The Legend of the creator

The Legend of the creator

by boi the king

AND now let it begain another novel

In the vastness of the void an lonely soul lies. Not knowing it worth and ability he floated for millions of years. And at his darkest moment he realise he is not bound by rule of the universe and could create from nothingness;the rule of physic has no hand on him as he was beyond space and time.Who and whom is the being you may ask,? he is the 'Creator' and this is his tale of him thus "The Legend of the creator."begins.

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boi the king

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Since reading this novel I've felt concerned for our little blue world. I used to believe humanity was more good than bad; this novel is a heavy karmic burden upon us all. On not just the creator but the world that allowed this atrocity. Can we ever overcome such a stain our collective soul?


Time will tell and history will not be kind.


The legend of the creator is an interesting fiction about a dude who basically becomes God.

There is not all that much of a story right now, though I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for now in that regard.

The characters are good, though I hope they get explored further in the future.

My only real complaint is the grammar, just between you and me, I'm not Shakespeare, but using Grammarly might help you out, punctuation and spelling mistakes really stand out.

Your writing is good, but giving it a second glance between publishing, even if you publish 1/2 the amount you do now, but double the "looking-over" time, that would be of great benefit to your story!

Good luck writing in the future and if you improve the grammar and show a bit more personality you could be looking at a 4.5/5 or even a 5/5 fiction :D