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I always liked gender bender. The question proposed by the genre is one we, XXI century humans are yet unable to answer. How does it feel to suddenly be in the body of the other gender? As I heard someone say in a video, "It pains me to know I'll live and die without understanding half of my fellow humans." Or something to that effect My memory is fauty, otherwise I'd remember who said that.

I hope someday technology can bridge that gap. Without all the grim cyberpunk complications and the ethical issues that comes from plugging one person's mind in another's body. That day is far away, maybe a lifetime away. Maybe I'll live and die without the answer to this question in real life too.

But we are able to use our minds and delve into a mental exercise to solve this problem. We don't know how we'll travel the stars, but it didn't stop Mr. Roddenberry or Mr. Lucas. We don't know time travel, but it didn't stop Irwin Allen. We don't know magic or elves or dragon tamers, but it didn't stop JRRT or GRRM. (Funny how both have RR in their middle names. I just noticed it now)

I won't get my answer in real life, but it won't stop me. I am nowhere as good as these giants I just mentioned. Far from it. But it won't stop me.

The gender bender works I've read have too many blanks. Some of them the character just conforms and becomes the norm of the other gender, living on. Others reject the change and don't explore their new reality, driven on a quest to recover their former gender. Most of them are just an excuse for alleged reproachless sexual harassment (after all, it is not a real girl, it is a guy turned into a girl).

I know mine will have too many blanks too. It is only human to lack foresight and not cover all facets of a subject. But I want to explore the psychological effects, the sexuality, the ethics, the conflict of being thrown into a new reality will have on my fictional guinea pig (therefore known as the Protagonist).

I will also try to do a respectful depiction of the female condition. Maybe sometimes the female will be objectified, but it will be as a criticism of the objectification or to highlight a difference between genders. Sometimes there will be prejudice, but it will be also to criticize that prejudice or to spark discussion about it.

I'll draw a line on kidnapping princesses though. Any female of the royal bloodline can and will be subject to kidnapping. Repeatedly if I feel like.

We are in the XXI century. There are several ongoing discussions regarding our values in these subjects that are very important to our future as a global society. I won't address or disrespect these discussions in this work. Some choices in worldbuilding and character development were also made to avoid offending our XXI century readers or to fit our purpose of exploring the theme. As the author is an amateur noob with less than a year of experience, it will reflect on the work. Mistakes will be made. Please point them out.

A web novel, this work is a living organism. Commenters are encouraged to engage and discuss and challenge my assumptions. Point my flaws, especially where ethics are concerned. Inclusive in this preface. I might make changes in already published chapters. I'll leave a note on what I've changed if it goes beyond a textual correction.

And without further ado, let's begin. Or not. Because of the format of the publishing platform, I've placed the appendices with worldbuilding and spell notes right after this preface (It was too bothersome to reorganize chapters after each publish command). There are links to the first chapter above and below this text.


Thanks for reading.

A note from MDW

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Bio: An avid reader that had a "hold my beer" moment and decided to write their first ever novel to see what would happen. 120 chapters later and I still don't know. Keep writing, I guess.

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Signspace13 @Signspace13 ago

I have very much been enjoying your Novel, and agree with everything you say here, I once heard on a podcasts (the we've got Worm podcast) that a web novel is the equivalent of a live performance by an author, it doesn't have the legions of editors, alpha and beta readers, publishing house, and advertising, that a fully published book gets. This means that their may be problems be they small or minor, but that doesn't lessen the impressiveness of the act, as someone who wishes to get into.the field my self some day, I very much sympathize.

NobodySpecial @NobodySpecial ago

something interesting to think about in regards to this is chimerism

chimerism is basically the opposite of twins, where two different fertilised eggs merge into one individual, this individual will then have two different sets of dna, this was the cause of a court case where a mother was accused of not being the mother of their children because the dna from the test was different to the dna in the mothers ovaries, so what would happen if it merged a man and a woman into the same body instead? where the person has a womanly top half but a manly lower half, what about something else like it?

something else is that there is a very small chance after fertilization that you will genderbend, where a person that looks female has XY chromasomes instead of XX like women normally do and vice versa, there was a case of this that i know of that happen to a female olympic athlete, so should that athlete compete in the womans section since they are physically a woman or not because of the benfits from the hormonal differences make it unfair, this isn't really a transgender issue either since they have only known the gender they had in the first place and didn't change it of their own free will

pannucci @pannucci ago

I guess ill just throw something in there but honestly from my understanding of females, the really only benefits of being a female are sexual (from reading girls experience a lot more pleasure during sex and being able to manipulate people with looks, while not entirely gender specific, definately more prominate) that being said almost anything to do with this stuff has to do with attractice girls who can realize some of these benefits, I guess I would say it would be interesting if someone did one of these from the perspective of an ugly girl and all the negatives that also come with being female (like getting paid less, discrimination, child birth etc. ) Just through I would throw that out there since it seems to be of interest to you (not really my cup of tea persay although I dont mind reading and expanding my outlook on stuff.

banana113 @banana113 ago

You said you had read other works that depicted this theme, any ones you thought did better than others?

Cestarian @Cestarian ago

Vital question tho: what is MC's sexuality?

Scesce Scesce @Scesce Scesce ago

"It pains me to know I'll live and die without understanding half of my fellow humans." I guess that me and this dude got nothing in common... anyway this is not my cup of Tea. Thank you anyway author. Good luck with your career.