Eldro filled out form after form, her daily routine. She had made it an involuntary habit of ending each morning with a nice stack to be collected, tucked into a little box and slid out the door.

She would fill each line with information she didn't realize she knew. Things like population numbers, but not just for people. For example, this one asked for the number of a certain species of cicada that resided in the western region.

She scribbled down a number and kept going, she knew it was correct, at least for that exact moment, the gift of omnipotence at work. Yet if she tried to come up with that number by herself she would be unable to. Apparently, it's something about being subconsciously triggered by the question itself, how it was worded, written and spaced. The first time she experienced this was fun, but it had long overstayed its welcome.

Her hand grabbed around the bottom of the tray, feeling the smooth plastic surface it was made from. She collapsed face first onto her desk, letting out a little sigh of relief. She then lifted her head, stood up, gathered the papers, packed them, labelled the box and then kicked them out the door.

“Done.” She stretched, sitting back down in her seat, pulling out the orb, feeling its cool surface under her hands once again. “Right, Orb...” She was still a bit iffy about the name, “bring up everything that Gin has done.” Orb complied.

She stared, her eyes glazing over as she read line after line of 'breathing' followed by 'walking'. She started scrolling furiously, but the list seemed endless. “Orb, permanently remove breathing and walking from the log.” A little ding and Orb brought the list back up again.

“Headed towards a stream, drank some water, fondled herself?!” Eldro was pissed, she had spent months preparing for this, hyping it up for herself. A new world on the brink of annihilation in a body that was built by the goddess herself and this was what she was doing with it?

“Starving to death, killed a stingtail?” Her eyes lit up, finally a heroic deed. Stingtail, what an epic name. She imagined a giant bear with a scorpion tail, or maybe a demonic soldier who wields a spear with a tip as fine as a wasp's bite. Orb brought up a picture of a stingtail.

“What the fuck is that?” She sat there, disappointed. A glorified rat? She had spent an entire day walking, nearly dying and then ended it by fighting a rodent.

“Right, time for an intervention.” She got up and dragged out a little box, in it, were several small little jars. Shuffling through them, she picked out one, dusting off the label and smiling with glee. “And so begins Gin's first heroic deed.”

She twisted the lid open, or at least tried to. Finding herself unable to open the jar she put it back in and grabbed another one, repeating this until she found a plastic one with a flip lid.

“And so begins Gin's first heroic deed.” She popped the lid open, the creature inside woke from its slumber, letting out a deafening roar.


Gin slowly opened her eyes, for a while she just laid there, staring at the ceiling. Part of her still didn't believe she was in a new world, that maybe it was all a dream. It had all happened so quickly, but the ceiling she stared at was not her own. Plus she could feel her tail under her waist, paralysed from her sleeping on it the entire night.

She stood up straight, wiggling her rear in an attempt to wake her tail up, but it laid lifelessly on the ground.

'Bam Bam Bam'

She could hear the beating of a hammer on nails, seemingly coming from outside. She pushed past the half-opened door and walked out. She called out as the other person came into view.


“Morning,” She was trying to nail the half broken door back into its frame, she stepped back, watching as it wobbled precariously in the wind.


“Eh, it was falling apart anyway,” She dusted her hands and turned to face her, “Had a good night's rest?”

“Yep, so how am I to repay you for the apples?”

“Hmm,” She looked at her up and down, “The autumn harvest was recently completed, not much work gets done around here until after winter. But the coming winter means that firewood is in short supply.”

“So I'm to head to the forest to collect firewood then?”

“That was my plan, but I have no idea how you would transport it, my father took our only cart to sell the first batch of the harvest.”

Orb let off a little ding.

'I have plans for a simple sled you could make to transport the wood'

Orb brought up the plans for it, simple really was the best way to describe it, one block of wood that sat on two planks.

“Yeah, that might work, thanks Orb.”


“Yeah Orb, the little grey orb that is floating next to me.”

“Right..., either way, it sounds like you have a plan?”

“Don't worry about it, I have devised a brilliant plan to transport the wood. I'm just gonna need to borrow a couple nails.”

She raised an eyebrow at this, but didn't seem to doubt her, “Alright, grab as many as you need, then head to the shed over there. There should be an axe and some spare rucksacks you can use.”

Gin nodded, a few moments later she was off, rucksack on her back, axe in hand. Humming a little, her first mission in a fantasy world, even if she was only collecting firewood.

“Wait a minute...” She paused in her tracks, “A sled, on dirt? Orb, are you bloody stupid?”

Orb beeped indignantly if that was even possible.

'I assure you that this sled can function on dirt surfaces and is used by hunters to more easily transport their quarry'

“Oh alright,” For a while she was satisfied with this answer, “Wait, how much weight is the sled designed to carry?”

'By my calculations, one log'

“Are you kidding me?! What is the bloody point of making a sled if it can only carry one log?”

'You didn't specify how many logs you needed to transport'

“So what now?”

'Not sure'

“What, in your infinite knowledge you can't find any solution to transport more than one log?”

'Not with your limited ability to do anything besides complain'

“Are you getting cheeky with me?”

'Of course not'

“You're lucky that you're some kind of ethereal being or else I'd pummel the shit out of you.”

Orb responded by floating a couple meters higher in the air.

“Why you little...”

She was interrupted by a voice she really wasn't in the mood to hear.

“Hiya, it's me Eldro, remember me? Your patron Goddess.”



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