A Weird Book #1

by saltywaters

Original HIATUS Contemporary Fantasy Psychological Sci-fi Dungeon LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content


 I update every day.

In a world ruled by shadowy and mysterious powers; by men who are able to dominate and rule over people as humans do other animals, who view them as nothing more than animals; a world wracked with poverty and desolation; in a world where every sunrise seems a little dimmer than the one that came before it, and all hope has burned down to embers. . .

A rogue wizard summons the dungeon.

Ben, a young man without a stake in the future helps decide the fate of the world; Melmat, the disciple, carries out his master's will and prepares his final vengence, Dies Irae; Casimer, The Dungeon born in a barren desert two hours north of Las Vegas, seeks a way to survive and establish himself across the earth.

This is their story; the story of the pre-apocalyptic world.


Author's Warning; This story contains very graphic, highly disturbing, and offensive content. It features multiple view points and shifts from chapter to chapter. I can assure you, this story is not for everyone. You Have Been Warned.





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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. The Year Twenty-Two-X ago
2. The Bug Dungeon ago
3. A wizard in the motel six ago
4. Ben ago
5. The Bug Dungeon II ago
6. Entomology taken too far ago
7. The Pact/Bluff ago
8. EndChan No. 1000000000000 ago
9. The Wizard goes to MIT ago
10. The desert is hot and bright ago
11. The Mouse who Howls ago
12. Bonus Chapter (Ben's day) ago
13. The Wizard and the Uke ago
14. The Dungeon Stretching ago
15. The Wizard starts to party ago
16. The Dungeon starts to party ago
17. A Wizard's Liver ago
17. Fatass-gasm (Bonus Chapter) ago
19. Stranger in a Strange land ago
20. Everybody's Hungover ago
21. Probably Shouldn't Trust that Guy ago
22. Mama's Chili ago
23. Ben's Dream ago
24. A Wizard's Questionable Ethics ago
25. Reggatoni Ben ago
26. First Contact ago
27. The Aim Hero Renegade ago
28. Dungeon Take Out ago
29. A wizard goes to the mall ago
30. The End of the War of the Worlds ago
31. The Endchan Admin ago
32. Return to the Dungeon ago
33. Running the Dungeon ago
34. A wizard demonstrates advanced metaphysics ago
34. The Turning of the Wheel ago
35. Oil and Water do not mix ago
36. Dungeon Ranger ago
37. Dungeon Bus ago
38. The Kabuki Bar and Grill ago
39. Don't touch that! ago
40. Use the Flaregun Ben ago
41. Casimer Makes an Oopsie ago
42. Mana Storms and Creepy Pasta ago
43. Louden's Ibuprofen ago
44. Ben's RV, Near the Dungeon ago
45. You Can't Fistbump yourself ago
47. The Dungeon Has Appeared ago
48. Pawn Shop ago
49. A cup of coffee for a calm morning ago
50. The Jade Ring of Chaos ago
51. The Water is starting to boil ago
52. The Oldest Civilization on Earth ago
53. A peaceful drive through the desert ago
54. Slot Machine ago
55. Campfire Meeting ago

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A Very Good Start to a Dungeon Core(?) Novel

      A Weird Book #1 is so far an engaging read (it has nine chapters at the time of writing this review).  The premise seems to be that two men are deliberately bringing a dungeon core and LITRPG mechanics to Earth, but the author shows a great deal of originality in a genre that all too often depends on the same tropes.  I recommend that anyone, whether or not normally you are normally interested in LITRPG, give this book a try, because it is not quite like anything else I have read in the genre.

      The most notable part of this book is its style of writing, somwhat similar to older science fiction works.  This book has a deliberately stylized, highly descriptive kind of writing, which most closely reminds me of Dune or Fahrenheit 451. There are also no infodumps or long expository sequences explaining, in great detail, how the world works.  Rather, the author lets description and the characters' actions slowly reveal what is going on to the reader.  This can backfire by leaving the reader totally lost, but in my opinion, it so far works here.

      There is not much to say about the characters or story yet, because the main plot has not been revealed, and the characters are still developing.  Up to this point, however, the author seems to be on the right track, and I look forward to reading more as it is released.  If you go into this expecting a traditional LITRPG or dungeon core novel, you will probably be disappointed; however, I would recommend anyone at least give this book a try, because you will probably be surprised by what you find.

P.S.  Please get a better, or at least more desciptive, title.

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Urban Fantasy sliding into System Apocalypse(?)

(CAO Ch. 21)

I like stories that drop you in, and you have to think/intuit the world rather than wasting pages upon pages of contrived exposition. The chapters themselves are pretty well written, the characters are defined- but the structure feels disjointed. It doesn't help in that it seems every chapter is a different viewpoint. Which is why my overall is disproportiantely low compared to the others- by themselves the chapters are solid, but as they're currently strung together, the story is messy.

So far, the System element seems interesting as a kind of more free-form construct of the subconcious rather than something arbitrarily set in rules. Its an ambitious angle to take, not many go the route, so I'm hoping things smooth out as the story gets into swing.

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I love this fic! Its not the same cookie-cutter dungeoncore trash that makes up 90% of this site. Multiple MCs, Multiple POVs all experiencing a weird acid trip into a fantasy world that is still evolving at chapter 40 as of this review.

 Have we seen its final form? Pssh. No. What will it be? No clue, but this story makes me want to roll up a fatty and listen to some early Floyd.