The Records of Eternity: Inheritance of the Sage

by Astrid

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Ceceania von Rees, the once sickly girl now couldn't be healthier after having studied under the Great Sage Lan Yueliang. Now she begins her school life in the Capital of Coruve, the Royal Coruve Magic Academy. Unfortunately for Ceceania, she spent a little too much time obtaining her master's inheritance and not enough time learning proper conduct for a noble, her troubles don't end here though. The Kingdom of Coruve holds heavy importance on magic spending large portions of its budget training mages and Ceceania's master, Lan Yueliang, is not a mage but rather an expert cultivator from the east.

Join the two(one?) in their school life and other adventures they embark on.


This is the third instalment of the Records of Eternity series following The Traveller of Worlds (the first has yet to see public eye).

This will not get as frequent updates as Traveller as that is my main focus. This is however subject to change if this is popular enough, in which case I will switch focus from Traveller to Sage.

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