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Portals have opened throughout the world, their depths containing untold wonders. There are those who plumb the Deeps searching for treasure, Skills, or even Spells. These people are Delvers, the elite of Earth who come from the most common origins to the highest echlons of power. The world is witnessing the rise of those who are more than human, their actions, words, and deeds becomming legends that will be passed down through the Ages.

Unfortunately, Eve Smith missed out on all that fun since she was transported away from Earth right as the portals opened.

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Enjoyable but a little too easy

Reviewed at: 3.1

All in all if you're looking for an OP Female Lead this might be a decent choice.

The protagonist comes across as smart, driven and pragmatic. Those are all definitely traits I enjoy.

The biggest downside to me is unfortunately a spoiler:

At one point its revealed all the protagonists success come because the system is massively cheating in her favor to protect itself from her brother. Her accomplishments came easy so they already felt kind of cheap, but the fact that they're all due to family favor makes them feel extremely cheap which really hampers my enjoyment.

Adding insult to injury is every line where the brother gives essentially perfect advice for every given situation allowing the MC to avoid any thinking. This robs her of agency and further cheapens her accomplishments. Its less "female MC is smart and powerful" and more "female MC is given every possible advantage including exact steps to divine power by her OP brother"

Despite that major frustration, the story still warranted four stars though I may dock it down to 3 if the MC doesn't start standing on her own.


First off, looks like the author had an older story they had discontinued, then deleted it all and started posting this story in the same space. As such, you'll see half the reviews are from years ago and talking about hiatus, when this story was first posted 4 days ago.

On to the plot! Eve seems like a fairly normal person who ends up transported (along with her whole house) to a world with a system. Luckily for her, in her weeb/prepper brother's room she finds the best possible thing...a survival guide for being transported to another world, complete with tips on how to exploit loopholes in the system and become OP. And OP she does indeed become. At least I think. She hasn't met any other humans yet for comparison, but she is quite literally exponentially more powerful than when she arrived. 

Usually I don't like crazy OP MC stories, but I find this one interesting.


I'd describe this story as an ever escalating power wank, which is a shame because I thought parts of it were well done. The powers and abilities the MC develops are actually pretty cool, but they don't feel earned. Everything is made as smooth and easy for the MC as posible. 

The system and how it works don't feel very fleshed out. For something that important the author simply can't change rules on the fly. 

The story is based around gaining power which, while a tried and true Royal Road classic, I find myself bored of. 


Weird but Enjoyable

Reviewed at: 2.0a

This is a basic system leveling story. Logic is tossed out the window pretty early on in favor of massive cheats (there's absolutely going to be issues later with power creep). Also, the MC is a ridiculous crazy psychopath who doesn't realize she's a ridiculous crazy psychopath and it's like watching a (hilarious) trainwreck.

Unfortunately, the MC doesn't seem to exhibit much independant thought or drive and she mostly relies on the people around her to tell her a) things to do and b) how to do them. It's fun to read right now, but I seriously question the sustainability of this character. As a result of this issue, there's a pretty distinct lack of stakes. How can you create tension when the MC has no real goal beyond survival and the only consequence is death (which we know wouldn't really happen)?

Overall, a fun power-leveling story that dips into "so bad it's good" territory in the best of ways with limited long-term viability.


For Transport to Another World

Reviewed at: 2.6

I'll be completely real with you, this just showed up in my follow list and I have no idea how it got there. Not that I'm complaining, though, since so far this is a pleasant read. As far as I can tell, this is being reuploaded??? Not sure tho. Keep in mind I will update this review as more chapters are posted:

Update 1: I've been convinced to update my review a little thanks to a shoutout from the author~ No changes to the scores, but we finally got more info on our good friend the Divine Butcher! Yeah, MC's brother is basically a god, and this explains where the info on the guide for Transport to Another World came from! Granted, when I first wrote this there wasn't anything to indicate he wasn't just an otaku, but with how specific things got it was confusing until the system hinted that there was more to the story, which, by the way, was done excellently!


Style: Nothing much to say about the style. We've gotten descriptions of stuff, occasional callbacks, but nothing major, or anything that really stands out. So far, this is the weakest part of this story in my opinion, although perhaps that will change when there is more to describe.


Story: We aren't given much in the way of story, but what is given is done in a rather interesting and reasonable manner. The author occasionally drops snippets of info here and there, via organic thought processes from MC. I'm sufficiently interested, and wish to learn more!


Grammar: Haven't seen any issues, although that could just be me automatically correcting things in my head.


Character: Best part of this story so far by a long shot. MC is a reasonable person, who cannot do unreasonable things. She reads her brother's (who is also a great character so far) advice about transportation to another world, and uses her rational brain to think rational thoughts about it, finding most of it to be completely correct. Speaking of MC's brother, if I'm being honest, he's the real star of the show here. Holy cow do I like this guy's character. There's barely any information about him, but what is known paints a fun picture, where there's perhaps the chance that the MC is the sibling of an isekai nerd? A fun twist on the genre, and the tidbits of info he writes in the Guide for Transport to Another World is clever and rather funny, considering how true it is.


Overall, while the story isn't perfect, it's damn good, and definitely recommended!

BSPJ Turning

Very interesting

Reviewed at: 3.2

Even though at first I thought it was going to be another OP protagonist. It has turned into an intersting take on world building. Not immediately rushing to civilization has made it stay from the norm in a good way. I hope that this story continues to evolve so there are more moments to enjoy.


It has an interesting idea, great grammar and good writing but there is absolutely nothing pushing the plot forward or anything that captures the readers attention other than unbelievably OP powers given for no reason every few chapters.  Its pure power fantasy with a thin veneer of world building over the top to disguise it for a while. In terms of conflict and power levels, its already obviously going to be unbalanced and boring with little tension involved at all. There was alot of potential in exploring some of the mysteries involved in the story like how does her brother know this stuff? What is the system? Why has it arrived now? But she doesnt even seem to care at all until its literally spelt out later on.

It could have been really good, its got a lot of elements that i enjoy and the writings good but there is nothing at all interesting other than the fact she gets arbitrarily stronger when she's already strong enougn to be essentially invincible in her current situation. Maybe it changes later on but it doesn't seem to be heading in an interesting direction so im not sticking around to find out.


Dislike the plot.

Reviewed at: 2.0b

The synopsis was interesting and drew me in. Sadly, a lot of points in the plot was just disappointing once they were revealed. Made the story too easy and just meh in my opinion.

Slight Spoilers?

The books from her brother, way too specific, and she is like oh just gotta follow it easy. Made it too easy. 

Secondly her brothers identity is just wow overpowered. It just felt so boring. And with the system actually being scared of her brother just makes the story feel too silly.

Overall I would have prefered the brother just being a normal human and writing a more generic smaller book than the overpowered plot point he currently is. If that was the case I might have liked the story more.

But then the dog? inhabitants came and it kinda just felt more silly.

Dont review often so not too good at reviewing. 


I wanna know how the book manages to subvert the world, please start posting chapters again!


Just finished Bloom, when will this get off of Haitus. I want Tree back!