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“Let’s go,” she replied. She seemed eager to have something to do than to sit idle lamenting all that had happened. Plus, we would be able to know more about the world.

The pixie led us through the forest of leaf-less trees.

“Where did all the Raks go?” I asked the pixie.

“Raks?” the pixie asked. “What is that?”

“The Rakshashas,” I said, “Demons who have big canines and horns and otherwise look like ugly humans.”

“I am sorry,” the pixie said, “I do not know of what you are talking about.”

“Okay,” I said, “at least tell us what lives in this world anymore, besides you… you are a pixie, am I correct?”

“Yes, I am a pixie,” Sgathia said. “However nothing really lives in our world except us… and the Pain.”

“The Pain you are talking about is a creature?” I asked, because that was what Sgathia sounded like.

“Not exactly,” the pixie said, “nobody knows if it’s living or not. It just falls from the sky on particular days and makes us miserable. The cycle keeps repeating.”

“Tell us about the Prophecy,” Lovebird said to Sgathia.

“As far as I know it says that two strange individuals would come and help us catch the white deer. Then once the white deer is sacrificed we would be forever liberated from the pain,” Sgathia replied, so that my ears stood up at the mention of the white deer, “but I don’t really know much about the white deer. I guess our queen would be able to give you more information about the white deer.”

It took us about an hour, slowly making our way through the forest. We could have moved faster, but the pixie flew slowly. There was one thing that kept bugging me. The entire idea of time travelling in the game world was absurd. I had a feeling that the time travel thing more or less was some kind of a quest.

In about three hours we finally arrived in the river of blood.

Except there were no canoes.

While Sgathia could easily fly over the river, there was no way for me and Lovebird to cross it… unless we swam. Swimming in the pond had been one thing and swimming in the fast flowing river was an entirely different thing.

“So let’s swim?” Lovebird said to me, seeing that our options were non-existent.

I bit my lips.

“Yeah, let’s do it,” I said. Lovebird leapt into the river and waited for me to join her, Sgathia the pixie flying over her head. A tingling sensation came over my feet and my heart began to beat faster. I wanted to jump into the river, but I just couldn’t will my feet to do it. It was like I had lost control over my feet.

“What are you waiting for?” Lovebird asked me.

I decided to tell her the truth.

“I don’t really know how to swim in a fast flowing river,” I said to her, with an almost guilty look. She grimaced.

“I am here, don’t worry,” she said and there was much reassurance in her voice. “I won’t let you drown.” However, even I could see that she was struggling against the flow of the river.

I nodded. I swallowed and this time I jumped into the river. The moment I did so, I could feel the current of the river all around me, and it tried to take me along with it. But Lovebird was quick and she grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to her.

“Keep kicking your arms and legs, all right?” Lovebird said to me over the roar of the river.

“Okay,” I replied. We started making progress. It was a good thing that the Blood River had shrunk in size, even though it had gotten more violent. Had it remained the size it was before, then our difficulties could have increased ten folds.

I didn’t know for what length of time, I kept kicking my hands and feet, Lovebird swimming beside me, one of her hands holding my shirt so that I wouldn’t flow away. But eventually we reached the other bank of the river. Both of us lay down on the soft sand and drew in deep breaths, I felt spent and quite exhausted. I took out a couple of health vials from my bag and handed one to Lovebird, while I drunk the other one myself to restore my health which had fallen due to the exertion.

We climbed up to the road. Well, it was barely a road any more. Very few of the stone slabs that formed the road remained. However the trees without leaves hadn’t grown in the middle of the road, which was a good thing.

“What is the name of your town?” I asked Sgathia, as she led us in the direction, where the town of Kapilpura had stood a long time ago.

“Kapila,” Sgathia replied. Well, at least half of the name of the old town had survived, I thought.

When we reached the town, I was rather surprised to see that all the homes and buildings and anything else in the town of Kapila had a maximum height of five metres. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise, considering the size of the inhabitants of the home, which were the pixies. When the pixies saw us first, they were frightened and began to scatter, but when they noticed that Sgathia was with us, they seemed to calm down.

One of the braver pixies flew towards us. I noticed that the particular pixie was among the very few who possessed a sword. Maybe he was some kind of a soldier? Of course, his sword was barely the length of my smallest finger.

“Who are these… creatures that you have brought?” the pixie asked in a rather angry voice. “I thought the queen had asked you not to fly away to distant places without the company of other pixies?”

“I am sorry,” Sgathia replied, “but at this moment, I really must meet the queen.”

The soldier laughed.

“Are you crazy?”

“No,” Sgathia replied defiantly, “you are crazy. Can’t you see they might be the ones who can complete the prophecy?”

At the mention of the prophecy, a wave of gasps passed over the thousands of pixies gathered below. The soldier looked down and then back to Sgathia.

“Are you sure that they are the… ones?” he said and I noticed that even he was awed.

A note from CrAJywood

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