Creative thinking is everything I have

by Omi Nya

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead GameLit Gender Bender Grimdark Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Meet Orihara Satoru, a 33 y.o. Game Designer who was about to confess his feelings to an overly cute co-worker. Yes, he ‘was’, because his life unexpectedly came to an end.
He woke up in a new world.
In the world, where 99.9% of the population are reincarnated people like he is, and technology co-exists with magic.
In the world, where every few days Beasts are summoned by a Wave to bring chaos and disaster.
"How will I fare in a world, where everyone is an Isekai protagonist? Also, my build is a random mess and why am I a girl now? Oh, well. Creative Thinking is Everything I Have."

I'm slowly adding illustrations. You can find them in chapters 1, 4, 9, 11, 13, 17, 22, 24, 26, 31, 36, 38, 44 right now.

Who might enjoy this story:
- readers who love references to popculture/games/anime (also after the first chapter they are not that abundant)
- fans of an isekai/transported to another world genre
- those who dislike OP protagonists and prefer MC to grow stronger bit by bit and rely heavily on his friends.
- people who enjoy black-and-white-and-grey stories, where life is not always bad, but not always good, too.


Special thanks to best bro Mecanimus for editing, helping, motivating me, and always being there. Check his work, please

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Omi Nya

Omi Nya

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch.1: Mom will be sad ago
Ch.2: Hello, World. ago
Ch.3: Orisa The Scammed ago
Ch.4: It's all right because I'm here ago
Ch.5: Until my body is dry ago
Ch.6: Nine and Three-Quarters of morons. ago
Ch.7: Full Metal Witch ago
Ch.8: Limitless possibilities. One choice to rule them all. ago
Ch.9: Shower thoughts ago
Ch.10: Am I a wizard now? ago
Ch.11: Twin Lightning Strike ago
Ch.12: Engineering life in another world, right? ago
Ch.13: This has turned into a difficult situation. ago
Ch.14: If I need, I will cheat! ago
Ch.15: A New Hope. ago
Ch.16: A Work of Ice and Fire ago
Ch.17: Into the Breach ago
Ch.18/1: That's how Spellcasting works. ago
Ch.18/2: I'm a Living Legend ago
Ch.18/3: No Time For Caution. ago
Ch.19: Who's your daddy? ago
Ch.20: Greetings, my Lord. ago
Ch.21: Jikan desu, shujin* ago
Ch.22: The right hand of justice. ago
Ch.23: About Time ago
Ch.24: It’s where my Demons hide ago
Ch.25: Falling out of darkness. ago
Ch.26: Two there should be. No more, no less. ago
Ch.27: ...and three shining knights. ago
Ch.28: You got what you deserved. ago
Ch.29: Almost warm and fluffy chapter. ago
Ch.30: Young Maid ago
Ch.31: Childfree. ago
Ch.32: That one life that came to an end? ago
Ch.33: Lessons learned? Zero. ago
Ch.34: A teaser chapter ago
Ch.35: It was the only way. ago
Ch.36: I understand. And I'm sorry. ago
Ch.37: Come to me, baby. ago
Ch.38: Childhood's End ago
Ch.39: Orisa: Homecoming ago
Ch.40: Waving through clues ago
Ch.41: A true face of Science ago
Ch.42: Appropriate tools ago
Ch.43: Cannot be denied ago
Ch.44: Happy now? No going back. ago
Ch.45: Pure impurities ago
Ch.46: Not giving up. ago
Ch.47: The Goal of All Life is Death ago
Ch.48: The Overlord ago
Ch.49: To Seal the Deal ago
Ch.50: Sleep with me. ago
Ch.51: Cinnamon roll ago
Ch.52: Rubber duck debugging ago
Ch.53: Mates, Duets, Pairs ago
Ch.54: A Welcoming New World ago
Ch.55: Bugs Buggy ago
Ch.56: Back and forth to The Lair ago
Ch.57: The third step ago
Ch.58: Sean of the Dead ago
Ch.59: Not to be forgotten ago
Ch.60: Too Noble ago
Ch.61: HNG and Friends ago
Ch.62: Guesses ago
Ch.63: Onsen episode ago
Ch.64: Exit strategy ago
Ch.65: Law of unequal exchange ago
Ch.66: Names on the wall ago
Ch.67: Time for a crusade ago
Ch.68: The price of obsession ago
Ch.69: Path of Exile ago
Ch.70: Only getting started ago
Ch.71: Team L, Double Trouble ago
Ch.72: A terrible day for rain ago
Ch.73: Hot (pursuit) and Cold (meeting) ago
Ch.74: Morning Spear Technique ago
Ch.75: Mistakes were made ago
Ch.76: Elephant in the room. ago
Ch.77: I Am Thou, Thou Art I ago
Ch.78: High-end content ago
Ch.79: ASURA ago
Ch.80: The Watcher, a glimpse ago

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Creative Writing is Everything you have

We follow budding young woman Orisaformerly salaryman Orihara Satoruas she reincarnates into a world of magic and monsters. What sets Creative Thinking Is All I Have apart from the unwashed barbarian hordes of reincarnation fantasy invading Royal Road is that in the world of Lazra, almost every inhabitant has arrived with memories intact from other lives on other worlds!

Aside from a ruling case of home-born 'nobility' who by and large act anything but noble, Lazra has long since structured a means of acclimating newcomers in batches with language seals and basic combat training. The story thus far covers this arc in its entirety as Orisu interacts with her instructors and the assorted interesting personalities of her fellow reincarnatees.

Video game and movie culture references fly fast and heavy in the thoughts and words of our protagonist, interestingly enough not always going to waste as a few of her group hail from Earth. Unique in having an enormous mana pool and little to no capacity to use it effectively, Orisa is mocked in-story for having a crap character build, but with a little help and a lot of minmaxing she becomes a glass cannon the likes of which few want aiming their way.

Genderbend-wise, Orisa retains the preferences of her previous life, and realistically struggles (and often fails) to adjust her emotions, suffer through sexual harrassment, and all the awkward aches that accompany her new body every month. She struggles in her relationship with many of the supporting characters, situations rife with misunderstandings, assumptions, hesitant attraction, anxiety, and good ol' fashioned fear.

Readers who're already desensitized to the ordinary Isekai tropes will enjoy Omi Nya's writing, I'm giving it my strong recommendation and looking forward to future updates!

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Fun and endearing story

Fun and endearing story.


it is Gender-bender... while not really being it (as it has yet to be of impact, save a few embarassing reactions)

it is a "transmigrated in another world", but the situation is so common in that world that our MC is clearly not going to be OP too soon.

it is "weak MC grows into Strong" but not too quickly, and not without going (quite) deep into the how and why of magic.

and you get interesting relationships being built, misplaced jealousy, stupidly started hatred, friendship, soft manipulation, taming of wild holier that you nobles..etc

all of this happens in a world in endless war against beast waves, mixing political background, end of the world scenario (probable) and the author's take on psychology and philosophy.


give it a try !


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Genderbend Isekai

A Glance Review…

The premise for the story is super interesting and uncommon in the typical isekai genre. Creative Thinking is all I Have utilizes its unique concept by making many references to different anime, games, and other popular media in order to relate with the plight of our protagonist. While these easter eggs are pretty fun to spot, the novelty of a gender-bend isekai adventure lies within the main characters’ changes over the course of the first few chapters in which… many things seem to occur all at once.

The writing style takes a close perspective narrative on the main character who’s identity has drastically changed over the course of two chapters. What is difficult about the portrayal of genderbend novels is the female/male ‘brain’ or ‘ego’ and I can appreciate this story’s attempt at diversifying the isekai genre with challenging concepts. I say this because it’s clear that there’s a lot of confusion going on within the first few chapters about the ‘gender’ of the character such as whether or not Satoru should be referred to as a man or as the woman he’s been reborn into, Orisa. Along with a few other shenanigans such as sexual content, or ecchi moments, that really delve into the whole 'identity crisis.' The ongoing gender issue is somewhat sidelined when things get bloody and we have life and death stakes in play with the sudden introduction of ‘how to use this world’s magic system,’ which appears to be a combination of incantation, spellbooks, body art and possibly more.  

The author really delivers the story’s premise in a unique way, which can be rewarding to readers who want to tackle worldly issues while enjoying an isekai story.

e g Jameson
  • Overall Score

GREAT START! (Hehe! I got to do the first reveiw!)

Six chapters in and kinda impressed so far. MC is definitely not OP. Maybe even a little under powered, but with a strong will. Grammar is good. Pacing is moving along, though it's still too early to really judge that. Good foreshadowing of the many possibilities the world might contain, but no info dumps so far.

I'm not going to start talking about character development and all that other stuff. It's too early. But what's there looks like a solid foundation . I'm excited to see more!

  • Overall Score

Great story, great characters.

It all begins with the usual. Guy trying to do the right thing getting trucked, dying, and waking up in a strange world, as a girl. 

But from there it goes from taking the usual and commonplace plots and characters and coating them in several layers of worldbuilding and backstories, complexity, and humanity that little by little reveal themselves showing us more of a character than what we see at face value. 

Orisa, the MC, is a character driven by kindness, pop references, friendships, and a desire to learn and improve herself and her friends and not die trying. 

And that's my short overly written and rewritten review. My honest review, whenever a chapter is out I try to read it as soon as I can, most stories in RR, I can wait.

  • Overall Score


It´s pretty good as of chapter 23. I actually got really addicted and felt super bad after catching up. You know that feeling that grabs you when you read a really good book for the first time? Like your most favourite books. I got that here and will stick around for more. Though waiting is suffering :(

Characters appear realistic for me and the world feels alive and well thought out.


I highly recommend this read.


  • Overall Score

Original world and complex characters

A very solid story, well written with interesting characters. The moral compass of the world is kind of gray which makes the reader question themselves, what is good and what is hypocrisy. The world building is also top notch. Definitely an adult read despite all the web references.

  • Overall Score

So far Im enjoying it and the world the MC was thrown into.

  • Overall Score

This is one of the most real fictions I have ever read. The emotions and realtionships are so incredibly realistic, the troubles and traumas reflect reality so well, it's as if the author is a psycologist who specialized in studying relationships and traumas. The world is well-built, the ability systems are well thought-out, and all in all, it's an incredible story. 

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I can definitely recommend this story. The world our MC has been tossed into is a joy to read about. No noticeable spelling or grammatical errors, and for the most part the charaters are very well written. To the author, Thank you for Writing!