's your daddy? ago
Ch.20: Greetings, my Lord. ago
Ch.21: Jikan desu, shujin* ago
Ch.22: The right hand of justice. ago
Ch.23: About Time ago
Ch.24: It’s where my Demons hide ago
Ch.25: Falling out of darkness. ago
Ch.26: Two there should be. No more, no less. ago
Ch.27: ...and three shining knights. ago
Ch.28: You got what you deserved. ago
Ch.29: Almost warm and fluffy chapter. ago
Ch.30: Young Maid ago
Ch.31: Childfree. ago
Ch.32: That one life that came to an end? ago
Ch.33: Lessons learned? Zero. ago
Ch.34: A teaser chapter ago
Ch.35: It was the only way. ago
Ch.36: I understand. And I'm sorry. ago
Ch.37: Come to me, baby. ago
Ch.38: Childhood's End ago
Ch.39: Orisa: Homecoming ago
Ch.40: Waving through clues ago
Ch.41: A true face of Science ago
Ch.42: Appropriate tools ago
Ch.43: Cannot be denied ago
Ch.44: Happy now? No going back. ago
Ch.45: Pure impurities ago
Ch.46: Not giving up. ago
Ch.47: The Goal of All Life is Death ago
Ch.48: The Overlord ago
Ch.49: To Seal the Deal ago
Ch.50: Sleep with me. ago
Ch.51: Cinnamon roll ago
Ch.52: Rubber duck debugging ago
Ch.53: Mates, Duets, Pairs ago
Ch.54: A Welcoming New World ago
Ch.55: Bugs Buggy ago
Ch.56: Back and forth to The Lair ago
Ch.57: The third step ago
Ch.58: Sean of the Dead ago
Ch.59: Not to be forgotten ago
Ch.60: Too Noble ago
Ch.61: HNG and Friends ago
Ch.62: Guesses ago
Ch.63: Onsen episode ago
Ch.64: Exit strategy ago
Ch.65: Law of unequal exchange ago
Ch.66: Names on the wall ago
Ch.67: Time for a crusade ago
Ch.68: The price of obsession ago
Ch.69: Path of Exile ago
Ch.70: Only getting started ago
Ch.71: Team L, Double Trouble ago
Ch.72: A terrible day for rain ago
Ch.73: Hot (pursuit) and Cold (meeting) ago
Ch.74: Morning Spear Technique ago
Ch.75: Mistakes were made ago
Ch.76: Elephant in the room. ago
Ch.77: I Am Thou, Thou Art I ago
Ch.78: High-end content ago
Ch.79: ASURA ago
Ch.80: The Watcher, a glimpse ago
Ch.81: Unexpected Spa-nish ago
Ch.82: PVP ago
Ch.83: Sleeping Beauty ago
Ch.84: Operation Quickpoint ago
Ch.85: Exodus ago
Ch.86: One of us ago
Ch.87: Tomb Raiders ago
Ch.88: Fallout Shelter ago
Ch.89: Days Gone ago
Ch.90: Seal the past, open the future ago
Ch.91: Hunt the hunter ago
Ch.92: AOG, assemble! ago
Ch.93: According to the plan ago
Ch.94: New Home ago
Ch.95: I know what you are trying to do ago
Ch.96: Snatch ago
Ch.97: The right thing ago
Ch.98: A good old friend ago
Ch.99: Taking out the trash ago
Ch.100: The truth? ago
Ch.101: A Straw Fortress ago

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It´s pretty good as of chapter 23. I actually got really addicted and felt super bad after catching up. You know that feeling that grabs you when you read a really good book for the first time? Like your most favourite books. I got that here and will stick around for more. Though waiting is suffering :(

Characters appear realistic for me and the world feels alive and well thought out.


I highly recommend this read.


e g Jameson
  • Overall Score

GREAT START! (Hehe! I got to do the first reveiw!)

Six chapters in and kinda impressed so far. MC is definitely not OP. Maybe even a little under powered, but with a strong will. Grammar is good. Pacing is moving along, though it's still too early to really judge that. Good foreshadowing of the many possibilities the world might contain, but no info dumps so far.

I'm not going to start talking about character development and all that other stuff. It's too early. But what's there looks like a solid foundation . I'm excited to see more!

  • Overall Score

Great story, great characters.

It all begins with the usual. Guy trying to do the right thing getting trucked, dying, and waking up in a strange world, as a girl. 

But from there it goes from taking the usual and commonplace plots and characters and coating them in several layers of worldbuilding and backstories, complexity, and humanity that little by little reveal themselves showing us more of a character than what we see at face value. 

Orisa, the MC, is a character driven by kindness, pop references, friendships, and a desire to learn and improve herself and her friends and not die trying. 

And that's my short overly written and rewritten review. My honest review, whenever a chapter is out I try to read it as soon as I can, most stories in RR, I can wait.

Jean Fere
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Good idea not done well

Reviewed at: Ch.23: About Time

Oy veh, fun idea but? Boy does it spoil itself. If you can believe a 30 plus year old development team lead acting like a whiny 6 yr , an unknown age neuro surgeon being a completely useless, and in general a random group of adults not having the maturity you'd expect from small children, this may well be the novel for you.

Personally I'd recommend Heinlein's Job a comedy of justice, if you want an iseksi character that gets crap tossed at them. 

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Ok, the first note, I hate gender benders I find them infuriating, but this book does it well. 

I actually really like this story I read it every time I got a chance too. I actually read everything in only a day or two. I really like the characters and the world. The characters (well most) don't seem 2d and actually had some back story and reasons to do what they do. They feel like actual people rather than robots saying a phrase. The humor of the characters are amazing and I found myself laughing so many times. 

The world seems very real and living. It's like the town you live in. You don't see what's happening to everything but you know there are things going on and this is how this book feels. 

I only have a few problems with this book though. I feel like there's not enough work with the setting. It doesn't get very descriptive so it's hard to make an image in my head. Other than that I don't really have a problem with this book and it's an overall great read. 



  • Overall Score

This is one of the most real fictions I have ever read. The emotions and realtionships are so incredibly realistic, the troubles and traumas reflect reality so well, it's as if the author is a psycologist who specialized in studying relationships and traumas. The world is well-built, the ability systems are well thought-out, and all in all, it's an incredible story. 

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So I'd like to start off with I'm not really that into reading because I rarely find something that interests me, but this story grabbed me from the start and I read new chapters the moment I can!

Like the synopsis said this is filled with references and the first chapter especially to show what the reader will be getting into. As I assumed they die down drastically after that chapter but are still present in a decent amount though I realise their abundance at first might turn off some people. I think the dynamic of the MC and one of her friends sporadically saying references helps with the mood of the story and adds to the enjoyment of it.

After the mandatory paragraph about the references (as am sure everybody was excited about them the most), I'd like to comment on why the mc certainly needs to get her mood up as she (unlike most isekais) is the opposite of overpowered and in fact, is one of the weaker characters and the story progresses through her struggles to live in this new world, as she is constantly thrown in emotional turmoil due to poor word choices she makes or uncontrollable to her situations. Some people have commented that it feels grimdark, but in my opinion, it lacks grimdark elements and is better described as realistic.

While it is quite interesting to read her struggles it slightly irks me as to how unlucky she is and how often others overreact and mistreat her for her actions. The reasons for doing so makes perfect sense though, so the story still seems plausible and doesn't require the suspension of disbelief. The characters themselves are multi-layered as every time the mc messes up with someone, it's always hinted as to some hidden layers of their personalities or backstories which makes them feel very real.

There have also been a few moments where the mc seemed to get too friendly to others too suddenly, calling each other family, but as most complaints the author argumented himself as to why that is and if he adds a bit more to how those characters feel and think in those moments I think it would greatly improve the story and help with the impression of realism. And the author does indeed go back to edit chapters and fix any complaints he has received about them.

The story is also quite original, as much as one can be in this genre and grammatical errors are close to nonexistent and when some do go by unnoticed are remedied the moment someone points them out.

Chapters are also posted every other day which is a very good plus!

Now excuse me as I go throw some rice for losing my review virginity.

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The author has come a long way

Reviewed at: Ch.1: Mom will be sad

First of all, kudos for all the references and easter eggs. But, at the same time, this makes it clear that this story isn't for everybody. 

Strengths of the story:

1) Takes overused tropes but doesn't make it feel like the usual trash.
2) The MC isn't OP.
3) Good humor.
4) Good charactrs.

Weakness of the story:

1) The world building falls off.
2) Sometimes the humor gets past me (might not be the case for others).
3) The writing style sometimes feels off.
4) Signs of the MC(can't define its gender) leading towards smut flag. It honestly scares me.


Overall, a good read if you enjoy pop culture references and a bit of satire towards the mainstream story tropes.