On a Blank Canvas

by BubbleGum

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai School Life Slice of Life Strong Lead Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity


An accidental death?

Transmigrated to a foreign world?

I feel a strange power within me... and it's.. blank?!

Real Synopsis: A boy without dreams, without a loving family, without friends or plans in life, accidentally falling off the roof of a building after being unfairly fired from his job.

Though he awakens to find himself in a hospital bed totally uninjured and his name forgotten, in a totally different world?! A world of magic and science, together with a strange power residing within him... but upon a closer look, it was blank.

Blank? Blank like a canvas... waiting to be filled, and so he did.

Join him as he fills his canvas, living in this new world, as it won't be his last..


First 25 chapters originally posted elsewhere , but hiatused for 5 months due to writer's block and pressured by the average release rate on the site.

I'm a majorly beginner writer and this is my first story!! Construtive critsism is welcome!!

Will post the 24 chapters soon

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One of the best magic systems

I really enjoyed this one.

The MC is a bit on the overpowered side, but I absolutely love how he changes through the story. The story itself is interesting, it's kind of slice of life, but with more action than the usual. The world building is incredible here, and don't get me started on the magic system.

The magic system used here allows for pretty much anything you can think of. This gives the author the ability to throw in crazy abilities, which leaves me excited for the future of this story.

The grammar is readable, no obvious mistakes.

If there was any negatives, it would be that there isn't too many interesting side characters. It's pretty much a one man show so far, but I'm hoping that's bc there's only 15 chapters released. I definitely recommend this.