Dead Earth Online

by Jack Taber

Original ONGOING Adventure Sci-fi GameLit Male Lead Non-Human lead Post Apocalyptic Virtual Reality War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Peter gets an offer he can’t refuse - lose his high-level account to be part of the Beta for some amazing new content in Dead Earth Online. In return he has a chance to do something he thought was impossible; to get his real life back again.

There are only a few things he needs to do in-game to make it happen. He needs to survive and grow strong, build an army to terrorize the players and decimate their lands, and become God King of the Desolate Horde.

Or at least that’s what they told him. 

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Jack Taber

Jack Taber

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Ego Mage
  • Overall Score

Simply fantastic. Nice story and editing as well. Seems to be a mini-interlude every other chapter with *Official* game announcements and game backstory / lore. Some are interesting some are not. However the main story is certainly worth reading.

  • Overall Score

This story is a masterwork in the making. It takes two genres, zombie apocalypse and gaming, and mixes them together in a truly enjoyable way. The story is pretty new so there are few chapters and the whole every other chapter being pretty short thing that the author has going on is a downside, but i truly expect great things from this author!

  • Overall Score

Potential is there

I like the premise and its going in an interesting direction. Biggest complaint though are the info dump side chapters.

I can respect leaving lore dumps for side chapters, but every other chapter is more than a little annoying. ESPECIALLY after a mid fight cliffhanger. That said I actually like them on their own, my complaint has more to do with pacing.

The characters are great and develop organically. The leveling system isn't as user friendly but the concept of numbers go up MC get stronger definitely made clear. Decent series, lot of potential and I can't wait to see where it goes.

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

Enjoyable read the only thing that detracted from the story was the font changes please keep it consistent