The Haremest

by devblazer

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Aaron manages to get himself killed by an absurd set of circumstances, and after being transported to a fantasy world by an equally absurd process, he finds himself naked and alone in a fantasy world, with the most absurd class of all.

All jokes aside, his continued survival in this relatively dark and unforgiving world is going to clearly depend on him pushing and levelling his new class: 'Haremest'.

Whatever it takes to accomplish that.



What to expect:

I write dark shit.  I love tormenting my characters and throwing them into difficult situations.  I like forcing them to explore shit (alot of it on the darker side) about themselves and the world around them.

I also like mixing different story genres, which is why this story starts out sounding like a comedy, even when comedic or parody elements will be a light touch for the most part.

Keep this all in mind before picking up this story, if I had to try to describe it, it would be a harem / action / drama / dark / romance / smut / tragedy / parody or something like that.

And final warning, like I said, I write dark shit.  If you can't handle your favourite characters or waifu's suffering or dying, or some scenes that go far enough to cause the comments section to debate whether it counts as NTR or not, then maybe don't read this.


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5 chapters in, and the story is already amazing. The writing us good (especially for this site), the plot seems to be interesting and the characters appear to be at least somewhat rounded (its still too early to tell). This could be a great novel if it is kept up and might be able to pull in a good amount of pocket change if the releases keep up and a patreon is established.

Good work, i hope to see more content!


Despite the title, the story is not all about smut. The author has put in a lot of effort to build a proper story all the way through, providing logical (and humorous) reasons for occurences.

Placing a twist on the classic tropes and skills of our typical protagonist, the story follows a consistent plot and has three dimensional characters, lending the piece a realistic feel.

Despite the above warning from the author it is not flooded with violence, sex and profanity, but is crafted into a resonably realistic story. Character interactions are well thought out and dare I say it "almost sweet" between out protagonist and his harem.

A great read and one I enjoyed.


Considering the title and the subject you could easily think that this novel is nothing but a smut, and yet it's not;

While the "adult content" is very present in the story, that does not take away from the rest of it.

It is well written, in a simple style, and while i wouldn't call it a parody, the author is clearly aware of what they are writing, and they know how to make it fun.

The characters and the story seem to stay pretty classic for now, but they are good enough to be enjoyed as is, even without taking the adult parts in acount.

TLDR: Nice read, the "adult" parts don't take away from the story, and the author is plenty good enough to make the story enjoyable both in content and form. Nothing amazing (for now) but something to try if you like the genre. 


I like the start i think it can become very good, i think it will be great if the sex scene are detailed and if there are some women enemy he could use some sex skill that kill them or he could break them and keep them as slaves, since he is a hero it could a monstergirls and demos or demihumans, o humanoid hero (demonlord) in his conquest of the world with sex