Qiao Na Feng rose from the bed and looked around frantically. The room he was in was fairly large. It had smooth, white walls that were covered in posters of people Qiao Na Feng didn't recognize. The floor was littered with clothes and loose papers that suggested that the inhabitant of the room was a disorganized person. There was a fan on the ceiling that was slowly revolving. Big, glass double doors opened into the balcony that was streaming light into the room.

Qiao Na Feng stabilized his breathing and thought back to all the events that had happened.

His name was Qiao Na Feng and he was a famous designer that people would beg too to make clothes for them. That was because whatever clothes he made instantly became a trend. They were also well received globally and his brand was recognized as THE brand of the world. This garenteed anyone who wore his clothes to become well known around the world. 

And combined with his reputation as a designer, he also had a hand in makeup and cosmetics, which received no less recognition compared to his fashion career.

But with all this glory comes misfortune. He was born with a rare disease that degraded his heart as the years wore on. His family tried to do all they could to help but it was to no avail. He finally died in the hospital at the age of 32. But Qiai Na Feng was satisfied that he got to achieve his life's dream dispite his short lifespan so he died without any regrets.

Qiao Na Feng looked at his slightly chubby hands and didn't see the thin, bony fingers he had gotten from the lack of eating. Having a bad premonition, he got up from the bed and searched around for a mirror in the unfamiliar room.

He found a door that led to an on suite bathroom and opened it. He walked to the huge mirror  that was above the sink and couldn't keep maintaining his stoic face at the sight he saw. 

He saw a chubby, white face that looked like it would get pink from any physical activity. Sparkling black eyes shown from long bangs that covered half his face. Shaggy, black hair covered his head and small, pink lips were slightly ajar from his shock. 

"I died and am now in the body of a little boy," Qiao Na Feng deduced. It sounded crazy when he said it but there was no other explanation for what he was now experiencing. Before he could gather up his thoughts, a sharp pain passed through his temple. When he pressed his fingers to it in an attempt to alleviate the pain, it only intensified.

He crouched down and closed his eyes to wait out the pain. A moment later, it all went away but Qiao Na Feng was shocked because of the new informationin his head.

It seems that the little boy he was currently occupying was also called Qiao Na Feng. Because of his high intelligence, he got to skip a grade so even though 16, he will be going on to university this year. He was from the really influential Qiao family that was a business giant in the entertainment industry. His father, Qiao Fu, was the CEO of Qiao N Co. which is an internationally renowned modeling agency. His mother, Na Hui on the other hand is the only daughter of the Na family and they have many hands in the government. 

The main branch of the Qiao family had two sons with Qiao Na Feng being the youngest of the two.

His older brother was called Qiao Na Chao. He was always the best in class and combined with his handsome looks, it made Qiao Na Feng develop and inferiority complex. This only got worse when he was constantly compared to his older brother so he later stopped interacting with his family and stayed cooped up in his bedroom. He never talked to people in his classes and always dresses poorly to avoid being noticed. Nobody bothered to talk to him and just labeled Qiao No Feng as a loner. Eventually, this developed into depression and he took his own life when he overdosed on sleeping pills.

Qiao Na Feng finished processing all the new memories in his head. To be honest, Qiao Na Feng didn't feel much pity towards the original owner of this body because of his almost negligible lack of empathy which could explain why his previous relationships never lasted long.

Qiao Na Feng stretched his stiff limbs and decided that he needed to clean the room and himself before thinking of doing anything else. He exited the bathroom and started picking up all the clothes and papers that were strewn on the floor and threw them onto the king sized bed. After that, he walked up to the poster covered walls and ripped them all down, not caring to know who were on the posters. He then went back to the bathroom and quickly stripped off his clothes to take a shower.

A few minutes later, he came out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his torso and another towel he was using to dry his hair.

Qiao Na Feng searched in the drawer and found a pair of scissors. He went to the bathroom mirror and slowly cut his bangs so it would not obstruct his eyes. He then trimmed his whole head so it would be a little shorter. He decided that he would go out and buy a hair clipper later. 

Qiao Na Fen was not yet satisfied with his look but he decided that it would do for now. He went to the walk-in closet and tsked at the original owner of the bodies fashion sense but with how he was living before, he could understand. Rummaging through the close, Qiao Na Feng picked out a white shirt and light-blue, denim jeans with a pair of gray running shoes. 

He looked himself over in the mirror to make sure nothing was out of place. Pinched his arm, he sighed to himself.

"I need to go to a gym," he muttered to himself.

Finally done prepping, he walked out of the room but didn't get far before he bumped into someone.


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