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“How did you find me?” I asked.

“It’s not a great idea to use magic on our members, you know,” Killerman said. “It makes it easy to find your position in the game world. Not in a long time, we will be able to find your location in the real world too. It makes me sad that after all the money you were given, you decided to put your nose into these silly matter. Why try to find what we are up to? Can’t you be happy with the money?”

“Please let me go,” I said.

Killerman laughed.

“You really expect us to let you go? Come on. Now tell us whatever you know about Death13. And tell me about the other players with you. Were they also members of the Kartoshi gang? Were they traitors like you? Trying to bite the very hand that is feeding them, eh?”

“Why are you destroying the perma players?” I asked, “Can’t you find other ways of making money?”

“Perma players are just digit codes. Like the NPCs. They are no different from them. No harm in deleting some digit code if that can make you a ton of money, am I correct?” Killerman said, and he looked quite relaxed.

I stared at him. How could anyone be so evil?

“Besides,” Killerman continued, “In the very near future something else is gonna happen too.” He grinned at me. He looked like he wanted to tell me that something much worse than deleting perma players was going to happen. “Now speak. I am asking you nicely. How did you come to know about Death13?”

“I met him,” I said. “He is on my friend list.”

“Well, we are in his friend list as well,” Killerman said. “But how did you come to know that he was going about deleting perma players?”

“I saw him attacking one. The birthstone of the perma player was destroyed.”

“Interesting,” Killerman said, “too bad, your sharp mind is going to get you into trouble.”

He suddenly leaned towards me, so that his face was just next to me and I could feel his breath on my cheeks. His breath stank of cheap wine.

“Now tell me about your friends. Be honest. I am talking about the people who were with you atop the pterodactyl, who know about Death13 and have the helmet of Ravana. Tell me their real world names.”

I kept quiet. There was no way I would tell the real names of my friends to Killerman. I had enough self-respect in me. That I did not know the real names of my friends helped.

“Find that out yourself,” I said, glaring hard into Killerman’s eye. He slapped me.

“Some guts you got,” he said. “Okay then, as you wish. I will find about your dear friends myself. Too bad they didn’t die with you, or they would have been sitting next to you here.”

Killerman took a step back from me.

“Mayester,” he said to the burliest man, “you can have a little fun with good Rohan, who has been so cooperative with us. Just don’t kill him, all right? Or you will be killed instead.”

Killerman and the other man went out of the room. They closed the door behind them, leaving Mayester alone with me. Mayester grinned at me. He looked like one of those kids that bully everyone at school. I was his next victim and he seemed intent on having a lot of fun with me.

Mayester didn’t waste any time. He hit my face hard. I felt my jaws break. Mayster’s fist was like a hammer.

My health dropped by fifty immediately.

Mayester than proceeded to grab my nose. He put his fingers into my nostrils as I struggled to breathe and then he pulled my nose hard. Intense pain shot up my face, and my eyes became watery. Another 25 health went just like that. Mayester kept laughing the entire while, taking pure bliss in torturing me.

“There is always a way out,” Mastermind’s voice echoed in my mind. At the same time I could see Mastermind’s fearful face. Mastermind had his flaws but he always tried to get over them. As Mayester landed another punch on my face, and tears rolled down my cheeks to mix with my blood, I couldn’t see any way out of this situation at all.

“In a few moments we’ll know in which capsule you are,” Mayester said, massaging his fist that had stains of my blood on it. “There is a reason why each of our capsules are numbered.”

“I don’t like your face, man,” I found myself saying. I had suddenly realised what the way out was: Death.

I just needed to insult Mayester enough that he would kill me. Simple as that. And he looked the kind of guy who lost his head easily. Once dead, I would respawn back at the inn.

“You don’t like my face?” he laughed. “You should look at yours.”

“Your face looks like it was shat out by a horse,” I said. That was one of the most disgusting things I had ever thought. But hey, I needed to get out of the situation right? “Imagine your head slowly emerging from a horse's ass—”

He hit me. This time with twice the force as before. I felt like my head would fly out of my neck. As the pain subsided, I saw that my health had fallen by a hundred.

I let out a laugh.

I needed to push Mayester further. I had only 256 health remaining so far. Three hard punches would be quite enough.

“Put your lips together,” Mayester warned me. His temple veins had popped out and his face was red with anger and he was fuming. “Or more pain shall befall you.”

“Just imagine,” I continued, “first your hair comes out of the horse’s ass. Then your forehead. Then your eyes. Just stop there. Your eyes try look at the new world with awe while your nose and your mouth are still buried in the horse’s ass!”

“You bastard!” Mayester said. He kicked my chest. One hundred health gone.

“No, no, no,” he said to himself, shaking his head, “I shouldn’t be hitting you so much. Killerman doesn’t want you dead. I should control myself.” Mayester squatted down. He was so angry that he was visibly shaking. He was certainly a hot headed guy, wasn’t he? Meanwhile, my chest was on fire.

I coughed out blood. I could barely speak, but I still managed to laugh.

“And slowly your nose emerges,” I said. “But when your mouth is about to emerge… well, you don’t want to come out of the horse’s ass and so you bite it. Just imagine that!”

“Just shut up!” Mayester yelled at me. “You are trying to trick me, aren’t you? Well, I am going away from here. I’ll see you in the real world.”

And he made towards the door. My heart leapt. With him gone, all my hopes would crumble.

I laughed out loud.

“Oh, I just had another vision!” I said. I didn’t look at him, instead preferring to look at the ceiling as though I was really enjoying imagining whatever I was imagining. I didn’t hear the door open. I had his attention. I began to laugh. I laughed hysterically. I laughed because my life depended on it. “I… I am not telling you though,” I said between my forced fits of laughter.

“Tell me,” Mayester said coldly, “I am listening.”

“God,” I laughed, “I- I can’t tell you! It’s hilarious!”

“Tell me, go on,” Mayester said, and he came towards me. There was murder in his eyes.

“I can’t… shit, your family—”

I wasn’t able to say beyond that word. Mayester began punching me like I was his biggest enemy. With the pain came the pleasure of seeing my health drop.

Soon I had only 10 health left. Mayester raised his hand a final time, his face contorted in utter fury.

“Die!” he yelled. He hit me. My health went to zero.

“Thanks,” I muttered, as everything blacked out.

A note from CrAJywood

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