A Superior Being Will Always Rise ... Even If They're A Goblin

by JustaMob

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Jellal is a man who's been reincarnated as lowly goblin. While an average person may fall into despair upon being reborn as a goblin, a superior being (self titled) like Jellal's rise to greatness could never be stopped by something so trivial.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Goblin Holds No Grudge ago
Goblin Is Optimistic ago
Goblin Is Perfectly Calm ago
Goblin Is Now Half Ninja ago
Goblin Finds A Friend? ago
Goblin Is Superior ago
Goblin Roams The Forest ago
Goblin Stalks Its Prey ago
Goblin Is The One Who Raids ago
Goblin Doesn't Have A Temper ago
Goblin Does A Hostile Takeover ago
Goblins Eyes Are Opened ago
Goblin Goes Hunting ago
Goblin Gets A New Subordinate ago
Goblin vs Intruder ago
Goblin Sees Possibilities ago
Goblin Has Style ago
Goblin On A Mission ago
Goblin Drops By ago
Goblin Is Pure Awesome ago
Goblin Is Out Of Mercy ago
Goblin Is Still In Need Of Good Workers ago
Goblin Is A Magical Prodigy ago
Goblin Is A Goblin? ago
Goblin Has Dreams ago
Goblin Is Prepared ago
Goblin Gets Sidetracked ago
Goblin Sets Off ago
Goblin Crosses The Final Hurdle ago
Goblin In The City ago
Goblin Is Patient ago
Goblin Can Do Business ago
Goblin On The Case ago
Goblin Gets His Style On ago
Goblin Is Back ago
Goblin Can Adventure? ago
Goblin Isn't Evil ago
Goblin Registers ago
Goblin Isn't Lost ago
Goblin Vents ago
Goblin Experiments ago
Goblin Returns ago
Goblin Tests ago
Goblin Escort Service ago
Goblin Transfers Custody ago
Goblin Isn't Crazy ago
Goblin Seeks Teleportation ago
Goblin Is Very Welcoming ago
Goblin Can Haz Throne ago
Goblin Goes To Town ago
Goblin Seeks A Chair ago
Goblin Is Innocent ago

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Good OP gob story (Ch49)

Our little gob becomes quite OP.

as other mentions, he is barred from evolution... but he still seems to find way to progess.

anyway : why evolve when you have other easier ways to become OP ?


my only caveat : he is too quickly OP.

that said it's kinda fun.

he is chaotic neutral : killing any annoying guy, not killing non-annoying guys (& monsters)

he seems a little pro-humans... but that's mostly because most monsters attack first and are classified as annoying and thus die... and that humans are almost the only one he can have a conversation with.

For the moment, he is the only intelligent / able of speach monster we met.

C.J. Hanks
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Awesome streamline story. Possible spoiler.

   Possible spoiler

What happens when a pissed off gob wants to do as they please when they please and buck the world. They die. Normally... never ever let monsters know physics. EVER. Then do not by ANY circumstances give them the ability to ever use magic. Should the above happen leave all short people alone. This story is just missing some good puns and a tag or so for anti hero and overpowered mc.  Ridonculous overpowered mc. The only dowside is the story is linear and the mc may as well have every thing he wants(power wise) just happen with little to nothing slowing him down. I also read to this gob is  innocent. To those who are crying about evolution nonsense. Is that the only path for a gob? Also read more.

  • Overall Score

Goblins... Where to begin...

Ok, I've read quite a few goblin reincarnation stories some of them were bad/horrible or the author gave up on them. Quite a few of them were good but reached a natural conclusion or again were abandoned by the author.

This story has the looks of one of the better stories... I hope the author has it carefully planned out and sticks with it.

  • Overall Score

Writing was good grammar okay but the story took a massive hit when apparently you can't evolve when named.So all those hoping for an evolution fic leave now no evolving here apparently.

  • Overall Score

A Goblin forever... no thanks

Story seemed good for the first couple of chapters but after the MC named himself its revealed he cant evolve. This is a silly excuse to just not have him evolve and if naming yourself was so restrictive then it wouldnt be as easy as saying "from now on Jellal is my named" it would require a certain class or authority to name him. I have no interest in reading a story such as this, but that's my personal opinion.

  • Overall Score


Dropped after Chapter 4.

The story isn't shit, and it IS the author's first novel. It's just isn't my taste. I always expect something catching or peculiar in the first chapter, the first few paragraphs even. I must say that this novel does not deliver. It feels more like the author just wanted to get done with the post-reincarnation part as fast as possible. If the author doesn't care to make a good, well thought out plot to begin the story with, then why would I care for the rest of the novel?