I'm sorry to those who looking forward to a new chapter, >_<'' but I decided before I get in too deeply (the next parts are important), I should fix the beginning. Initially, I took a risk trying something different by purposefully withholding Essairyn's backstory and most of her thoughts. Her character was going to be told through others' views of her before progressively getting deeper insight into her way of thinking and emotions and finally revealing her backstory. But with the various feedback I've received, I realized that this wasn't the best idea.

Although her backstory won't be poured out in the beginning still, the rewrite will substantially have more of it as well as her thoughts and emotions. Additionally, I noticed that in controlling her release of emotions or thoughts at certain times, she was becoming a stiff character that was hard to relate or connect to as a reader. This time around, I tried letting her "speak" to me more. In short, I got rid of some of the unnecessary mystery bits. I also tried balancing the visual descriptions more.

The events will basically stay the same, but I do reccomend checking out the rewrite as there is a considerable amount of new content. I don't have all of the beginning rewritten for today's weekly release (due to Easter and other work). I do plan to finish in the next few days, or at least before next week which will have a new chapter.


Please let me know your thoughts on the rewrite! <img src= Whether that's through a comment, rating, or review, I'd greatly appreciate the feedback. Like any writer, the silence can be concerning, haha.



- Chapter 1 (Prologue || Infinity's Spell)

- Chapter 2

- Chapter 3

- Chapter 4 (End of Chapter One || Determination)

- Chapter 5

- Chapter 6

- Chapter 7

- Chapter 8 (End of Chapter Two || The Mirror World)

- Chapter 9

- Chapter 10

- Chapter 11 (End of Chapter Three || Nightmarish Chaffeur)

- Chapter 12

- Chapter 13

- Chapter 14

- Chapter 15

- Chapter 16 (End of Chapter Four || The New Earth)

- Chapter 17

- Chapter 18

- Chapter 19 (title changed to "Cyrienne")

- Chapter 20 (title changed to "Timeless")

- Chapter 21

- Chapter 22 (End of Chapter Five || Heart of Layered Walls)

- Chapter 23

- Chapter 24

- Chapter 25

- Chapter 28 (Chapter Six - 4 || Resolution; chapters 26-27 weren't story content)


All chapters are rewritten to adhere to changes in narration style, but some revisions will be lighter than others. All rewrites will be done on Tuesday along with a new chapter.

Cheers! :3


[04.29.19] And with that I'm done! Whoohoo~! No more rewrites! Even if I find fault, it'll just have to stay put until the end of the first book.

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