Clouds of Fauna

by Albert Brecan

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Strategy Supernatural

After sinister beings destroy his home. Ang, the last child of the Usgrat, flees deep into the forest. Now orphaned, young Ang must learn to survive in a harsh living world.

With the aid of his guardian Kiliyi the spider, and an enchanted tome, he learns the many ways of channeling the energy of life Imdrina into magic. Discovering the possibility that he may still have living relatives out in the world he sets out on a quest to find them.   

Along the way he meets a diverse group of friends, including a peculair mushroom creature named Dungii. Vlux, a cunning yet tiny girl. Thramuny, a warrior from a far off land, and various beasts from myths and legends. They depart on a long journey to gather allies, restore balance, and save their world.

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