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"The game was called RESTART, and everything about it fascinated her …. "

Welcome dear reader. Oh boy, do I have something new and unusual that I hope will tempt you to read further.

The LitRPG Forum is playing a 'Continue The Story' game! Who are we? We are neophytes and veterans making magic and mayhem wielding the written word. We are fans of LitRPG and we are here to play a game wherein the process, we hope to entertain you with a good story. Now about the adventure you have stumbled upon ....

Participants from the LitRPG Forum are each to write a single chapter in a continuous narrative that follows the LitRPG genre roadmap. We don't know where our imaginations will take us, but we one and all want to contribute and play this storytelling game to the best of our ability. Each entry will be concluded with an introduction to the author who wrote the chapter, some of whom have been published, others who have yet to be published as well as offerings from the minds of hobbyists.

I entreat you to visit LitRPGForum.com and we hope you have fun along this ride with us.

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Crissy Moss

This was a fun piece to work on. (I did chapter 7.) Everyone who partisipated was really creative with what they wrote. As one of the authors I found it challenging to figure out a good way to use the previous story elements, and it was just a lot of fun. And I'm not even mad that I wrote a chapter that encouraged the next writer to nerf the character.