Dead Earth Online

by Jack Taber

Original HIATUS Adventure Sci-fi GameLit Male Lead Non-Human lead Post Apocalyptic Virtual Reality War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Peter gets an offer he can’t refuse - lose his high-level account to be part of the Beta for some amazing new content in Dead Earth Online. In return he has a chance to do something he thought was impossible; to get his real life back again.

There are only a few things he needs to do in-game to make it happen. He needs to survive and grow strong, build an army to terrorize the players and decimate their lands, and become God King of the Desolate Horde.

Or at least that’s what they told him. 

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Jack Taber

Jack Taber

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  • Overall Score

Potential is there

I like the premise and its going in an interesting direction. Biggest complaint though are the info dump side chapters.

I can respect leaving lore dumps for side chapters, but every other chapter is more than a little annoying. ESPECIALLY after a mid fight cliffhanger. That said I actually like them on their own, my complaint has more to do with pacing.

The characters are great and develop organically. The leveling system isn't as user friendly but the concept of numbers go up MC get stronger definitely made clear. Decent series, lot of potential and I can't wait to see where it goes.

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Cripple overcomes adversity

I would like to start this review by saying that this is a must read for people who want some good litrgpg action, enjoy kingdom building, and enjoy stories about overcoming adversity. I am probably overly harsh in my review of this story, but that is simply my honest opinion, and you should definitley read this. 100%.It professionally done, with regular updates. A reliable and skilled author has written this story.


Welcome to Dead Earth Online! After every country in the world decided that Tuesday was also apocalypse day, humanity has had to do their best to survive in the wasteland that was earth. Their adversaries are the ghoulish Horde, a swarm of zombie-like monsters, insane cannibal raiders, humans who have forsaken what it means to be human, and then there are the Biomorphs, weird abominations that roam around in heavily teched-out packs.

And those are the sentient creatures! Never mind the mutated demon hell beasts that roam around like unstoppable apex predators.


Meet Peter. Peter is a professional. He is one of the elite players of Dead Earth Online, but he works alone, cause guilds aren't his scene. After a mission teaching some newbs goes awry, Peter is offered the deal of a lifetime;

A chance to get in early on the new Dead Earth Online expansion, and get his crippled real life body fixed up, all for the price of giving up his old character, and starting out at level one again, with fuck all. Oh yeah, and possibly surrendering total control of his real life body to the developers of DEO.

Peter, of course, takes the deal, and when he respawns, he is greeted by a ghoul. Overcoming his fright, he realises that he too is a ghoul. and a pissweak one at that.

But nevertheless, he must struggle to survive.

Style Score

I gave this story a 3.5 rating because it has no real flair. That isn't to say that it's boring, or badly written. The author simply doesn't have the same something that other authors like the author of "There's No Epic Loot Here". The author writes a story, and it is a good story, but it doesn't invoke a feeling of personality. However, the author intersperses chapters with background information and foreshadowing and puts in well. The story is well written and professionally done.

Story Score

The story earns another 3.5 rating because it is very similar to other stories on this platform. The main character is stuck in a hard situation, and the people whom he should be able to rely on, are in fact, massive douchebags, and the people he has to rely on, are in fact, either incompetent or just weak. The story described in specifics is unique, the story idea in general description, however, is not so much.

Grammar Score

This doesn't need much explaining. He writes well and edits well. 5/5 stars. Read if you just enjoy not washing your eyeballs every few chapters or so.

Character Score

I believe that Peter is an okay protagonist. He is adaptive and slightly humorous. He is clever and determined. And that doesn't seem to fit well with his setting. So far, all we know is that Peter is drastically crippled. Likely a victim of a near-death experience, so near to death, that he was holding on by spider thread. As a result, he has spent 99% of his time in the game, ignoring his crippled and barely functioning real-life body. It is my personal feeling that Peter is simply too well adjusted. Someone in his situation should be far more mentally unstable; not to the point of "oh god a psychopath protag" but simply to the point of "fuck off you cunts" whenever raiding parties come by. The other characters in the story are but simple ghouls, and as such, they do not desire much at all beyond living to see tomorrow and preventing raiders from doing so.


Overall, I love this story. Despite the seemingly harsh critique and comparatively low scores, I really enjoy this story. The author is definitely doing their best to write a professional story, worthy of real publication.

Despite the overall tone of the game that Peter plays, the truth is, the stakes aren't amazingly high. The story does not feel like a ball of adrenaline and stress, but instead a messed up sitcom where we watch Peter struggle against hordes of digital enemies. It is a good story, and you must read it.

  • Overall Score

This story is a masterwork in the making. It takes two genres, zombie apocalypse and gaming, and mixes them together in a truly enjoyable way. The story is pretty new so there are few chapters and the whole every other chapter being pretty short thing that the author has going on is a downside, but i truly expect great things from this author!

Ego Mage
  • Overall Score

Simply fantastic. Nice story and editing as well. Seems to be a mini-interlude every other chapter with *Official* game announcements and game backstory / lore. Some are interesting some are not. However the main story is certainly worth reading.

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

Enjoyable read the only thing that detracted from the story was the font changes please keep it consistent 

  • Overall Score

Fallout but the MC is a "feral" ghouls

Review in ghoulese:




Translation: SPOILERS interesting. Kingdom building in a VRMMO, with a touch of digital corporate slavery and coercion, sneaking around, and overall great fun. I expect lots of derp ghouls moments.

For Tha Horde? 

Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

Not terrible but too slow

Lots of dumb filler chapters. Very slow plot. Author tries to explain everything, but misses out on the protagonist back story.

  • Overall Score

Amazing read! Amazing potential

Amazing read. Would actually buy it for $10 on Amazon. The real life him is always suspicious of everything but that’s natural for big corporations that have your life in their hand. Going to check for chapters every day!