Golden Fox with System

by Lucas Cristian

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Harem Magic Martial Arts Reincarnation Strong Lead Supernatural Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

The Brazilian Theo Volts, 18 years old, reincarnates in the body of a (Red-fox) in another world, when dying being struck by lightning. After reincarnating, he realized that he was endowed with a miraculous game system.

{Edited by: Andrew Meyers}

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Lucas Cristian

Lucas Cristian


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ranking Information ago
Chapter 1: New life. ago
Chapter 2: Skills ago
Chapter 3: Buying a Pill. ago
Chapter 4: Helping the Red Fox. ago
Chapter 5: Impurities ago
Chapter 6: Creation of the Magic Core. ago
Chapter 7: Beginner Pack ago
Chapter 8: Cultivation Technique ago
Chapter 9: Compressed stone of Mana. ago
Chapter 10: Advancing to 6th Layer of the Apprentice Kingdom. ago
Chapter 11: Fighting against Wolves. ago
Chapter 12: Advancing to the Student Kingdom. ago
Chapter 13: Lord Goblin. ago
Chapter 14: Finding a Village ago
Chapter 15: Mental Energy ago
Chapter 16: Leaving the Ang Village. ago
Chapter 17: Dragon ago
Chapter 18: Dragon's Egg ago
Chapter 19: Cultivation Duo? ago
Chapter 20: Lineage ago
Chapter 21: Golden Flames. ago
Chapter 22: Elementary Pills. ago
Chapter 23: Yuki Lineage ago
Chapter 24: Training with Yuki. ago
Chapter 25: 10th Tier of the Student Kingdom ago
Chapter 26: Mei Zong ago
Chapter 27: Island of the Falling Star ago
Chapter 28: Fighting Black Wolves: Part 1 ago
Chapter 29: Fighting Black Wolves: Part 2 ago
Chapter 30: Demi Humana Shina. ago
Chapter 31: Moving to Vila. ago
Chapter 32 ago
Chapter 33: New technique. ago
Chapter 34: forge ago
Chapter 35 ago
Chapter 36 ago
Chapter 37 ago
Chapter 38 ago
Chapter 39: Shina vs Goblins ago
Chapter 40: Human form ago
Chapter 41: Feelings of Yuki ago
Chapter 42 ago
Chapter 43 ago
Chapter 44 ago
Chapter 45 ago
Chapter 46: Battle field. ago
Chapter 47 ago
Chapter 48 ago
Chapter 49 ago
Chapter 50 ago
Chapter 51: M-My daughter and Theo ?? ago
Chapter 52: Going to sleep with Yuki ago
Chapter 53: [Status] ago
Chapter 54: Dark Wolf ago
Chapter 55: Wolf Zaira ago
Chapter 56: Helping the Crimson Wolf, Zaika. ago
Chapter 57: A...A lineage? !! Seriously? ago
Chapter 58: Services? What kind of Services? ago
Chapter 59: A Mission Has Appeared ago
Chapter 60: White Lion King's Tomb Part 1 ago
Chapter 61: White Lion Kin's Tomb Part 2 ago
Chapter 62: White Lion Kin's Tomb Part 3 ago
Chapter 63: White Lion Kin's Tomb Part 4 ago
Chapter 64 White Lion King's Totem ago
Chapter 65: Secret Room. ago
Chapter 66: Level 5 Armor ago
Chapter 67: New Shina and Yuki cultivation Techniques. ago
Chapter 68: <Nine-Tailed Fox Divine Practice> ago
Chapter 69: Obtained 81,150,451 System Points. ago
Chapter 70: 6th Layer of the Higher Student Kingdom. ago
Chapter 71: My Hero! ago
Chapter 72: Are you… the Golden Fox? ago
Chapter 73: Young Master of the Ming Family ago
Chapter 74: Death of Young Master Alex. ago
Chapter 75: Panic Interview! ago
Chapter 76: Precious Stones Sisters. ago
Chapter 77: Entering Ang Village ago
Chapter 78: Barbecue at Jka’s House Part 1 ago
Chapter 79: Barbecue at Jka's House Part 2 ago
Chapter 80: Auction Part 1 ago
Chapter 81: Auction Part 2 ago
Chapter 82: 2nd Layer of the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom ago
Chapter 83: You Are Zing Lin Ming! ago
Chapter 84: Daddy, Yui is cheering for you! ago
Chapter 85: Teleport Scroll ago
Chapter 86: Leaving for Ravena City. ago
Chapter 87: Used as Bait? ago
Chapter 88: This Time, I Will Cheer for You! ago
Chapter 89: Little Yui’s Transformation ago
Chapter 90: End of the Fight Against the Green Birds. ago
Chapter 91: Entering Ravena City. ago
Chapter 92: Seafood of the Gods ago
Chapter 93: Humiliated. ago
Chapter 94: Are You the Prince of This Book? ago
Chapter 95: I Don’t Care About Being Second! ago
Chapter 96: Theo, you, what do you think about Shina? ago
Chapter 97: Newborn Soul Five Years Old; Changed to Six Years Old ago
Chapter 98: Buying Pills ago
Chapter 99: Consuming Pills ago
Chapter 100: I’m Dad’s adopted daughter, and I love him more than anything in the world! ago
Chapter 101: Is Daddy Naughty? ago
Chapter 102: Going to an Orc Village ago
Chapter 103: Star Magic Formation ago
Chapter 104: Theo Volts Vs Goblins and Orcs Part 1 ago
Chapter 105: Theo Volts Vs Goblins and Orcs Part 2 ago
Chapter 106: Theo Volts Vs Goblins and Orcs End ago
Chapter 107: Back to the Orphanage ago
Chapter 108: Shina and Zaira Lineages ago
Chapter 109: Wanting to Open a Gun Shop ago
Chapter 110: Going to Buy a Store. ago
Chapter 111: Buying a Store ago
Chapter 112: Husband, this level of power and speed… ago
Chapter 113: Don’t worry! I’ll take care of it, okay? ago
Chapter 114: Advancing to the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom ago
Chapter 115: Advance of Yuki and Yui ago
Chapter 116: Opening the Weapon Shop ago
Chapter 117: Selling Weapons Part 1 ago
Chapter 118: Selling Weapons Part 2 ago
Chapter 119: Beautiful Name! Lovely! ago
Chapter 120: Sparring Part 1 ago
Chapter 121: Sparring Part 2 ago
Chapter 122: Sparring Part 3 ago
Chapter 123: Little Girl Bomb ago
Chapter 124: Self-Destruction ago
Chapter 125: Soul-Control Leech ago
Chapter 126: My Name Is Number 141 ago
Chapter 127: Even if Someone Wants to Hurt You… ago
Chapter 128: Don’t worry! He won’t be alive much longer. ago
Chapter 129: I love you so much, Theo…! ago
Chapter 130: Panic Interview 2 - Part 1 ago
Chapter 131: Panic Interview 2 - Part 2 ago
Chapter 132: Finally Someone Left ago
Chapter 133: Mauro Kenedy ago
Chapter 134: Talisman ago
Chapter 135: Self-Help ago
Chapter 136: Eight Years Old ago
Chapter 137: Zaika’s Human Form ago
Chapter 138: <Primordial Black Thunder Vibration> ago
Chapter 139: Wow! This place is so mystical! ago
Chapter 140: The Town Lord’s Mansion ago
Chapter 141: 2nd Layer of the Apprentice Wizard Kingdom ago
Chapter 142: You didn’t just come to chat, did you mean to tell me something? ago
Chapter 143: Forging a total of 127 weapons ago
Chapter 144: <Illusion of the Nine Heavens> has reached Level 6 ago
Chapter 145: I want to go, too! ago
Chapter 146: Royal Lineage ago
Chapter 147: Is this some kind of new prank? ago
Chapter 148: Heavenly Tribulation ago
Chapter 149: Going Through the Heavenly Tribulation Part 1 ago
Chapter 150: Going Through the Heavenly Tribulation Part 2 ago
Chapter 151: Going Through the Heavenly Tribulation Part 3 ago
Chapter 152: Going Through the Heavenly Tribulation Part 4 ago
Chapter 153: Going Through the Heavenly Tribulation Part 5 ago
Chapter 154: Going Through the Heavenly Tribulation Part 6 ago

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  • Overall Score

Not planned out at all

The start of it works rather well actually, he focuses on building his foundations by getting skills and hunting animals that pose zero risk.  He avoids civilization and trains his skills up over time. 


The problems arrive once that first period ends.  The way the author uses the system changes via plot device to move a bunch of skills under the singular heading of a lineage, his cultivation also gets merged into that lineage.  This would have been a good idea to start with but makes no sense half way through the story.  He also bought all the skills he could at the lowest cultivation rank but never bought any more.  This seems mostly just like the author got lazy about keeping up with skill advances.  His system also allows him to gain essence from killing things, but he quickly gets so many other ways to do the same thing that this becomes redundant and is never really used again. 


The next big problem is one shared by a lot of stories, the introduction of new characters via methods that make little sense.  First a dragon's egg falls into their laps, and is then used as a plot device to make the main love interest a special-snow-flake.  Then a betrayed and abandoned little demi-human shows up who he immediately spends a rediculous amount of points on, in the process revealing the secret of his system to a complete unknown.  Followed by moving into civilization for no actual reason. 


I feel that if the author had planned out the system and the plot it might have been good. 

  • Overall Score

could be improved. a lot.

the idea is fine, but the story is not very welldeveloped, and grammar is hellish to get through.

there's a ton of mistakes, most just pure bad use of words. example: "Oh, I've never seen you before, is this the first time here in [Ang Village]?" He asked Theo a red (Dog), who was 1.40m in height.


mistake is underlined; it's not clear, but it's the red dog asking theo a question, not the other way around. Even if it had been Theo asking the question, it still would've been wrong.

mistakes like these are aplenty, and the plot feels very rushed and random as well. There's signs that the author is trying to add the clishé drama romance, the cliché 'cool' mc 'look-at-me', and a lot more. sadly, they're not very well done, and oh so obvious.

To the point where i cringe each time the lines pass.

it does have a nice power system, but also comes with a System that solves all problems very conveniently and makes the story very linear. there's basically 2 things; he gets powerful, he gets admired.  that's it.

  • Overall Score

It reads like a very, very young author wrote it, and im saying pre-teens here. If that is the case, then its a pretty decent story for that age and they should keep at it. If not, then the story is woefully lacking in nearly all areas possible, and the author needs a LOT of practice.

Character interactions are painfully simplistic, the author gets hung up on cultivation far too much, and even devoted half a dozen chapters in a row to their daily routine of cultivation, making several breakthroughs, leaving the cave to fix food, then re-entering to cultivate.

Romance is at about the level of an 7 year old's first innocent puppy love for the majority of the story, the equivalent of constantly thinking the other's cute, and lots of smiling dumbly. A kiss is finally thrown upon the MC's cheeks after 100 chapters of this. and then weirdly enough, when they finally arrive in town a random girl starts demanding to have the MC's kids simply because she fell in love with him at first sight.

Outside of encountering a dragon early on, the MC faces little difficulties, and is able to power through all fights, even those where he and his companion are severely outnumbered 100:1.

There is very little details being put into the world around the MC, and the MC almost never observes their environment. This supposedly dangerous forest full of beasts and monsters is essentially treated with the same familiarity as the MC's own backyard, with little need to learn anything about it. There's no real sense of 'danger' or 'unfamiliarity' despite having been reincarnated into it.

The grammar is about the only thing i can see as being pretty spot on most of the time. Few mistakes here and there, but hardly noticeable.

Overall, the story needs a lot of work.

  • Overall Score

I can’t go on reading

I can’t continue reading the concept is good but character and story development seem like an afterthought to describing powers the main character gets through mindless killings. I got to chapter 37 before I gave up it may get better that’s why I didn’t go lower.

  • Overall Score

The system used in the story is very basic. No innovation. Some of the basic function didn't even exist (skills due to special action, stats, innate skills, species specific skills)
And system shop? The be all, end all, ex dues machina of all. I smell buying antidote for some super ultra god killing poison from miles away.

Power system is unnecessarily mouthful. Just make it levels damnit and make distinction if you want to make 'realms'.
No world building. I don't even know what tier is average human. Or if talking animals is normal and how f*ck-up the world if it is.
The solution for being a humaniod is so anti-climactic. It made me drop this.
System that he gets without explanation is suppose to be his payment for being animal, but yeah, author can't wait any longer so that the MC can f*ck without incurring disgust to the non-bestiality reader.
Annoying system interaction.

Saying what's he gonna do and make the system repeat it is annoying.
Over explanation about trivial things, and have no intention to explain the big picture.

Andrew Meyers
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Gentle Cultivation slice of life

Updated as of 2019-08-12: I've read through to Chapter 90, and here are my thoughts so far:


This fiction is a translated cultivation story with some innocent 'cuteness' slice of life mixed in. MC is OP and a bit oblivious to his OP-ness. Supporting characters are warm and helpful. The overall pacing is relatively OK with it focused on MC's rapid advancement at absurd rates (he does in a couple of weeks what ordinary people take a couple of decades to accomplish).

Style: Enjoyable for me; it has a standard cultivation/'slice of life' style of storytelling.

Story: It is a cultivation power trip in a sandbox, with some character interaction and minor sub-plots. There are some villan characters that pop up eventually (and are VERY easy to hate), but they get squished promptly so long-term there aren't really any realistic opponents so far.

Grammar: Pretty good for a translation, there's always awkward parts when trying to do that, so I think it turned out well.

Character Score: Characters are flat, simple, but likable. MC has no backstory, his obliviousness to 'before' he started never gets addressed (how did he appear there with Yuki?). MC's sole motivation is protecting himself and his companions. He's a simple power fantasy template, and it is starting to flow into a semi-oblivious harem trope, although there is some minor action but it is just making out so far.

  • Overall Score

The grammar is bad and the dialogue (which is just the MC talking to himself sofar) is even worse. The idea is interesting but the ability of the writer is lacking. I would not recommend this story just based on the bad grammar and strange OPness MC. (strange b/c he basically power levels without actually doing anything that would make sense) Perhaps this is a first try. In that case I hope they continue to learn and improve.

  • Overall Score

Fuck guns I hate whenever guns and high tech stuff are added to fantasy story's later on and this is to tell other like minded people that this happens in this book

  • Overall Score

Guns just destroyed the little goodwill I had left. It literally destroyed the story. Its a cultivation story.


  • Overall Score

Pretty good so far, looking forward to more

I'm definitely biased towards reincarnation into non-human stories, but there's potential in this story.

So far the story is pretty good, I enjoy seeing growth in abilities or situations for the characters. That said, the chapters feel short, there's room for more in between time skips.