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This list includes basic information for each of the book's primary and secondary characters.

The age/status of these characters applies to the beginning of Book 1.

Clan Trelian

Descendants of the Archaeon, Treluwyn. The Trelian sigil is a crescent moon, silver on a sapphire field. Their former seat is the city of Tregarde in central Revera, but no descendant of Treluwyn has lived there in over two-hundred years.

  • Nahlia Cole: The daughter of Aaron Cole and Lyraina Trelian. Nahlia is seventeen years old with a short and slender build, auburn hair, and dark green eyes. She lives with her father in the town of Northshire.
  • Lyraina Trelian: Nahlia's mother. Lyraina Trelian was killed ten years ago when their home was raided by the Templars. She had fair skin, red hair, and bright blue eyes.
  • Aaron Cole: A human, formerly married to Lyraina Trelian. Aaron Cole is forty-two years old with a muscular build, light brown hair, and dark green eyes. He was once an officer in the Human Rebellion during the times of The Purge. Now he lives in hiding with his daughter, Nahlia, working as the owner and innkeeper of the Moonstone Inn.
  • Atreius Trelian: The first Headmaster of Whitecliff Enclave
  • Lyra Trelian: Atreius Trelian’s daughter. She was murdered in the Ethereal by a member of Clan Palatine who was searching for the location of Whitecliff Enclave.


Clan Solidor

Descendants of the Archaeon Kalazhan, and the dominating Aeon clan of southern Revera. The Solidor sigil is a black dragon on a white field.  

  • Thane Solidor: Prince and heir to the kingdom of Dragonshard, Thane is the son of Thanadin and Avana Solidor. He's twenty-four years old. Tall and lean, with black hair and a dark complexion. 
  • Ashara Solidor: Ashara is Thane's younger sister and the Princess of Dragonshard. She's twenty-one years old with a slender build, sea-blue eyes, and dark hair. Her ancestor is the Archaeon Kalazhan.
  • Thanadin Solidor: Thane’s father, the current king of Dragonshard.
  • Avana Solidor: Thane’s mother, former queen of Dragonshard. Deceased.


Clan Raider

Descendants of the Archaeon, Raiden. Their former seat is the city of Raidenwood in central Revera, but they were forced to flee during the Purge and now reside in the free city of Dresten. Clan Raider’s sigil is a crimson sword on a golden field. 

  • Ciena Raider: A student in the Academy of Whitecliff Enclave and a member of Wolfe Clan. Ciena is the daughter of Cassella and Lindilus Raider. She's twenty years old with a muscular build. Her hair is dyed half blonde and half crimson, usually pulled back into two contrasting braids.
  • Elias Raider: Ciena's twin brother, Elias is a student at the Academy and the commander of Wolfe Clan. He's tall and muscular, with light brown hair and golden eyes.
  • Casella Raider: Mother to Elias and Ciena Raider. Casella is a Seeker for Whitecliff Enclave, responsible for finding lost Aeons and keeping them safe from the Templars who hunt them. She's thirty-nine years old with blonde hair and golden eyes.
  • Lindilus Raider: Father to Elias and Ciena Raider. Lindilus was once the Lord of Raidenwood, until he and his family were driven out by the humans during the Purge. Lindulus now works as a Magister of Dresten. He has bright blond hair and green eyes speckled with gold.
  • Cladius Raider: Half-human, current leader of Raidenwood. Elias and Ciena’s uncle.


Whitecliff: Masters

  • Elveron: Leader of Whitecliff Enclave, head of the chapel, and headmaster of the Academy. Elveron is tall, clean shaven, with short gray hair. His ancestor is the Archaeon Kalazhan.
  • Marwyn: The Master Physician of Whitecliff Enclave. Marwyn is short and slender, with spectacles and thinning gray hair. His ancestor is the Archaeon Treluwyn.
  • Zidane: The Master Chronicler of Whitecliff Enclave. Zidane is of Valaysian descent. Tall, with black hair and a neatly groomed black beard. His ancestor is the Archaeon Kalazhan.
  • Vaulden: Master Academia of Whitecliff Enclave. She has long gray hair and violet eyes. Her ancestor ancestor is the Archaeon Vaulden.
  • Vash: The Battlemaster of Whitecliff Enclave. Vash is of Valaysian descent. He has a muscular build, with long, black hair typically tied in a knot behind his head. His ancestor is the Archaeon Vashet


Whitecliff: Students

  • Relyn Vash: A student of the academy and a member of Wolfe Clan. Relyn is eighteen years old with onyx hair and jade-green eyes. Her uncle is the Battlemaster of the Enclave. Her ancestor is the Archaeon Vashet.
  • Yimo: Half Aeon, half crelan, Yimo is a student of the academy and a member of Wolfe Clan. He's twenty-seven years old, but still considered immature due to his race's long lifespan. He has green-blond hair and light blue eyes. His Aeon lineage is uncertain, but he's suspected to be descended from the Archeon Treluwyn.
  • Kalak Demeron: Howler Clan captain.


The Templar Order

Once the strongest human faction under the old Aeon Imperium, they led the human rebellion against the Aeons and now serve to hunt down the Aeon survivors. 

  • Saul Mason: Knight Commander of the Templar Order. Saul Mason is fifty years old, with gray hair, a gray beard, and a muscular build. The upper part of his face was heavily burned as a child, and he wears a dark mask that matches his armor.
  • Francen Gallow: A lieutenant in the Templar Order. Gallow is forty-three years old, balding, with pale skin and a brown beard.
  • Edwin: An officer who guarded Kira during the Templar occupation in Dresten.
  • Nathaniel Mason: Saul Mason’s Father. The leader of the Templar Order prior to the Revolution. Killed by a masked assassin in his hometown. 



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