A note from Chryiss

Not a story update (the next is still scheduled for this Monday 4/15). I was just reminded of this poem that I made back in 2014. It was the emotional inspiration behind the MC, Essairyn's romance with her eventual lover. Just like the story, this has a lot of allusions (that probably won't be grasped until late story). Hope you enjoy~!

Only a Dream


Dew falls as tears glisten, stark against speckled glass.
The sigh of bittersweet rain upon translucent panes and vacant orbs of ash mauve,
The heave of enervated hearts and broken dreams.
Staring beyond the crystalline fringes to reveries of procured ambitions
And linking shards that fill the rifts of one's being.
Looking for the enigma with sable locks and virescent irises.
Waiting for him,
The boy that promised they'll be together forever,
The man that never came.
The entity that never existed.

She believed she would come by him,
Stumble across him against the limitations and practicalities of this world,
That destined hearts, bound souls, would find one another despite the odds,
                                                                                                               despite the truth.
For he was very much real in the illusions that are dreams,
The mirages of the mind.

The quirk of a smile, the whisper of shifting hair and beating lash,
The tilt of the brow and the cadence of mellifluous timbres.
Tangible idiosyncrasies that billowed from extending hands,
Reachable but never attainable.
Fading away with each day unremembered,
Struggling to recall the contours of the jaw, the wink of the eyes.

Only now, it's all but an evanescent dream of the past,
A fool's wish though she knew in reality it was just that-


A dream.

A note from Chryiss

*Add rain sounds and the mood is complete* :p

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Bio: Your fellow daydreamer~ The stories I write are the culminations of my imaginations. A storyteller I strive to be, but the one word which best describes me is Artist.
Toujours Rêver, Always Dreaming~

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