"Thank you, little lady, may I know your name." Said Vorg.

"It is Mary Madison and bye big brother my mom is waiting for me." with a cute smile girl disappeared into the crowd.

Vorg continues to push the wheels of his wheelchair moving towards the alley. After entering the dark alley, he heard an arrogant voice.

"Hey, why trash like you doing here ?"

Vorg turned towards the source of the sound and saw a man dressed in a brown jacket over white shirt along with light blue jeans, holding a knife on his hand.

"Sir, I just want to collect some junk. Please, this is the only way I can earn my food." Vorg said in a weak voice.

"Heh, don't you know this area around here belongs to Bloody Horn Gang? Our rules apply to anyone including bum like you, so pay price or die." Gang member putting down his knife and threatened Vorg. He didn't even need a knife to kill this beggar.

"Sir, I have nothing except this wheelchair and clothes I wearing," Vorg replied while lowering his head.

Gang member observed Vorg, upon closer look he noticed wheelchair Vorg sitting on is brand new and a few coins in a can. Malice flashed through his eyes. He suddenly grabbed Vorg's collar and said while choking him "Don't try to trick me, you trash. If you don't have money, then give me your chair and the money you collected. I am in a good mood today so I let you go like that next time bring me more money or else next thing I take is your life."

"O.okay sir, please wait a moment, at least let me get my bag," hearing the plead from released Vorg and with gloating smile observed him trying to reach his bag. At this moment man feeling best as seeing a man following command to but he didn't know he picked the wrong target.



"Huk.!" With sound man's smile frozen as if time around him stopped, a moment later he noticed blood gushing out from a big hole on his lung. A man tried to suppress the blood but it was no use as blood continue gushing out of his wound. As his life draining away, he saw a disabled man he thought as trash sitting there while holding a black pistol with a suppressor is on, staring at him with cold murderous eyes as if his previous self replaced with a different person.

" I am no hero so I will not say for people or justice it is just because I was in good mood but it ruined by you, that is why you die. But I bet you done same things to many people like me so 'what goes around comes around I guess."

At first, Vorg wanted to let go thug after giving some money first but after seeing thug wanted to take even his wheelchair, coins he received from girl earlier and even want him to bring more to him, Vorg knew nothing good will happen to him.

Checking his time Vorg understood he must not waste his time anymore. Immediately he took out a black case from his inventory and opened it. Inside the case, there is a light blue double-breasted suit, white shirt, black shoes, black tie and matching handkerchief.

Quickly Vorg dresses in a suit and fixes his hair with gel, after putting thug's corpse and empty bullet case into his inventory he leaves the alley as if nothing happened.

This time he appeared as a completely different person despite he only fixed his back, changed his hairstyle and clothes nobody recognized him as the previous beggar.

*A few hours later*

It was in the afternoon on a usual day. A man wearing a white mask patrolling around the streets, searching for any kind of trouble. This man is The White Mask a C rank hero. His special power is Energy Manipulation that gives him the ability to control and manipulate energy around him to enhance his strength and speed.

"Sir White Mask, may I have your time." turning to the source of sound White Mask saw a middle-aged man on a wheelchair. His disposition was quite impressive and his clothing was of expensive brands. The man moved his hand fixing his handkerchief in a calm manner at that moment White Mask immediately noticed a fancy golden ring shining in bright light.

"Who are you?" White Mask sized the stranger up. He doesn't remember seeing this person before.

"You can call me Vorg, maybe you don't know me but I know who is my saviour is," Vorg said while opening his arms. During as being a middleman in his previous life Vorg knows how to present himself and earn White Mask's trust. First using his polite tone he attached White Masks attention then he showed his ring he took from a thug to show him he is from higher status but the real purpose of his action is to leave the strong impression in White Mask's mind.

He didn't need an expensive ring but something that must attract attention it could be an anything wristwatch, a form of movement, unique birthmark or even golden teeth. Just this time Vorg has chosen to wear a ring just for convenience.

Just as Vorg expected White Mask spoke as he remembers something." Oh, of course, Mr.Vorg it's we Heroes job to help people in need."

Vorg suppressed his emotion in his hearth as spoked in a clear and calm tone. "Thanks to you I able to reunite with my family. From my little boy, I heard Mr White White Mask need a sponsor. May I take that offer ?"

"Mr Vorg what you said is true ?"As White Mask opened his mouth to respond, as usual, but his tone changed as realizing rich guy wanting to become his sponsor. It felt like a pie falling from the sky as he tried to hide his excitement but it failed to go unnoticed under Vorg's observation.

"Yes, it is true, so I want Mr White Mask to receive my form thanks. But first, we must talk about some important things. Shall we talk during dinner? I know a good restaurant."

"No problem Mr.Vorg, shall I help you ?" said White Mask as he walked behind the Vorg's wheelchair.


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