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Meet Kitty, a cute sword wielding cat stuck in a game world… will he be able to save his master? Read to find out! For fans of fantasy books, video games… and CATS! Check out Catmaster Online on Amazon!


You have defeated a player of a higher level in a legitimate fight.

As a reward you go up by five levels!

Five levels? How crazy was that? I couldn’t stop grinning at my friends in the crowd, who were waving at me. Mastermind had a curious expression on his face. I went to my friends feeling like I had conquered the world.

“Did you see that?” I said to them.

“Here, drink this,” Grimguy said, throwing me a health vial. Though I had levelled up my health was down. Drinking the health potion pushed my health back to optimum. I watched Damini in the distance walking away with a sulky expression on her face.

“That was nice move,” Mastermind said. “You used her spell against her. Good job. By the way, what was Babaguy saying to you before the fight?”

I told him quickly what he had said.

Mastermind raised a brow.

“He just told you a word? He didn’t give you any weapon?”

“I think repeating the word three times can summon the weapon,” Grimguy speculated. “Why don’t you try it and see?”

“He said the weapon can be used only once. If I repeat the words and it actually appears, then I won’t be able to use it when I require it,” I said.

I waited with the others and watched as the other players fought.

It took about an hour for the rest of the fights in the first round to get over. Then Bhusan called the victors to the ring. There were eight of us.

“Now, let’s get to the second round, shall we?” the referee said, “The second round will remove some of the useless muscle that scraped by in the first round.”

I hoped Bhusan wasn’t referring to me by ‘useless muscle’.

“Now, now,” Bhusan continued. He then told which player would fight whom. My opponent this time was the last person I ever wanted to fight with. It was the guy with the all-mighty sword.

Our fight was scheduled to be the third fight of the round. As I walked away from the ring to my friends, I glanced back to see the sword guy flashing his big sword at me. He was at level thirty and went by the name of Swordking. I just grimaced back at him.

I tried to shake away my fears, telling myself that the Ravana sword was probably superior to the one Swordking had. The first two fights were over in fifteen minutes. Among the victors was a player of the Multi-tasker class, who had summoned a monkey man and let the monkey man fight for him, while he himself simply watched his opponent being beaten up. I thought it was odd that a player should be allowed to summon a pet in the fight. The second victor was a Rak player. He had basically bitten his opponent to surrendering.

And then Swordking and I were called to the ring. My heart hammered loud in my ears. I told myself that I had survived the first round and I will survive this round too, no matter what. I met Swordking’s deathly grin with a straight face. The bell was rung and the fight began.

I didn’t attack right away like I had in my first fight.

This time both of us circled each other. Swordking was a warrior, and he would have much better fighting skills than a Multi-tasker like me. I wished I had not lost my paralysis spell.

Swordking suddenly moved like he was lunging at me. I raised my sword to block the forthcoming attack. Instead, Swordking fell to the floor and kicked my legs. I lost balance. Swordking took his chance and slashed my stomach with his sword. I lost 300 health immediately as a fire of pain took hold of my stomach. He attacked again swiftly, but I was able to block him with my sword. He backed away, preparing for another attack. I bit my lip, trying to ignore the pain in my stomach.

The pain would be gone the moment I drank a health vial, I told myself. But if I lose this fight, I will lose the opportunity to fight Kumbhakarna.

Swordking raised his sword again. At that very moment, I released a bolt of electricity from my sword tip. It hit him. He hadn’t been expecting it at all, and his eyes went wide as he was suddenly seized by the electricity. He fell backwards, losing a hundred health. I sprung to him. This was my moment. I hit him repeated times, and each time I hit him, his health went down by 50. He had a total health of 700 and by the time he was finally able to block my attacks, his health became 450.

I stepped back from him once he was back on his feet. There was sheer anger dripping from his eyes. I knew he would now be throwing all his fury at me, but he would also be restless. I must use his restlessness to my advantage.

Swordking swung his great sword at me. I dodged it more by luck than by intention, or perhaps it was he who missed me. His sword cut empty air, I hit his neck with my own sword. He lost 250 health right away. Glaring hard at me, he stepped back, a shivering hand on his neck that was leaking gore. If he hit me only once, I would lose all the health I had. I had to be extremely careful.

“What do you think of yourself, eh?” he said to me, as the two of us began to circle each other again.

“Don’t take it personally,” I told him, “I have to win this at all costs.”

“All costs my foot!” he yelled. And he leapt forward. I met his sword with mine. He was very strong and I could barely keep up as he pressed his sword against mine. I gritted my teeth as I missed my footing and slipped. I fell, losing ten health. Swordking led out a roar, and threw a dozen attacks at me. Thankfully I was able to block them, my heart in my throat the entire while. I released electricity. It hit Swordking and his health fell steeply. He held up his hand, his health at 25.

He had surrendered.

My mind was in a daze as I panted while my arm was raised by the referee as the victor. I made my way back to my friends, tripping once on a stone, so dazed I was.

The crowd present clapped. A level six player had defeated someone of a much higher level than him. I looked at my sword. It had played a big role. My friends too clapped hard. Just then, the exciting feeling took hold of me as I went up by five more levels. I couldn’t believe it. Joining this tournament was the best thing I had done. At the same time I noted that despite levelling up, I was not given the map or any spells or extra abilities. I reckoned such rewards could only be had by completing quests or killing Raks. But I had gone up by a total of ten levels in the past few minutes, and I was not complaining at all.

“Just two more fights left, my friend,” Grimguy said to me.

I nodded. I had to win those fights.


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