Don't be Mistaken! I'm not a Reincarnate!

by sia

Original ONGOING Comedy Drama Fantasy Psychological Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Slice of Life

I have someonelse's memories but none of it makes sense. It's like looking through a photo album that doesn't belong to you. But still you can't help but wonder: Who were the memories meant for, if it wasn't supposed to be mine?

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  • Overall Score

I'll give this story a 4 star review because 2 stars and half it's little.

I can't really comment on the grammar since I myself do make mistakes, but it didn't seem that bad. (I've certainly seen a lot worse)

If handled good enough it can turn out to be a good story. (Currently at ch.6)

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Deserves more than 1 star

I read this because it didn’t seem to deserve the 1 star it got for its first rating. It's not some top fiction, but it definitely doesn't suck either. Currently at ch 6