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All Rewrites Finished! Stay Tuned for the New Chapter!


I unexpectedly had to work an extra day at my job this week, so the finished rewrites and new chapter will be pushed to Tuesday instead of Monday for just this week. Ah, the wonders of being a full time student with two part-time jobs. :') This author is very sorry for the delay. </3

Anyway, the info history dump/Academy lecture has been greatly altered. I also added in some clearer (hopefully) foreshadowing of future conflict as well as clearer details to fill in some gaps/mysteries. I'm excited to be moving on again soon!

I hope you had a good weekend, and see you Tuesday when the story begins once again. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support! <3


I'M DONE. YEYAH. Chapter Six parts were fairly quick and needed little revision.

Imma sleep 'cause it's well into the wee hours of the morn. Then the new chapter will be posted today~ Thank you all! <3


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Bio: Your fellow daydreamer~ The stories I write are the culminations of my imaginations. A storyteller I strive to be, but the one word which best describes me is Artist.
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