How to Kidnap your Princess

by MDW

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Female Lead Gender Bender Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Ruling Class School Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The realm is in shock. The princess has been kidnapped. The beautiful, kind, and extremely talented magician princess is gone. Woe to the wretched villains that took her away, screaming into the night. Their weight in gold to the one that rescues her. Ministrels sing with tears how the people miss their princess. The hope of the kingdom is gone.

But maybe, just maybe, that was not the entire truth.

What exactly happened to the princess?



This is a fantasy novel with a gender-bending body-swapping protagonist. There will be NSFW chapters because it is a gender bender. Those will be marked and I will make it so readers that don't want to read them can skip them. Some other chapters might have a little bit here and there but will be both light and brief.



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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Foreword ago
Appendix I: Quotes Compendium ago
Appendix II: Spell compendium ago
An inside job part 1: Runaways ago
An Inside Job part 2: School days I ago
An Inside Job part 2: School days II ago
An Inside Job part 3: Crash Course I ago
An Inside Job part 3: Crash Course II ago
An Inside job part 4: Forward ago
Tunnel Delving ago
Learning to Fly (*) ago
No warning shots ago
The blame game ago
Risu ga nigeta! ago
Princess summit ago
Dinner party ago
Costly recruitment ago
An inside job part 5: Memory ago
Warmth Within (*) ago
Moving in ago
Pearly whites ago
Ritualistic duality ago
Waking up ago
Trope trampling ago
Perverts ago
Departure ago
Dungeons & Delving ago
Solace (*) ago
Slippery slopes ago
Requiem for a hero ago
Poll: how do you feel about interludes? ago
Resurfacing ago
Once again on the run ago
Improbable knight ago
Interlude: Skippy's day off ago
The godslayer (di) lemma ago
Teamwork ago
On hearts, dead, alive, and in between ago
Tunnels & Troubles ago
Lumina the terrible ago
Polishing gems ago
Moment of truth, part 1 of 2 ago
Moment of truth, part 2 of 2 ago
Roadblock ago
Bridging gaps ago
Acting the part ago
Lofty feelings ago
Interlude: Snippets ago
Giftwrapped ago
Opinions ago
Allegiances ago
Arriving expectation ago
Finally there ago
Is she really back? ago
Headmaster's office part 1 of 2 ago
Headmaster's office part 2 of 2 ago
A wild King Helios appeared! ago
Family matters ago
Clarifying ago
Human weakness ago
Princess Summit II ago
Just another royal dinner party, part 1 of 2 ago
Just another royal dinner party, part 2 of 2 ago
Murder on the dance floor part 1 of 2 ago
Murder on the dance floor part 2 of 2 ago
Back to School ago
Forbidden magic ago
Remnants of the past ago
Mixed signals ago
Event horizon ago
Girl issues ago
Afternoon shopping ago
Mile high club (*) ago
The legend of Lumina the Merciful, princess of the Sky ago
Head of the hydra ago
Interlude: Warden Skippy ago
Driving it home ago
Interlude: Man on a mission ago
Midnight request ago
Dawn patrol ago
On the terrors of Necromancy and Soul magic ago
Like a boss ago
It is called "Saudade" ago
The perks of God-Slaying ago
An essay on the state of the fief and the mind ago
Trial and error ago
A new challenger appears ago
Boys and the games they play ago
Weapons of mass gossip ago
The fantasy prometheus ago
The perks of God-Slaying II ago
Interlude: It is a dish best served slimy ago
Preparations ago
Self-Righteousness ago
Manhunt ago
Aftermath ago
The broken elf ago
Away with the fairies ago
Shattered gems ago
Back in business ago
Lumina's diary (*) ago
Lumina's diary (safe version) ago
Non-linear relationships ago
The sixth element ago
Welcome to the moon club ago
Wicked devices ago
Improper matching ago
The right tool ago
You must gather your party before venturing forth ago
Agent "Hacksaw" ago
Rising Dawn ago
Baby steps ago
How to Catch your Hero ago
Coming clean ago
Exposed wounds ago
Immune overreaction ago
Mother of Invention ago
Identity crisis, part 1 ago
Identity crisis, part 2 ago
Sunrise & Sunset (*) ago
Uncanny valley ago
Interlude: Childhood lost ago
Interlude: Saboteur Skippy ago
Nightfall ago
Pillow Talk ago
The Rings of the Lord ago
Elementally part 1 ago
Elementally part 2 ago
Tools of Power Play ago
Into the Lion's Den ago
Everlasting concern ago
How to tame your prince ago
To beget regret ago
A little help from my (girl)friends ago
Is that school lilfe? ago
A Princess walked into a bakery... ago
... and she met a stalwart, confident Prince ... ago
... and hell broke loose. ago

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e g Jameson
  • Overall Score

As of 60 postings / April 2019

I came here from reading another story by this author about a troll. I sometimes get annoyed when characters get so OP there isn't anything to challenge them anymore. That is not a problem for our princess here.

Somehow we find a situation where even with a character with an almost li witless mana and another who is simply a genius of spellcraft, and still everything is a challenge. That's not to say there aren't some obvious handicaps applied, but the struggle is important. Struggle and conflict are what make drama, and too many fantasy stories forget that in their rush to fulfill the authors marysue dreams.

These characters struggle, and it's fun to watch. The world building is mostly flat and cliché, though there is an interesting take on the reality of hero summoning that is incredibly entertaining. 

All in all, worth some time to explore. I think you might find yourself enjoying this little tale.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Not what I expected, in a good way

I was really worried after seeing the gender bender tag, as books can crash and burn if it is not executed correctly. I’m happy to say that this book is able to make it a key component without making it annoying. On the book as a whole, it’s really interesting seeing the magic system be explained and see summoned "hero’s" from someone else’s position.

  • Overall Score

Quite a leap in quality

Having read 'Reincarnated as a troll' by the same author, I almost didn't recognize his work: this story is so much better!

The focus on the characters instead of the blue boxes fixation makes all the difference.

For constructive criticism, if I need to find a minor fault, it is the lack of contrast in the characters of the antagonists so far, but it stays bearable. Still, I hope it won't get worse, and they stay more natural than cartoonish.

Keep up the good work!

Endless Paving
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This review is mostly relevant to content past the first Arc in which the kidnapping is explained and we’ve caught up to “present day”. It has been edited at least in format since then and I have not re-read it because last time it was a bit heavy on extended prose.

I’m reading this book for the story. I know, I know, that an extremely superficial statement, bt its true. I’m reading for the plot first at the moment. The characters are interesting but if I’m honest its mostly because of them being in the plot than by their own virtues for me. It’s a relatively unique plot on a largely standard Summoned Hero world(there isn’t a lot of focus on the bland summoned hero thing so its fine for me). It’s the kind of fairy tale plot premise I have seen almost nothing of(except that one but that doesn’t count because I only read a description of the story). A damsel/not-damsel princess forces into adventure by various issues that require immedite Questing! (Namely the “Kidnapping”, but it’s complicated)

So yeah... It’s an interesting scenario to be in so far, and I can personally say that the story hasn’t warbled too far towards any one issue and the sense of adventure has persisted pretty well so far. It’s best taken in good humour and silliness. As far as style goes I feel like it would have been better with more of a whimsical Alice in Wonderland writing style so to keep the whimsical humour going strong through the minor existential terror and turmoil the author seems to like using to give the story momentum, but that’s just one interpretation of the intention of the story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

One of the most interesting novels on this whole site. Characters are original, conflict and resolution are presented skillfully.

Funny, witty parts contrast well with more somber tones in the story.

Foil characters are well written, and love interest(s) are 3 dimensional.

Speaking on supporting characters dimensions, no side character feels truly flat. 99% of recurring characters have at least a modicum of depth.

A few spelling errors, but nothing too egregious in terms of grammar.

9/10 would recommend, loses a pip for being a genderbend, and many people aren't fans of that. But I am. So 10/10.

  • Overall Score

An Adventure like no other

As of May 2019

This story is very different than many of the other high fantasy novels on royalroad and I love it because of this. The main characters are overpowered in someways yet they have trials and tribulations that make them grow as characters, and that growth stays consistant throught the story. Also the dynamic that is introduced a bit later between the main character and his party of princesses is unique and how he handles the fact that he no longer knows how he has been influenced is perfection.


All in all I absolutely adore this story and hope that others feel the same way.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Fun and Profund (ch 126)

I came here after reading the Troll story... 

and this one is written with the same cleverness, but in a tone that please me more.


We discover a world shaped by having summoned japanese teenagers, and in which our MC is forced to escape with a princess, more than once, therefore kidnapping them.

The science of magic which is behind this story is well tought of,

The relationships with and between the characters is growing naturaly and it helps a lot.

The story flirts with romance and sweet and conversly with PG-13 aspects : gruesome or real sexy, but all that woven seamlessly and flowing well.

The quality is excellent and the production rythm is astoundishing !


continue in that direction and sorry for having waited so much to write a review :(

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

How to spread your ass 101

This story is sooo heavy I really really really don’t like it and this even though I know this is not a bad story sigh 

This story reads like the story of a horny virgin trying to get laid plot twist: his penis was splattered on the ground by a rhino so he now has to go on a magically magical quest to regrow it plot twist: he is a little bitch so the adventure will be about him trying not to get gang banged plot twist: he also needs to carry his comatose brother’s body around so the familiar penis energy can flow in him for when he regrow his balls. 

Have a great read !

also props to the author for being crazy I mean... did you see that release rate?  knowing clap in the background 

dan kirkby
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A fun and well thought bout adventure

It's always Greta to find one of RR's hidden gems, giving something a shot and finding something you enjoy, that's the best way I can describe this novel. Gender bender fiction is something I have always found intriguing, the act of a process of a mind shifting and a personality changing to fit its new circumstances and this novel gets it right.


Well executed, especially in the later chapters as the perspective of the main character could have been very confusing without it.


The plot is interesting and is continuously growing thicker, the world MDW has wrought is essential to the stories progression, and the complications and mysteries it introduces are tantalising.


Nothing to right home about, good or bad, which is honestly my preference sometimes, masterful Prose can get rather tiring after awhile.


Where the story truly shines, the characters are interesting and grey grow in depth as the story progresses, from the princesses to the Handmaid's and the bat shit insane otherworlders, no one is entirely 2 dimensional, even is those dimensions have been explored before in other novels in some cases.


A fun story of a the world of a Japanese light novel, from the perspective of those who have to deal with its problems between calamities, about the way this world works and how hero's impact it, a fun read and definitely worth your time if you like those novels.

  • Overall Score

A different focus of gender bender

The novel is gender bender(-ish?), but in a way that it trys to focus heavily on the psychological aspect. Imo, the authors done a good job of that so far