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* A character-focused Progression Fantasy *

Seventeen-year-old Nahlia Cole is a member of a hunted race, forced to come out of hiding to infiltrate a secret northern academy.

Nahlia's race has a mysterious ability known as Ethermancy—the skill to enter others' dreams and wield the power of their ancestors. This is the reason her race is hunted, and Nahlia struggles to unravel its secrets. Scouring the ancient library for lost books, and proving herself to the old masters for training.

Now, the human armies are marching north. War is inevitable, hostages are taken, and traitors exist on both sides. As the intentions of her enemy become clearer, Nahlia is forced to choose between her family and the future of her entire race.


Book 1 (The Lost Redeemer) is complete.

Book 2 (The Justicar's Heir) updates weekly!

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David Musk

David Musk

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1 - Chapter 1: No Place for Aeons ago
Book 1 - Chapter 2: The Templars ago
Book 1 - Chapter 3: The Ethereal ago
Book 1 - Chapter 4: Burning Inside ago
Book 1 - Chapter 5: Flesh and Blood ago
Book 1 - Chapter 6: Golden-Eyed ago
Book 1 - Chapter 7: The Nature of Dreams ago
Book 1 - Chapter 8: City of Steel ago
Book 1 - Chapter 9: The Prince of Dragonshard ago
Book 1 - Chapter 10: Dwindling Flames ago
Book 1 - Chapter 11: Guest Clothes ago
Book 1 - Chapter 12: One of Them ago
Book 1 - Chapter 13: The Brink of War ago
Book 1 - Chapter 14: Blindfolded ago
Book 1 - Chapter 15: The White Council ago
Book 1 - Chapter 16: The Warrior's Calling ago
Book 1 - Chapter 17: Fire From the Sky ago
Book 1 - Chapter 18: Wolfe Clan ago
Book 1 - Chapter 19: No Sweeter Sound ago
Book 1 - Chapter 20: A City Never Conquered ago
Book 1 - Chapter 21: Half-Blood ago
Book 1 - Chapter 22: A Light in the Darkness ago
Book 1 - Chapter 23: Sunform ago
Book 1 - Chapter 24: Raiden's Blade ago
Book 1 - Chapter 25: A Forest in the Night ago
Book 1 - Chapter 26: Master of Dreams ago
Book 1 - Chapter 27: To Kill an Army ago
Book 1 - Chapter 28: Priceless ago
Book 1 - Chapter 29: Shards of Ethereum ago
Book 1 - Chapter 30: A Forbidden Oasis ago
Book 1 - Chapter 31: The Testament of Virtue ago
Book 1 - Chapter 32: Betrayal ago
Book 1 - Chapter 33: Opportunity ago
Book 1 - Chapter 34: The Faintest Scar ago
Book 1 - Chapter 35: In a Heartbeat ago
Book 1 - Chapter 36: A Different World ago
Book 1 - Chapter 37: Merciless ago
Book 1 - Chapter 38: One Mistake ago
Book 1 - Chapter 39: Just a Boy ago
Book 1 - Chapter 40: True Clarity ago
Book 1 - Chapter 41: Playing with Fire ago
Book 1 - Chapter 42: Fear, Loss, or Pain ago
Book 1 - Chapter 43: A Story Untold ago
Book 1 - Chapter 44: The Heirloom ago
Book 1 - Chapter 45: Without War ago
Book 1 - Chapter 46: Black by Flame ago
Book 1 - Chapter 47: Treason ago
Book 1 - Chapter 48: Expendable ago
Book 1 - Chapter 49: By the Laws of Aegon ago
Book 1 - Chapter 50: Risen from Legend ago
Book 1 - Chapter 51: The Power to Destroy ago
Book 1 - Chapter 52: Justice ago
Book 1 - Chapter 53: Tonight ago
Book 1 - Chapter 54: For Whitecliff ago
Book 1 - Chapter 55: A New Reason to Live ago
Book 1 - Chapter 56: Into the Caves ago
Book 1 - Chapter 57: Sabotage ago
Book 1 - Chapter 58: The Front Lines ago
Book 1 - Chapter 59: Buried Alive ago
Book 1 - Chapter 60: Ascendancy ago
Book 1 - Chapter 61: The Codex ago
Book 1 - Chapter 62: Chain of Deceit ago
Book 1 - Chapter 63: Knight Commander ago
Book 1 - Chapter 64: Strength and Fortitude ago
Book 1 - Chapter 65: To Preserve and Protect ago
Book 1 - Chapter 66: A Unified Realm ago
Book 1 - Chapter 67: A Chance for Redemption ago
Book 1 - Appendix: Characters ago
Book 2 - Chapter 1: A New Emperor ago
Book 2 - Chapter 2: The Moonstone ago
Book 2 - Chapter 3: The Words of Raiden ago
Book 2 - Chapter 4: Kings and Pawns ago
Book 2 - Chapter 5: A New Reason to Fight ago
Book 2 - Chapter 6: Assassins ago
Book 2 - Chapter 7: Torn Between Worlds ago
Book 2 - Chapter 8: To Starglade ago
Book 2 - Chapter 9: Shattered Chains ago
Book 2 - Chapter 10: Moonform ago
Book 2 - Chapter 11: Strength of Will ago
Book 2 - Chapter 12: The Gates of Eternity ago
Book 2 - Chapter 13: A Way Inside ago
Book 2 - Chapter 14: Alone ago
Book 2 - Chapter 15: Sanctuary ago
Book 2 - Chapter 16: The Codex ago
Book 2 - Chapter 17: Nightbridge ago
Book 2 - Chapter 18: Brass Bloods ago
Book 2 - Chapter 19: The Age of Archaeons ago
Book 2 - Chapter 20: A Taste of Pain ago
Book 2 - Chapter 21: The Onyx Company ago
Book 2 - Chapter 22: No Middle Ground ago
Book 2 - Chapter 23: Around One Hearth ago
Book 2 - Chapter 24: Empathy ago
Book 2 - Chapter 25: Bondforging ago
Book 2 - Chapter 26: Pride ago
Book 2 - Chapter 27: Serenity ago
Book 2 - Chapter 28: Kings of Ashes ago
Book 2 - Chapter 29: Reunions ago
Book 2 - Chapter 30: Balance ago
Book 2 - Chapter 31: Beyond This World ago
Book 2 - Chapter 32: The Black Steppes ago
Book 2 - Chapter 33: Life and Death ago
Book 2 - Chapter 34: Aftermath ago
Book 2 - Chapter 35: Traitor ago
Book 2 - Chapter 36: Villa Solizhan ago
Book 2 - Chapter 37: Connections ago
Book 2 - Chapter 38: Last Chance ago
Book 2 - Chapter 39: Charging Into Fire ago
Book 2 - Chapter 40: The Right Words ago
Book 2 - Chapter 41: War Room ago
Book 2 - Chapter 42: Hope ago
Bonus: Ethermancy Glossary ago
Book 2 - Chapter 43: Sincerely Yours ago
Book 2 - Chapter 44: Steelbreaker ago
Book 2 - Chapter 45: Dragonshard ago
Book 2 - Chapter 46: Before the Storm ago
Book 2 - Chapter 47: A True Leader ago
Book 2 - Chapter 48: The Sile’zhar Creed ago
Book 2 - Chapter 49: Between Realms ago

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Overall: The story is good, massive bonus points for it being finished.

The setting makes sense, and the characters got to have more depth and character development in 60 chapters than some do in the entire story for other fictions on this site. The plot is well rounded and you can empathise with most characters' motivations.
The only problem with the story I have is that the "even greater evil" was kind of tacked on in my opinion for the sole intention of creating a sequal. Not to say it was bad, but introducing a new antagonist 6 chapters before the book is over doesn't feel right to me...

Grammar/Spelling is by far the worst part of this story, nothing that makes it impossible to understand what is going on, but just annoying to make it difficult to parse what is being written. The worst offenders are random " marks that make you search for when the character started/stopped speaking and mistaking 'sparing' with 'sparring' in a couple of places.

Overall, enjoyable read and well worth your time!

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Warning for minor spoilers in the review!

For a fantasy story to engage a non-fantasy reader, Aeonica is certainly doing something right.

The first book quickly hooks you with an excellent description of its setting and characters, and the writing style is very pleasant to read. Sentence structure and word choices are great, and although similes and metaphors are used as descriptors quite prevalently, they're still done at an appropriate level and only serve to enhance the reading experience. While the pace of the first handful of chapters leaves little time for us to get close to Nahlia and her world due to the plot, I think it's done on the fly quite well. Plus, I'm only an eighth done the first book; with how it's been handled so far, I'm confident we'll have lots of time to become perfectly accustomed to the setting and characters.

Also, many of the action-packed or suspenseful chapters leave you with tense cliffhangers, urging you to turn the page so you can find out what happens next. I had a hard time putting the story down because of that; not only does the story hook you well, it keeps you interested for the long haul.

However, one thing that stood out to me was Nahlia's lack of reaction to a couple of the more traumatic events that happened early on in the story. It is mentioned in the story how she's been on the run for a long time, which tells the reader that Nahlia has probably steeled herself quite a lot by this point, but I was still a bit surprised to see a lack of emotional response to such events.

I also did see a fairly noticeable number of typos and minor errors throughout the first half dozen chapters, but the author quickly fixed them when pointed out (props!). For now, consider the grammar score tentative until I've read more.

I'm still very impressed with what Aeonica has to offer. I imagine the story is only going to get more spicy from here!

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RoyalRoad#101 (^.^) - Above-Average Fantasy Book.

Personal Enjoyment Score - 6/10

~Or in other words, my own biased opinion as a xuanhuan writer and fantasy fan~ Do take this part of my reviews with a grain of salt since it’s completely subjective. If in the long run you find yourself to have a similar taste to mine, it will be a good guide for you. If not, simply omit it.~

While this novel is indeed good, it doesn’t really capture the ‘action’ part of its genre well enough for my liking. Sure a lot is happening almost all the time, but I never truly bonded with any of MC’s relationships - either by design or by MC’s own choices to push those relationships away. Throughout the whole story, there were certain interactions which I enjoyed, but they were short-lived.

Also, while I realize it’s fully intentional by the author, the hypocrisy on part of some characters and the annoying world-power setup which borders on the theme of ancient tragic comedy simply annoys me. Doomed if you do doomed if you don’t, the ‘fate’ has already chosen for you.

Finally, I couldn’t care less about any of the characters’ lives and deaths because of two reasons.

For once, we never bonded with those characters. Had this story taken 1000 pages to describe those same events more thoroughly, it would have achieved much better effect. Alas, something written as a book - or so I assume - can’t have all the advantages that online novels boast.

As for the second reason, some of the events felt forced just for the sake of following a theme which was set from the beginning. Hey look you did X which the ‘fate’ deems as a baddy-baddy act, so fate punishes you for it - this one would be the one which annoyed me the most. Won’t go into details, but for those who had read the story it should be obvious which event I’m referring to.

Story Description

It’s enough to pique my interest, so that’s good. On the plus side it also gives hints as to what kind of a fantasy setting your story is using. However, it could be a little more clear about the ‘hunted race’. Does both MC and the Prince-ally belong to the same race or two separate races? I’m sure it will become clear very quickly in the story itself, but I’d suggest you to tweak the description a little. Moreover, compared to the level of language the story itself displays, the description seems sad and forgotten. I would have never expected what I ended up finding in the chapters just by reading the description, be it at the overall introduction-feel or the description’s language level.

Overall Impression & Story

I enjoyed the beginning of the first chapter greatly. I was also positively impressed with the variety of words used for all the descriptions. MC’s first impression was very likable and interesting. However, the events MC was thrust into felt rushed. It might be because I’m used to stories spanning thousands of pages at the very least, but I would have liked to see some more long-term character interactions instead of jumping from one place to the other every dozen chapters. That being said, what casual scenes this novel/book had time for were very enjoyable to read through.

The next thing I paid attention to while reading was the appeal MC’s personality had to me. I sometimes really liked her choices and was very much looking forward to seeing how she would improve in this direction, only to be disappointed when she would change her mind. I was also waiting for some plot-twist to happen, but since I spotted no hints while reading, I wasn’t in high-hopes and everything ended pretty much as one can expect after reading the story description. Really, do change this story description! It takes away much from the book’s enjoyment.

Now for the concept of powers and factions in the created world. The factions are plentiful and the scheming and secrets between the major players presented throughout the novel keep you invested. Yet, the ‘concept of fate’ present in the story makes what could have been great and surprising… well, once again predictable. Character development is my favorite thing in the world, but I’d rather it be influenced by character’s own actions and those action’s consequences rather than the inevitable force of biased fate under which the world seems to operate merely in order to make a point. I wouldn’t have complained if the consequences were more logical and set-up in a more thorough way, but with one main glaring event I have in mind, it just feels forced.

In the same way, the main concept of Ethermancy is both interesting and infuriating at the same time. Without spoiling anything - sure, it’s an easy plot-tool to use later on, but it plays into the predictability which I mentioned before. I could randomly pick up a fantast book from my local store and I’d find something at a comparable level. Is it good for a lazy afternoon read when you’ve got nothing better to do? Yes. Is it a story I’ll remember in two weeks? Unlikely.

In other words, there are two ways to make a great story. Go with the tropes and pull them off perfectly - or innovate and self-create a main point of appeal to your story. In case of The Lost Redeemer, there was neither of those. As I said, is it an above-average fantasy book? I’d say that yes, it is. However, does it have something that pulls me straight into the story and makes me want to keep turning pages over and over just to see what happens? Not really.


The cast is well-made. The character are unique and don’t play into one-dimensional plot-tools too much. Had they been less constricted by the invisible bounds put onto them by the world’s setting, this cast had potential to uplift this story into greatness. Alas, good cast can only do so much if writing doesn’t allow them to shine (hello GOT S8).

Grammar & Style

Very enjoyable read in terms of spacing, word usage, richness of the language and of course, grammar. There were a few mistakes here and there, but nothing noticeable.

The only issue was… this. Can you see the problem if you keep using this to empathize which word the reader should pay attention to? Let us imagine those scenes on our own, including tones of characters. Using this once per 10 chapters is fine and all, but not in the number it’s present in this novel. It drove me so mad that I was about to drop reading at a few points just because of it.