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Warning This fiction contains:
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Evolution based StarCraft story with game-like elements.

Everyone gets a good cheat-like system with well design UI and player-friendly system. I get this broken piece of shit Alpha version. Not to mention, that starting at the very bottom is not that fun. Oh well, let's hope things get better later.

Warning - If you read this now, you will be essentially beta tester.

The story will include biology, chemistry, but will not focus on it too hard. I aim to please both groups but inevitably will probably alienate both the people who dislike the subject and the ones who like it.

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  • Overall Score

Love the humor interested to see where this story goes. Keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score

This is a placeholder review as of now, but it's okay.It's a comedy it seems, and the idea is interesting.I think the author forgot some things from biology class, but otherwise it's good so far.

Did you know?Once plant cells first evolved, they took over the entire ocean, and had the potential to convert most of the atmosphere to oxygen?They eventually had competitors, thus removing this risk.I'm not certain if this was a theory, or a proven fact, but a neat thing nontheless.

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I was never bothered by a slow start in any story, as long as there was enough detail in the worl building to compensate. The source material is of course more than rich enough, and I can't wait to see the Rise of the Zerg in a long term story. I really hope you don't drop this

  • Overall Score

Read up all the way to 28 and still enjoying it so far.

There is no early massive fight scenes or random fast progression which is good in my opinion.

I really enjoy how its going on so far.

Keep up the great work :)

  • Overall Score

I like the way the story is going but i would like if you put more tags i mean it will probably develop a harem in the future but i think sooner the better and if you put some sex scene then make them if you can detailed

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

As of ch. 19

Interesting read I want to see where it goes I'm going to wait for awhile to return 

Personally I am not sure how I feel about the "comedy" part of the story 

  • Overall Score

Lighthearted story where the protagonist evolves from a cell with the help of a game system. Decent writing and so on, though the pacing is slow.

The biggest issue I have so far is the lack of any real conflict. Problems pop up, then disappear like magic. Also, the style is a carbon copy of the writing in Chrysalis. I had to check to make sure it wasn't the same author before writing this review.

  • Overall Score

im not fully sure if i love this or not, its good i swear! but... something about it just isnt getting me hooked. ill make a better review at a later date.