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Portals have opened throughout the world, their depths containing untold wonders. There are those who plumb the Deeps searching for treasure, Skills, or even Spells. These people are Delvers, the elite of Earth who come from the most common origins to the highest echlons of power. The world is witnessing the rise of those who are more than human, their actions, words, and deeds becoming legends that will be passed down through the Ages.

Unfortunately, Eve Smith missed out on all that fun since she was transported away from Earth right as the portals opened.

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A different type of story

Reviewed at: 3.2

I don't know how exactly I would descibe this story beyond saying it isn't bad. 

The story really is just a different take on a rather common genre, the twist is that the character has 'help'. This story is a rather relaxing and solid read, it might be a tad slow for some people but it's not a bad story.

I would say that as of chapter 3.2 it is too early to tell how this story is going to go. This being said I also have to say that this is a story with boundless oppertunity, up until a point. The reason I say up until a point is due to the fact that this is a book with a rather OP main character.

This is a story with potential and if the writing quality remains constant it will have no issues. 

Shayde Walker

I for one congratulates all the assholes for giving bad reviews after reading 80% of the storyline..if it's so bad why did you keep reading? I enjoyed it sure it's a trippy Mary sue powerwank slice of life enjoying her leisurely isaeki life...but isn't that why we enjoy it? The whole if this was me i would fight everything and anyone bs is completely bull, this is like the random street orphan in a in 40k declaring they are awesome and will fight toe to toe with a primarch.

The whole story is priming her to get to tier 7 cause otherwise she's going to get killed and or enslaved...

so complaining about no fighting is silly and you reviewers are idiots. Xel good job...sorry everyone is stupid keep up the good work!

BSPJ Turning

Very interesting

Reviewed at: 3.2

Even though at first I thought it was going to be another OP protagonist. It has turned into an intersting take on world building. Not immediately rushing to civilization has made it stay from the norm in a good way. I hope that this story continues to evolve so there are more moments to enjoy.


Plot plate armor, yet not all is as it seems...

Reviewed at: 10.2

I was rather put off by how insane her growth was (seemed) and all the plot luck and armor (I saw in the comments the author talked about plate plot armor and it killed me XD) but then he solved it 

with her brother being mega doom man and preparing her for this to happen as a precaution


(is that why you turn comments off on old chapters?) and NGL you did a really fucking good job, it really got me fired up to keep reading! just had to stick through the start.

(yes this is mostly copied from my 2.8 comment fight me)


Great story - great world build

Reviewed at: 3.0c

This story has an OP MC Isekai Lit RPG story line.  I love that stuff.

Female lead and no harem and no overt sexual stuff.

The story is very original and contains only a few of the isekai tropes.  Which is refereshing and makes for a great read. 

I recommend this story to anyone loving lit rpg 


I really enjoyed that

Reviewed at: 2.3

I really enjoyed this and it answered and mirrored some thoughts I have had on the genre. I hope you continue the story for a long while. I like her personality and life experience and the way the books seem like what an experienced reader might scream at a dumb character they have read.

Random Passerby

So now that you have properly followed the Title, lemme get into it.

Los is a book about a woman who gets transported to a different world with a system. Heard this a million times. Now, the hook is that she is transported with her whole house and her "paranoid" brother's step by step guide to being transported to another world.


 The style is pretty good and keeps the reader engaged while maintaining a "normal" system. 

The story starts off a bit slow but quickly catches up once the reader gets a handle of what is going on. While some stuff may seem a bit off with a weirdly helpful system and convenient guide it gets explained later so just stick with it. 
The story shows what would happen realistically after a multi world isekei story while still keeping the main story interesting. I won't reveal any spoilers but you can be certain that Eve- the main character (duh) has a reasonable reason for being reasonably strong. 

Grammar is okay and is on par with normal RR grammar. It's clean enough that you don't really notice any immersion shocks.


Characters are good and consistent while still having room to grow. Eve isn't overconfident or ignorant, neither is she a Mary Sue. Her brother is a whole 'nother thing that I'm not going to get into. (Read the story to find out) 

Side characters are also people who have emotions and feelings and aren't purely MC based. They have their own backstories and goals.


 Things to know: 

I know this matters to me when I pick up a story, Los isn't a purely survival/isolation story. Eve does interact with other communities outside of her domain and doesn't seem to have a problem with going out into the world once she gains enough power.

 Also, Eve's original world (Earth) is sometime in the future and hasn't devolved into a distopian world.

Third, (Thirdly) the community in the new world seems to be Mage and system based.

 Lastly, just read it. Give it a try and make your own observations.



While there are lots of negative reviews about this story, mainly for progression seeming to be too easy, I think that it's a great story for anyone looking for an OP MC. The power growth was quite satisfying to me and her progression is very unique for these types of stories. 

If anything, I'd liken this story to Azarinth Healer, but much shorter.


Is kinda of meh.

Reviewed at: 10.9

So everything thats veen said bad is true to a point the mc is dubious in what she thinks. That's fine and honestly I enjoy the story. My only real issue would be I think some things happen to quickly the pacing cam be a bit weird. Some plots take ages to get through some it's just done. Over all I do enjoy the story  Also more time or descriptions would help a bit. Fun time waster story though and enjoyable read.


Very good introduction

Reviewed at: 1.0

Lots of stories I've read have had a very weak, and/or cliche hook a tthe beginning. I'm glad to see this one is quite up to par, and above. I've only read a little bit, but I already know i'll like it and thats how it should be.



(Oh reviews have to be longer huh, well hm, I guess uh, review gotta be linger huh, hm maybe oh ok there is it long enough)