This is my first time writing a book, so please give me a little break(not too much though). I appreciate any and all reviews or helpfull comments. Anyways: here is the lil' blurbo.

Vic Hopper (AKA Comm.) is an ordinary boy. Well, that depends on your definition of ordinary. And boy. You see, by normal Earth standards he is not ordinary. That is because he is not from Earth. To liken it to terms you can probably understand, imagine a giraffe in antarctica. Weird right? Now imagine that giraffe is trying to camoflauge itself using only a penguin hat. Now picture steampunk goggles with dark tinted lenses. Now, you may have guessed that that giraffe is a little quirky. Except for the fact that he is wearing a brownish leather jacket, munching on a polar bear, and wearing two scarfs simultaneously, you would be wrong. Anyways, not what you expect to see there. Great. All that is left to do to get a visual of Vic is to transpose all of those qualities that the giraffe had onto a human-looking boy. Good job.

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Griffin Smuckler

you da goodest riter ever xept for me. I like story... ver funnnnnny. you make a me smile. you eat people just like me and that make u happy when I do but no u uno reverso cardo. coolcoolcool. the sun is actually green and I heal in 5 seconds. your nose eate 54 penguins over noght. I hope you enjiy all of the goofy goobers in the sun that had 12098435 kids yesterday.


looks like a ok book so far. just read the prolog, little confusing but i will give you a pass as it is your first bookcool