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It was me to whom he first came. I tried not to look into his non-existent face with the hovering red eyes. He extended a hand towards me. For a wild moment I felt like he was going to suck all of my Karma and delete me forever. But he just placed his hand on my chest. After a moment he turned towards the boss.

“Rohan Chaudhury. He is a perma player,” Death13 said and I was surprised that he could speak like a person. I reckoned sucking all the Karma from others was probably behind this. Though he spoke clearly, there was still a very inhuman vibe in his tone and it was accompanied by some static noise. “He first logged in from one of our free capsules.”

“Now that really hurts,” the boss said in a tone of regret. “Despite all our promises to make you wealthy just for playing the game, you rebel against us? You must be a big fool. You could have ruled over the other players along with the Kartoshi gang and seen real-world riches like you have never before. But you chose not to do that. I pity you, for what awaits you is pain, eternal pain.”

Death13 then moved over to Lovebird. He checked her like he had done to me.

“Zara Khan. ,” Death13 said.

“One of our own players?” the boss asked.

“Negative,” Death13 replied.

Next was Grimguy’s turn.

“Michael Alanov,” Death13 said. “Not one of our players.”

Last was Mastermind’s turn. I could see Mastermind flinching. I knew why. He was the one who had created Death13. He was one of the core members of the Kartoshi gang. One who had decided to stand up the gang.

Death13 placed a hand on his chest. And then I heard what was unmistakably a laugh from Death13.

“Nobita Honda,” Death13 said. He made a low sarcastic bow to Mastermind. “My creator.”

A wave of gasps passed over everyone. Mastermind however kept looking defiantly at Death13.

“Mr. Honda?” the boss said, and he sounded shocked. “Then this is betrayal.”

With a glare pasted on his face, Mastermind looked at the boss.

“Betrayal perhaps,” he said. “But to you, not to humanity.”

“Ah,” the boss said, amused. “So now you are showing your true colours, aren’t you? Before you used to speak with much effort to please me.”

“Because I didn’t know about your true intentions,” Mastermind said. “I could have never created the blasted junk code if I had known what you were really up to. It was the greatest wrong doing of my life.”

Death13 suddenly gave Mastermind a push with such force that he tumbled backwards, hitting the floor with his back. He let out a cry of pain.

“You do not speak to my true master like that,” Death13 said. “You might have created the code for me, but it was in the mind of boss that I truly took birth.”

At that moment Babaguy suddenly stood up, he looked like he had had enough.

“Please,” he said to the boss, “please stop this.”

The boss frowned, not seeming to understand him.

“Now what’s up with you? You want to let these bastards go away? What for?”

”Look, Kartoshi, you know that what you are doing is wrong,” Babaguy said. “So many people have been permanently erased already. But you can still stop this insanity.”

“I see that you are beginning to harbour sympathy for my enemies,” the boss said. “It really hurts me, you know.”

“Look Kartoshi, I have sworn to your family,” Babaguy said, “and even you know that the motto of your family is to commit crimes without necessarily killing people. So why this? If you don’t stop I am afraid I will have to take measures.”

“Measures?” the boss said with a laugh.

“Do not forget that once I received the locations of three Brahmastras through a quest,” Babaguy said, the threat in his voice was obvious. For the first time, I saw the face of the boss pale. I reckoned even the boss was afraid of Brahmastras.

“You are ready to use a Brahmastra on me just for these vermin?” the boss asked Babaguy, gesturing at us.

“I will, if need be,” Babaguy said, “but if you only let them go and if you fix everything that I shall not use it upon you. I have been nodding away at every decision of yours from the very start. Let me just say that some of your decisions have not been very smart. Being a good advisor, one that really cares for your well being, I would ask you to end all the mindless activities you have been carrying out.”

The boss’s eyes bulged. Was he going to ask Death13 to attack Babaguy? That wouldn’t be very wise on his part, since that would give Babaguy the opportunity to use his Brahmastra, since the supreme weapon only activated when an opponent attacked. At the same time, I wasn’t sure if a Brahmastra would be enough to end a being like Death13. The AI of the game world wouldn’t have come with a completely new quest involving awakening Ravana, if a Brahmastra was all that was needed to do away with Death13.

“Send a message to the person in the game world who is at the nearest location to Babaguy’s capsule,” the boss commanded Death13.

Strangely, Death13 flinched.

“Is it not possible?” the boss asked.

“It is,” Death13 answered in his voice crackling with static noise, “but I have never done it before—”

Babaguy threw a ball of fire at the boss. The boss jumped away from his throne, and the ball of fire hit the top of the throne, destroying the top part completely. The other gang members stood up. They seemed very unsure as to what they should do. They seemed to fear that if they attacked Babaguy, he would be able to activate his Brahmastra.

The boss however didn’t attack back.

“Stop it!” he ordered Babaguy.


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