Frontier of Blades and Walls

by Ryuu88

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Dungeon High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A clever youth is transported to a magical world called Egid. He has no special powers or talents, yet he signs up to be an adventurer.

The city he finds himself in is known as Clarenburgh. It's a city-state run by the adventurer's guild because it sits on the start of a land bridge that leads to the wild, mostly unexplored frontier know as the eastern continent.

How will a broke, under-equipped, clueless, weak boy fair in the adventuring capital of the world?

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  • Overall Score

Short chapters but enjoyable read so far.

The chapters are quite short, the concept is interesting.  It's been rather enjoyable.  I can't really speak to the story as there hasn't really been that much of it.  Good luck to the author.

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I randomly clicked on the story, and got drawn in by the sypnosis. There's something about a good underdog story that makes me love that trope. Anyway, the story follows Ken as he sets about trying to survive in a new fantasy world he was thrown into. 

It has all the elements of a good story. The world building is decent, descriptive enough to draw me in, but not bordering on word vomit. The main character so far has proven to be likeable and interesting. The writing style is what really captured my interest - flowy, sort of lyrical, and it keeps the momentum of each chapter going. It might not be for everyone, but personally, I really liked it. There's a good balance between flowery phrases and descriptions.

Unfortunately, the chapters are short. That's not bad in of itself, but a good chunk of these chapters is the writer 'telling' us something happens, not showing it. Many events I'd liked to have seen more in depth and explored are just given a quick summary, before the plot carries on to the next thing the main character wants to do.

The author doesn't do it all the time, and there are chapters with punchy action scenes to get the blood going, but it's a definite weakness of the story. I think this can definitely be improved with time, and it's not a wholly negative thing. If you're used to third person webnovels where there are a ton of exposition, you probably won't even bat an eye. The only reason I bring it up is in hopes that the author doesn't fall into the pitfall of 'telling' us the events all the time. 

The story hasn't been going on for long, and Ken is only one who's getting any sort of attention or development, but that could change. His actions and motivations are reasonable, with the rare times where he does something that makes me go 'wait, really?' because it's a leap of logic. Those are exceptionally rare, however, and not a big deal in my opinion.

Grammar wise, there are occasional typos and misspellings, but the all the chapters are very much readable. 

Overall, I'd definitely say this a story worth following. If the author nails down a solid schedule, even with shorter chapters, you could definitely nab a bigger audience. I'm happy I wasn't lazy and decided to read this. Best of luck, author, I look forward to the next chapter. Thanks for writing!