Gun Meister Online 2

by NoahBarnett6

Original ONGOING Action Romance Sci-fi Harem Male Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Max was a soldier, but a drunk driver took everything from him--including his life.  Dead and digitized, he finds himself in a new world as a Ghost. He stumbles upon Gun Meister Online where his military training may help in this new game.  The girls in Gun Meister just may heal the wounds in his heart and give him a new purpose in life.  He in turn might be the Meister they always dreamed about.  His happily ever after might not happen because things are still going on in the real world.

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I read the first book before this one and it was an ok thing but how you remade and ev9lved it to this is truly amzing.

Thanks for not giving up

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Gun Meister is back, and even better than before!

(This review was written after the release of chapter 12) I have lurked on RRL for years, and have read hundreds of fictions on here. The fact that there was ~0 comments on this masterpiece in the making forced me to make an account.

 GMO1 was unique, and solid, and was one of the few fictions on RRL that I bought AND read more than once. There are alot of elements here that I believe represent gamelit at its best, and the author is doing an even better job with GMO2. As someone who has done work in game design as well as written professionally, seeing gamelit that delivers on both game and story levels like this fills me with joy.

Things I am the most excited for in GMO2:

- When the protagonist eventually ends up in a squad... omg the characters in this series are awesome. Can't wait to see whatever builds and loadouts are involved.

- Events. Any in-game events whatsoever. This author could write events for major gaming companies that is how *%&^ing awesome they are. I am actually excited that since the character is going to be spending a longer time-span in the game than the GMO1 protagonist, that I will get to see even more crazy events that shake everything up.

- Loadouts.

- gun mod/accessory ero.

- hot lead and hot chicks.

- The author's continued improvement. Seriously impressed by this author.

GMO2 strengths carried over from GMO1:

- detailed descriptions of mechanical interactions with firearms ground the reader in the world.

- Since the guns are the harem members, any physical interaction with a gun is an interaction with a harem member. It's awesome and well executed.

- Simplistic but deep gamelit system with no single "god-build" means a wide variety of characters can be viable, and therefore interesting at a gameplay/mechanical as well as a character/story level. The author is solid at this in my opinion.

- Smart approach to harem that respects the inherent "harem limit" of simultaneous characters that exists in written stories, AND integrates with the gamelit elements mentioned above.

- Solid, straightforward and slightly insane ero scenes that are better written for a male audience than the vast majority of erotica.

- The in-game events. Are genius. The author could write in-game events for major gaming companies for a living, easily.

GMO2 improvements over GMO1:

- protagonist is now much more engaged with and invested in the game that is the setting.

- erotic scenes now more difficult to unlock, and thus have more weight. They still crazy and great, and never long enough to derail you from the story... unless you want to be derailed. unless you want to.

- Reading GMO1 made me want to roll my own character in Gun Meister and make my own contracts with my own weapons. GMO2 makes me want the protagonist's weapons, and I will fight him for them. Not sure how else to explain this point.

- so far, ero scenes slightly longer I think than in GMO1? They were a bit on the short side in GMO1 (not that I cared since they were well written, and rest of the book was holding my interest anyways). But now a reader can be more easily derailed into a lust-fueled rampage if that's what they want.

- I would say the protagonist is an across the board improvement, he is way more engaged and interesting in general. Although...

 Things that could improve GMO2:

- I sometimes wish the protagonist was slightly less lackadaisical/stubborn in regards to his interpersonal relationships, but it is partially this quality that results in him navigating the game world with his unique approach. I just feels like it stalls relationships things a bit much. Actually, my only minor complaint about the protagonist is probably related to my next point below.

- I am mildly (not greatly, but mildly) concerned about the rate of progression in character relationships right now, and I admit it kind of makes me hope that GMO2 ends up being a bit longer than GMO1? I mean, I think the progression rate in book 1 was a bit quick in some cases maybe, but I am worried that book 2 is swinging too far in the other direction? I'm generally cool with delayed gratification, but I feel like the characters are too successful right now at stubbornly ignoring their own issues, instead of being forced by circumstance to address their weaknesses and develop their relationships with each other further, and thus healing from their respective grief. That said, I have faith in the author based on what they have done in the past with GMO1.

- I think this is the number 1 thing I hope continues to improve: character arcs, and how character development is served by the story. Detours are fine, but I get scared when the side-quests start to stack up and the main story quest is ignored for too long a period. Main story quest in this case being the relationships between the protagonist and those around him (both PCs and NPCs).

All in all, liked the first book much more than I ever thought I would, and am happy to see a second book with a new protagonist that gives the reader a different perspective on things.

Stephen Lewis
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Enjoyable read 

Few errors did not distract me from the story 


Keep it uptongue-out