A Mailman as a Superhero

by RafMereC

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Contemporary Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead LitRPG Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Super Heroes Urban Fantasy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The world changed in less than an hour.

Across the world people, animals and plants changed, evolved. Some say for the better. Others say for the worse. Some are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

They will tell you "There's no such thing as a free lunch."

For Rene Wilder it's just another day delivering the mail in the world's coldest capital. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. The Mailman gets a powerup ago
2. How it all started... ago
3. The Origin of Power... ago
4. The Evolved Xerys System... ago
5. Explain Please... ago
6. The Original Xerys System... ago
7. Getting Off the Streets... ago
8. Drafted... ago
9. Time to Get to School... ago
10. Reporting For Duty... ago
11. The Front Lines... ago
12. The Party... ago
13. The Biggest Party of Them All... ago
14. Into the Storm... ago
15. The Bigger Picture... ago
16. Search and Destroy... ago
17. Tracking Down the First Fragment... ago
18. Confrontation... ago
19. The Second Fragment...Part 1... ago
20. The Second Fragment...Part 2... ago
21. The Second Fragment...Part 3... ago
22. The Second Fragment...Part 4... ago
23. The Second Fragment...Part 5... ago
24. The Second Fragment... Aftermath... ago
25. Reactions.... ago
26. Essential Service... ago
27. Essential Services... Recruitment... ago
28. First Recruit... ago
29. International Defense... ago
30. Meeting... ago
31. Meeting Aftermath... ago
32. A Night at Bertona Park... ago
33. The Hunt for the Third Fragment... ago
34. The Villains... ago
35. The Second User... ago
36. On the Move... ago
37. Meetings... ago
38. The Third Fragment...Dallas... ago
39. The Third Fragment... Dallas/Fort Worth... ago
40. The Fourth Fragment... ago
41. The other Fragments... ago
42. The Nuclear Meltdowns... ago
43. Marshaling the resources... ago
44. Decisions... ago
45. Assault... ago
46. Assault part 2... ago
47. Assault part 3... ago
48. Assault Aftermath... ago
49. The Chase... ago
50. The Chased... ago
51. The Chase continues... ago
52. Going to ground... ago
53. Intelligence is the Name of the Game... ago
54. Arc-2. The First Month. ago
55. Who is this Girl? ago
56. A Sneak Peek... ago
57. Like Taking a Lollipop From a Baby... ago
58. Just About Gift Wrapped... ago
59. It's Gonna Get Postal... ago

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  • Overall Score

Canadian, too much canadian

Honestly i wanted to give it 2 and a half stars as i felt quite pissed out at different moments, too many mary sues, too many cheese holes to count and too much good old canadian behavior which from my personal experience is hyperbolic.

The story does not flow that well but it is mostly free from grammar errors and it got enough material for a good binge read.

I see the author making a move which rarely goes well, that move is concentrating the power on a few characters who know eachother so he won't have to work a lot on character development.

Main character does not have a lot of personality, he is also moraly perfect.

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I like it, the characters are well done and story is interesting. It has a few problems tho, one is that there's way too many characters to keep track of, another is that the system seems a little bit nonsensical and it could be more well defined, as it is now it doesn't have any reference to base their power off. One last thing is that everything is too peaceful, there a not enough chaos for an apocolypse.

  • Overall Score

Written for Canadians.....but the minority few.

The dialog feels rushed and has no substance.  I’ve read Canadian authors before, but they knew how to write for a wide audience.