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“One thing though, I have been feeling like gang members are pursuing me. I have seen shadows behind me.”

“Once you are inside the Rak village you should be relatively safe from Kartoshi gang members,” I told him. But then, thinking about my message, I couldn’t help but realise how weird it must sound. Safety in a Rak village? If someone had said something like that only a few days ago, I would have laughed at their face.

The minutes that came next seemed to really drag at snail pace as we anxiously awaited Wiseazz to come. I wondered how it would have been like had it been possible to transfer Karma points over great distances. We could have perhaps already defeated the vile Death13 by now and brought down the great Kartoshi gang. Well, everyone needs to work with certain sets of limitations.

It was a really uplifting moment when a bright light flashed near the holy tree. The next moment Wiseazz materialized. An orb of light kept hovering mere metres in front of him. Wiseazz could still return to Kapilpura within twenty four hours.

I went and threw my arms around him in an embrace. The big man hugged me back.

“Things have been really tough in Kapilpura recently,” Wiseazz said. “I wish I had never gone perma.”

“You don’t need to regret having gone perma,” I said. I pointed up to the statue of Ravana hanging in the tree. “That statue is going to solve all our problems.”

“So I just need to transfer my Karma to you, right?” Wiseazz said. “I have still about five hundred thousand left. The remaining was lost in a couple of encounters with Death13.”

I rubbed my chin. Was it really necessary for Wiseazz to give me the Karma? If he did so, suppose for some reason the plans didn’t work out as we wanted them to, he would lose the added protection that he received against Death13 on account of his Karma.

“Um, you can also climb up the tree,” I said to Wiseazz. “All you need to do is bring down the statue.”

Wiseazz seemed to think about this. He looked up the tree. He seemed to wonder whether the tree would be able to support his weight. He opened his mouth to say something, but before he could, the orb of light that marked the portal flashed brightly.

The next moment an armed man had materialised. In the span of a few seconds, several more armed men materialised. I recognised one of them to be Mayester. The same guy who had killed me earlier, unwittingly helping me to escape from the Kartoshi gang members, thanks to his hotheadedness.

The gang members didn’t tarry even a moment, and immediately threw themselves on us, roaring like devils. We found ourselves in the midst of a much unexpected battle and because of this element of surprise, they began to win. But none of the gang members attacked Balekh. Perhaps they were too scared of his raptors. He and his raptors just waited and watched us suffer heavily at the hands of the gang members. I looked at him with pleading eyes even as I tried to block blows from a very muscular man. But Balekh just looked at us confusedly. He seemed to be in a dilemma whether he should risk the lives of his dear raptors.

I punched the man attacking me on the nose. He winched in pain, even as his nose bled, but it only seemed to infuriate him further. I had thrown paralysis on two of the other men who had come for me, and at that moment the spell wore off them and they attacked me. One grabbed me by the waist while the first muscular man raised his sword, aiming for my chest. The third man had already taken away my sword, while I had been busy with the first man.

My heart hammered in my chest. I didn’t want to die at this point, not after I had come this far. With massive effort, I let out a cry and I lifted the man holding me off the ground onto my back.

The first man was already bringing his sword down, and thanks to the inertia, the sword pierced into the back of the man that I had lifted up, even as he squirmed to be free. I heard his cry of pain and felt victorious. I let the man fall to the ground. I picked up his fallen sword quickly and raised it just in time to stop an attack from the third man who had my Ravana sword. The Ravana sword was powerful compared to the one which I had and which I reckoned had already taken quite a few blows and my new sword shattered in my hands. All the same I survived the blow.

Immediately I grabbed the wrist of the man and for a while the two of us struggled to get a hold on the Ravana sword, which was mostly in the grasp of the other man, but I wasn’t going to give up yet. I pushed him against a tree. And then I did something wild. I leaned close to him and then bit his ear off.

He cried out in pain. His grip on my sword loosened and I wrenched it away from his hand. I sensed a movement behind me. It was the first muscular man. He had picked up a big stone and was coming to strike me. I let loose a bolt of electricity from my sword and it struck him. His health immediately fell by half even as he was thrown backward. I turned to the man whose ear I had bitten off.

There was still the taste of foul blood in my mouth and I spat on his face. Next, I landed several hits on him with my sword and finished him off. I didn’t wait and moved towards the first man, who was slowly getting up to his feet. In a couple of moments he was dead.

A note from CrAJywood

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