Mortis Operandi 1- New Hire

by UnwrittenDreams

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity


Thank you for reading, I have to start with that. 


The feedback and encouragement from RoyalRoad users helped me finish my book. I left the unedited version up as I worked on editing and making it a little more polished. However the time has come for me to put it on Amazon and hopefully let other people read the story. 

If you have Kindle unlimited you should be able to read the story there. If you just want to order an ebook version you can do that as well. I should have a paperback version coming up.


Again thank you for reading and helping me on this journey. It hasn't ended however, my second book which I'm hoping to do well enough that reading the first isn't completely necessary, is still being worked on here, . Any feedback, comments, even critism is welcome as I work on giving you the best version of my story. 

I'll leave the first two chapters up here, unless Amazon says otherwise. There should be enough differences to avoid issues though. 


THANK YOU! Thank you! thank you!


Adventurers enter dungeons every day. Battling evil monsters, defying dangerous terrain, triumphing over devious traps...

... but none of them ever ask why?

That arrow trap, who reloads it? The pitfall trap, who cleans out the bodies and sharpens the spikes? What if the grates get clogged, where will the blood and gore drain? When you are trying to study ancient lore or plan on conquering a kingdom, you don't want to worry about all that. You just want peace.

Mortis Operandi is a different kind of company. One that celebrates diversity. One that celebrates value in individuals. With flexible pay and plenty of advancement opportunities, it is a company that knows its workers are it's most valuable asset. As they design, build, and install traps, rooms, obstacles, and repair they are a one stop shop.

When a possible recall sets events into motion, the company must pivot in a new paradigm of full circle Dungeon service. The Goblin Eft No-toes has a solution that entwines ex-adventurer Elric into the business of death.

*Note the above statements are forward looking statements. In no way do they promote or suggest that Mortis Operandi will project greater sales or revenue. Understand that investing in a company does involve some risks, and possibly much rewards.

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Intersting story so far with pretty unique premise. There some small grammar mistakes like forgetting quetes when characters talk, but otherwise high grade story on the royal road standars.