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He fought his way to the top.

His birth was lowly. His life had been insignificant. But his will to survive was unwavering. One day, his soul merged with an unknown existence. From that point forward, he was destined for greatness. Each step of his path was marked with danger, but he did not stop.

From nothing, he rises with an era of legends.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
One: Contentedness ago
Two: During the Night ago
Three: First Blood ago
Four: Things Could Never Be The Same ago
Five: Moving Forward ago
Six: A Life of Servitude ago
Seven: Just Enduring ago
Eight: State of Existence ago
Nine: Their Differences ago
Ten: Where To Begin ago
Eleven: Esteemed Guest ago
Twelve: Unexpected Turn Of Events ago
Thirteen: The Night Sage ago
Fourteen: Changes Through Time ago
Fifteen: A Limitless Body ago
Sixteen: Hunting Intruders ago
Seventeen: Shocking Display of Power ago
Eighteen: Dangerous Battle ago
Nineteen: Desperate Victory ago
Twenty: To Grow Stronger ago
Twenty-One: The Voices Within ago
Twenty-Two: The Days Ahead ago
Twenty-Three: Arriving At Alma City ago
Twenty-four: A Friend Of Sorts ago
Twenty-five: A C-Ranked Mission ago
Twenty-six: Exploration Begins ago
Twenty-seven: Falling Into The Trap ago
Twenty-eight: The Basement ago
Twenty-Nine: Ira ago
Thirty: Unforeseen Circumstances ago
Thirty-One: A Gathering ago
Thirty-Two: Death Sentence ago
Thirty-Three: Take A Seat ago
Thirty-Four: The Primrose Musician's Requiem ago
Thirty-Five: Aftermath and Acceptance ago
Thirty-Six: Rockwell City's Monster ago
Author's Note ago
Thirty-Seven: Red Sun Desert ago
Thirty-Eight: Bad Timing ago
Thirty-Nine: Brief History Lesson ago
Forty: Emil's Decision ago
Forty-One: Headmaster Seth ago
Forty-two: Rapid Enrollment ago
Forty-Three: Emil's Classmate ago
Forty-Four: The Special Course's Condition ago

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TYE rannical
  • Overall Score

This novel is the perfect example of impeccable story telling. The grammar is top notch, the sentences flows brilliantly, and actions as well as emotions are explained to the best of the authors capabilities. Yet, even with all of that i still don't like it.

While writing this review i just couldnt understand why i didn't like the story, again, there wasn't an issue of bad grammar, the characters that counted weren't annoying. Everything seemed to be okay, but, after thinking for a while i eventually reached my answer; Not enough character interactions.

While, yes none of the characters were frustrating to read about, none of them left an impression. In other novel's there's usually a character or a group of characters, that would stand out as the most liked or hated, but in this novel nobody stood out, everyone was Meh. Which is sad because i feel with your level of skills it wouldn't be hard to make a story that i would get enthralled in.

In the end i feel that the lack of character interactions was what the author desired in his story. I believe that me not liking the story is more of a "fault" (personal preference) of my own personality rather than the authors writing skills. I like stories with a rich amount of characters, that each have good dialogue and well written actions. This story from the beginning wasn't written  for someone like me, but even with all of that said, i appreciate the authors writing skills. This was a nice read and i hope you ,the author, writes more novels. Hopefully the next could be something that  i can actually  find joy in.

Artorias the Abysswalker
  • Overall Score

Uralter, in every sense, is a good book. It has all the qualities a good story would have, such as impeccable grammar, and the story is fine. However, I found myself becoming increasingly bored as I read this story. This is just so...generic. Many fantasy readers can likely understand my feeling, even if they say that Uralter is a good book. Uralter is like a book in which the author gathered some of the most overused things from fantasy and cultivation books and crammed them together.

Spoiler: Spoiler

I'm sure many can enjoy this book, but for me, I've read hundreds of books like this one, and this is just too boring for me. 3/5, but this is biased and does not speak for everyone.

  • Overall Score

Found the main character to be too overpowered in the context of the story.  He solves the conflicts presented to him too easily, leading to a progressive story where I'm never worried he may lose.  Missing suspense elements made it a power trip and not a suprising/interesting journey.  Also, none of the supporting cast have that extra quirk which makes them stand out.

  • Overall Score

 good start. lots of dark characters, but its coming along fairly well. i hope you continue writing.

  • Overall Score

Lot's of potential, and it's already great so far. Love this fiction and want the best for it.

  • Overall Score

Don't listen to the haters. Try it for yourself.

If you want an endlessly growing harem of random mindless beauties or yes-men side characters that serve no other purpose than to highlight how awesome your MC is, there are hundreds of series on this site that will fit your niche. Don't expect the same from this novel. Instead, you'll get great writing, an intense MC and fast paced action.

  • Overall Score

I usually don't write reviews and made an exception for this novel because multiple reviewers described they don't feel invested in the characters because of a lack of interaction.

Normally that'd turn me away from a story but I got interested in why this story is rated highly despite the alleged flaw. After reading uralter I'm convinced that the present reviews don't do uralter justice.

Now, I love some good banter as much as the next guy and yes, this is not what you will find here.

However we do see the thoughts & feelings of our protagonist and the important side characters and(!) they interact meaningfully.

As such I can't relate to the problem of not being able to relate to/ care for the characters.

Actually this connects to one of the strong points of this story I want to highlight:

The author is writing on point.

No useless rambling, no infodumps. A lot is shown and not told explicitly & information is repeated less often than I got used to on this site. That was pleasant for me & a boon should this story be published in books - however the same might make the story difficult to follow for some, if they are reading the chapters as they come out on here. It's just so much more pleasant to read like this though!

Now that I got that off my chest, I'll share my general impression of uralter:

The story is shaping up to become a well(!) crafted classical cultivation story. It has everything & is structured like you'd expect in a cultivation (xianxia) story. Deus ex machina galore. If you can live with that, you will be enarmored by the good execution & action scenes!

 Edit: we are still in the beginning stages of the story. the-make-or-break ingredient: plot can't be judged as of yet.

(Story is at chapter 41 at the time of this review; tbh I probably won't update it; english isn't my first language - sorry for weird wording etc. )

  • Overall Score

Smash author-sama with likes!

F*ck! I want to smash Leezy to death with likes and five star ratings!

This is grim, gritty and dark. The characters have real depth to them, even the ones we only see for a few chapters.

A lot has happened so far, but I feel like there's hardly been anything read.

Author-sama! Please continue to write! This is great!

  • Overall Score

as generic as it can be

as the tittle state.overused in all things.like usual,mc is ruined by meeting a girl.as it always be.the weekness of all man.

 nevertheless,the author is good tho,the story is good for binge reading.

if u re looking for op mc.u got one right here,its still in the early phase,but u can see the mc will be special..

keep it up author.gonna boomark it

Spoiler: Spoiler