Vector Unit Regen: Orphan's War

by Peter James Martin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

The Earth is near extinction, but humanity remains still. Countless wars over countless centuries have changed everything.

To survive in the hostile environment, the Domes were constructed, but not nearly enough for everyone. Those left on the outside had to adapt to the climate, while also longing for the illusion of freedom offered by the enclosed sanctuaries.

Humanity itself is split between five great powers that carry on the wars of the lost generations. Their weapon of choice is the Vector Units, giant humanoid shaped war machines, created long ago but find themselves drafted for the new conflicts.

In all of this, Drake Vern just wants help for his sister amidst the wastes, while Melody Moon deals with life as an enslaved idol on the inside.

Both of their lives will become entwined and place them on the stage for the last conflict...

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