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Not a Chapter! Just put up a New Cover~

Quality or Quantity?
Somewhat lower quality writing for more chapters a week
4.26% 4.26% of votes
Once a week is ok~
87.23% 87.23% of votes
As many chapters as possible!
8.51% 8.51% of votes
Total: 47 vote(s)

I just wanted to let you know that I put up a new cover (notes in the synopsis too). Technically, I already made this cover some time back, but I wasn't satisfied with the composition and balance. Now it's satisfactory enough that I think it'll be a better cover than the minimalistic sword and logo one. Of course, any comments on your cover preferences would be great!

You may or may not know this, but I have a free cover art thread on RR. If you want to see how I edited this particular cover, or other cover art and edited ones that I also made, then hop on over here:

Lastly, I put up a poll on whether you want somewhat lower quality writing (since I usually spend a pretty long time on a single 1000+ words chapter to make sure I have certain elements on point/following the plan) in return for quantity aka more updates.

I might even do this automatically at one point because I'll be rewriting and polishing the finished story. No need to make the first round so tedious lol!

Have an awesome rest of the week~!


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