My World To Live

by Chryiss

Essairyn had never felt truly alive on Earth. It felt like something was missing ever since she was born, but even after nearly 20 years of mundane living, she could never pinpoint what this or the emptiness in her heart was.

Suddenly, she awakens in a grandiose, primordial forest and encounters both demons and spirits in a parallel world called Sol'h'meyr. She befriends, in particular, a sassy fox-spirit named Akari who just reincarnated after three millennia.

Essairyn is an abnormal human with elemental powers, and Akari is being chased by those of her dark past. Together, they set out on an adventure in a world of magic, danger, mystery, and intrigue.

But this not a game. That simple adventure is actually the modest beginnings in a chain of disruptions that tear even the dimensional fabric of time and space. No one, not even Essairyn, was who she thought she was. And not even the gods can change the destiny of the universes...

A single promise shook eternity’s existence.

— Fantasy || Adventure || Romance || Action || Mystery || Drama || Science Fiction —


The My World To Live (MWTL) series, the alternative short name is Canaan, is comprised of three books symbolically named My World, To Live, and My World To Live.

Two years prior, the entire story had been planned and detailed out from start to finish before actual writing. Thus, the story will never be dropped. 

While the genre is largely Fantasy, the book is comprised of many other elements including a School Life (Magic Academy) story portion. MWTL has a lot of scattered symbolism and allusions, hence, the mystery aspect. The science fiction elements progressively become more pronounced, and the slow romance is a late bloomer. The female lead is strong and independent, and her backstory and identity unravel as drivers of the plot. Expect lots of action/fighting throughout and scattered philosophical and psychological themes arising. It's a human journey to find the essence of one's living and purpose. What kind of world do I wish to live for?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope to share the journey with you~!


Canaan's Original and New Covers: If you're curious about my art and the various covers I made for this series and other authors, I have a RR thread that makes free covers and shows art processes.

[October 1, 2020 Notice:

Hello, I aplogize to all followers for suddenly taking an extended hiatus. Life threw a lot at my face and then the pandemic happened, so I hadn't been able to write until around the last month when I decided to challenge myself and finish the first book in this series. I am ok now, and thank you for your patience and understanding. No words can express how much every reader means to me. RR was the first writing platform that I ever felt accomplished to any small degree, so I am forever grateful to it.

Multiples changes have been made since this final revision and writing of the ending, so please see the latest chapter detailing the update. This also includes my decision to submit this story to the 2020 Wattys contest (the deadline was Sept 30th). That means I will not be posting the updated version of this story on here until the contest is over (since I doubt I'll win anyway lol). And so, if you want to read the full, now completed (woohoo!) story, please go to my Wattpad. Thank you once again, and wishing you all the very best health and happiness! <3 ]

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Table of Contents
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Prologue || Infinity's Spell ago
Chapter One || Descendance ago
Chapter One - 2 || Magic Within ago
End of Chapter One || Determination ago
Chapter Two || Illumination ago
Chapter Two - 2 || Encounter ago
Chapter Two - 3 || Companion ago
End of Chapter Two || The Mirror World ago
Chapter Three || Guardians ago
Chapter Three - 2 || Soul Eater ago
End of Chapter Three || Nightmarish Chauffeur ago
Chapter Four || This Crazy Lady ago
Chapter Four - 2 || The Andelrins ago
Chapter Four - 3 || Ambush ago
Chapter Four - 4 || Healer ago
End of Chapter Four || The New Earth ago
Chapter Five || Reisparte Market ago
Chapter Five - 2 || Darren ago
Chapter Five - 3 || Cyrienne ago
Chapter Five - 4 || Timeless ago
Chapter Five - 5 || Magical Authority ago
End of Chapter Five || Heart of Layered Walls ago
Chapter Six || Realize Living ago
Chapter Six - 2 || Chain Reaction ago
Chapter Six - 3 || In Cold Blood ago
Not a Chapter! Just put up a New Cover~ ago
Source of Inspiration (A Poem) ago
Chapter Six - 4 || Resolution ago
Rewriting the Beginning ago
All Rewrites Finished! Stay Tuned for the New Chapter! ago
Chapter Six - 5 || True Knight-Mage ago
Chapter Six - 6 || Rogue Demihuman ago
End of Chapter Six || Breaking Icy Hearts ago
Chapter Seven || Byar'non ago
Chapter Seven - 2 || A Knight's Oath ago
Chapter Seven - 3 || Bodraig ago
Chapter Seven - 4 || Aispin ago
Chapter Seven - 5 || Hellish Knight ago
Chapter Seven - 6 || Start from Scratch ago
Chapter Seven - 7 || Tragedy of Farinheld ago
Chapter Seven - 8 || Bad Blood ago
End of Chapter Seven || Deal ago
Chapter Eight || String of Fate ago
Chapter Eight - 2 || Wishful Thinking ago
Chapter Eight - 3 || The Advanced Classes ago
Chapter Eight - 4 || War Game ago
Chapter Eight - 5 || Covert Stratagems ago
Chapter Eight - 6 ||Dead yet Alive ago
Chapter Eight - 7 || Fooling Yourself ago
End of Chapter Eight || Untold Truth ago
Chapter Nine || Journey to Farinheld ago
Chapter Nine - 2 || Rendezvous ago
Chapter Nine - 3 || Blurry Auroras ago
Chapter Nine - 4 || Last Light Descending ago
Chapter Nine - 5 || Scarlet Catalyst ago
Chapter Nine - 6 || Hand of God ago
Chapter Nine - 7 || Killed a Man ago
Chapter Nine - 8 || The Scar and Sister ago
Poll on Story So Far~ ago
End of Chapter Nine || Self-Conviction ago
Chapter Ten || Last Goodbye ago
Chapter Ten - 2 || Underground Lab ago
Chapter Ten - 3 || Campfire ago
Chapter Ten - 4 || Ancient Magic ago
Chapter Ten - 5 || Whose Hero? ago
Chapter Ten - 6 || Returned Reflection ago
End of Chapter Ten || Beginning of the End ago
Chapter Eleven || Lost Again ago
Chapter Eleven - 2 || The Cyanmays ago
October 1st 2020 Completed Story Update (Please Read) ago

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Stuart Scott

Insightful: I'd love to see more

I have to preface by saying I don't often do reviews, so it might be an incomplete version and not give a wholly full version of events.

'Canaan: My World To Live' is a Isekai-eqsue book except it's not a game. It follows Essairyn's journey as she finds herself in a new world: surrounded by new animals, monsters and creatures that are quite reminisicent of heartless in Kingdom Hearts.

I don't like first person stories, I realise that is purely my own opinion but in book it makes a lot of sense and the character is no less jarring for it: it has allowed Chryiss to write in a more affluent and emotive manner and I really appreciate that about the writing and for anyone who reads it, I think you'll appreciate it as well.

The writing is apt, but it is also very wordy in areas: using phrases that someone eloquent might use - which for a reader is great in exploring the exact dimensions of what someone is trying to describe, but sometimes it can miss out on the simplicity that words can offer in lieu of something blazé

The last few paragraphs on the first chapter I found were a bit hard to follow: whether it was meant to be the character or the author writing it, I couldn't clearly understand.

Not all is lost: Chryiss has managed to capture absolute vividty in exploring the world around the character. This is the part I've found I loved the most about the writing.

It works slowly, and follows a normal approach for 'what-if?' if someone were to be transported from one world to another.

The characters are well written, I only have the reservation is that Essairyn seems naturally reserved and seems to know a lot from the start, such as the part where she's flipping from tree to tree or suddenly being a craftsman with no explanation: I did question a bit whether it was realistic, since she'd suddenly transported from one world to another: that there would be more confusion.

That being said, I think it's an insightful introduction and likewise nice entry to the book. I will continue reading and see how I get on!


This is my first review on RR and I admit that this story wasn't my cup of tea. Despite this fact, I appreciate the style and uniqueness of the author's writing. This review will contain spoilers and I will stress out certain scenes or chapters to make my points clear through examples. You could decide on your own wether you agree or don't after experiencing them yourselves.

!Warning Spoilers!

I will talk about the prologue because it felt very distinctive from the rest of the novel so far. I actually didn't get most (90%) of it. Maybe I am too stupid to read between the lines lol.

Spoiler: Spoiler

First Chapter
I will also mention/talk about first chapter as it feels like a good springboard to start discussing the style and grammar section. If you don't want to get spoiled, I will also add my opinions spoiler free.

The first chapter was a bit longer I think than the rest of the chapters in this novel. The reader was also warned about the incoming massive detailed descriptions. I still underestimated the author at that point.

Spoiler: Spoiler


I admire the ability of the author to put her vision of the world she created in to words this well. But I also kind of think that by making the description so massive and detailed, she inadvertedly or not forces the reader to accept her vision as she wants it to be and leaves not enough room for the reader to create his own imagination of how this world could look like. I was also a bit stressed because my english wasn't always able to translate her very eloquent words into fitting images in my mind and I ended up with less than what was available.

I could have struggled with every sentence as long as necessary to create a good picture in my head but I am a rather lazy reader (;)) and if it takes too much work or time to imagine a picture or scene I just skip it and read the next sentence. Not patient enough in this aspect haha.

The excerpt above is my example about where I thought it was just too much for me too get into it. I just skipped it because I might have felt boredom as the descriptions never ended and every corner or leaf was mentioned in one way or another.

I suggest to try and find the right balance because this descriptive writing style can be a huge boon and talent when used well and ! in the right moments.

Style and Grammar
Can't say much about grammar, there wasn't anything that turned me off. Style-wise, as mentioned above, author uses rich vocabulary, stylistic devices, descriptives writing to fill the world with nearly endless depths. Maybe too deep for my body to digest properly. While others are usually lacking in this aspect, I think it's used too often. So often that it becomes a burden to the eyes. A soup turned sour. Luckily, this only happens in the first couple chapters and gets balanced out somehow later on so that you can enjoy it if you are a fan of the english language.


As some of the other reviewers already mentioned, it feels like isekai type of story where the MC is thrown into a fantasy world, completely different from the world (earth) she had come from and then needs to manage her live somehow (depending on the authors plans). The World is being described very vividly as mentioned before, the fights have been written very detailed and easy to imagine, while still keeping a sort of flow to the scene happening. This is a strong point of the author I want to stress out.

There are certain scenes where I believe somethings just felt out of place and shouldn't have been included at that time.


Spoiler: Spoiler


and some info dumping that could have been avoided, or should have been avoided.

In the beginning of a certain chapter, a lot of information about the geography is being delivered but not all of it is really necessary and could be left out

Spoiler: Spoiler


Another chapter is ... well the title could have been changed to 'Info dump place' and it would have been fine anyway as the there is a lot to take in and not everything would remain in the head after reading.

As others mentioned, it should be solved in another way, through sub-quests maybe, little interaction, dialogues whatever. Slowly but gradually filling the world with actual content. Show don't tell, is a good general advice.

A general thing to criticise, but maybe subjective, is the lack of progress or red thread. The MC and co travel from place to place and learn more and more on the way, but there isn't a different desire or goal to accomplish. Well, it's still just the beginning and to the end more things happen which lead to other events, so this can also be neglected.

It's still beginning to unfold, so I can't say much more to it.


On the other hand, I can talk much more about the characters and how I felt about their depictions so far. Highly spoilery of course.


Spoiler: Spoiler


That's the end so far for my review. I tried focussing more on what I didn't like compared to what I liked, because the other reviewers already mentioned all the good point and I didn't want to sound too repetitive ;)

'Wish' the author good luck in accomplishing her 'dream' and writing this novel to the end lol


Style: As the title says this story is made for those who want to escape to a new world and enjoy the journey more than the destination. Or at least, that is what the style of this story is showing me. It is heavily focused on this new world in which our protagonist arrives and how she explores the new wonders around her. The whole novel transmits a free-spirited feeling of exploration and wonder that is one of the things that makes this story special.

Grammar score: English is not my first language, so I can't say much besides that I didn't notice any major mistakes and the author wields a rich vocabulary (especially when it comes to descriptions).

Story: It is hard to tell where the story leads, the chapters are short so the story hasn't gotten that far yet. For now, it sticks to that free-spirited style with no clear plot or goal other than the exploration of this new world. But judging by the heavy and detailed world-building, I guess that's going to change pretty soon. Hopefully, still retaining that same sense of wonder and exploration that makes this story great.

Character Score: Again, the same problem of the lack of chapters makes it hard to rate this aspect. In my opinion, the bond between the fox and our main character is still a little superficial and their personalities, their motives to do what they do could be more detailed. But again there are few chapters so there is still time to explore their personalities and for them to develop. 

Overall, is four stars mainly because the story is still young. Till now ( chapter five-2) is great and I will keep reading it. It has a lot of potential and depending on how it goes it could go downhill or become a really good five star. Judging from the great world-building I'm betting for the second. 


Carter Ace

The writing and the quality of the story is almost perfect, The details explanation, and the description of her surroundings and their activity was spot on.


Amazing Fantasy that trips over its own feet

The world the author has dreamt up as the setting of this novel is simply amazing. How this amazement is delivered however, makes the amazement a very one-sided thing, as sometimes, the awe the author has for their world seems at odds with his ability to bring it across.

The characters seem badly paced in their reactions and actions, as if a part of their arc had been cut out and abridged into a sinlge sentences without weight.

The author also tries to overwhelm the reader with an endless amount of intricate descriptions and does not let go off their verbose style during action scenes, which slows the reading down at the worst times.

In the first chapters are several allusions to video games, so it comes as an ironic twist that, the way many things are explained in detail, makes it seem as if the reader is playing through the tutorial of a video game that thinks the player is a braindead idiot and tries to introduce every element and mechanic to the player within the first 30 minutes.

To drive my point home, I'd like to take an earlier section as a perfect example for the story's own shortcomings. A physically impeded character is transported to a world of unlimited physical boundaries and decides to take a run, after so many years of living in a crippled body. Understandably, this would be a very important moment in the character's development and personality, and it is said that she takes in very many different impressions, yet the entire thing takes up only a medium-sized paragraph and is without any vivid descriptions. 

It's understandable, that the world is beautiful and fantastic, but it would be better to let a slow discovery tell us that, rather than give us an omniscient tutorial-character to explain everything.

There exists a great vision in the author's imagination, but they just can't seem to free that vision and bind it into words, leaving its true beauty invisible. As the author will improve, they should revisit earlier chapters and re-arrange things, giving characters unique attitudes and chip away the unenecessary and excessive, to let the necessary and impressive shine through.

Good luck to the author in that endeavour. This world and story is a gem worth polishing.


Fantasy taken to another level

Let me begin by saying that My World To Live is one of the fanciest fantasy stories I have ever read. The story beings with our MC reflecting on her life while she walking in the rain during the night, it did not seem interesting at first glance for obvious reasons but that all is changed when she suddenly steps into another world. This is where the ball gets rolling - we are told of how she adapts to this world while discovering her elemental-like magical powers and battling demon beasts. She also befriends a fox spirit who tells her of this world and wishes to accompany her while she adventures around.

Style and Grammar

I am not sure how to describe the author's style, to be honest. They start with big paragraphs of vivid descriptions which are full of their rich vocabulary, however, it gets a bit boring and jarring to the reader because of the sheer amount of it. Not to mention, although this style creates an atmosphere of escapism by describing every little detail, it also makes it harder for the reader to digest it all. In the later chapters, however, this is more or less fixed for the most part, but it tends to show up sometimes in the form of info-dumps .


The first few chapters involve intense world-building and the story has no actual direction to it except exploring the world around. Therefore, except for the world building and the air of escapism, it doesn't really motivate me to read further. But, I do think the author will introduce a conflict soon after they is done setting the stage.


As for the characters, I can't really say much. In all honesty, I find Essairyn's character not really... suiting my taste. But it is just my opinion, I like Akair and wish to know more about her.

Overall, I like the allusions and subtle hints that the author manages to weave in and coupling them with the lovely world which is much fleshed out, it really makes me forget my surroundings the moment I pick it up. Thus, I will be eagerly waiting for more chapters. 


LIght Novel San

Not yet done reading it but I will take it as simple as possible. 

The synopsis says it all and I like how the author put it in a general way.

Style score: 5/5

- The pace is really smooth and I love how it was written. Its vivid, almost like you were there in front of the scene, spectating it face to face. I don't know why, but it's really calming and relaxing. I'm quite amused because it's more on like appreciation of the surrounding and I don't hate it being descriptive.


Story score: 4/5

-Not much to say about this but its about a girl who was transported in another world and got a companion. I'm little curious on what they're gonna do and what conflicts will they have in their journey.

Grammar score: 4.5/5

-The author's rich vocabulary says it all. I didn't find that much major mistakes. (P. S. HAHAHAHAHAHA, REALLY SORRY ABOUT IT.  MISTOOK THE GRAMMAR FROM ANOTHER NOVEL.)


Character score: 5/5

-I really like the MC's monologue on the first(?) chapter because I like rain and it really made me happy picturing herself in that rain. Haha. I can't say much about her personality because I still can't get a grip on her but I love her reactions. I'm still waiting on her character improvement.

-I love the fox but I'm still feeling wary about it. 


Overall, this story is very interesting in the sense that of the perspective of the charatcer. The first few chapters were using 'she', so i thought it would remain like that but it soon changed to the characters name, which is very interesting due to the difference of persepctives. The world and background setting of the novel is clearly well illustrated, especially in ch2. Nver seen a novel which actually portrayed the setting to such an extent. And this simply continues. I like the phrase "A world is like a mirror, hence the meaning of meyr", its very unique. I also enjoy the pacing of the story, as each chapter is not too long and ends on a note that will entice the readee to simply read the nxt chapter.