My head turned with a snap. A growl so sinister it filled my veins with dread. A foot peeked from the corners, my breath caught by its presence. My world stopped to process the thought of death. The death of my budding University life.

“No matter where you run, if you’re inside this grounds, I will always find you” She hissed at me with her sharp tongue. My Economics teacher stood before me, causing me to shiver uncontrollably in her wake.

“I know that I've done things like these before, but I'm telling you… it's not mine” I pleaded for my innocence.

“Oh, really? I have some friends in the forensics department. Shall we go and give them a short visit to prove that it’s not yours, then?” She took out three crumpled notes from her pocket and waved them in front of my face. The urge to reach out to take it away from her hands only a mere thought, as my hands would likely get dislocated if I did anything unnecessary. Also, dislocation is the least of my worries.

“I-I… ah…” My shoulders dropped to the floor because of her relentless attack. There is no avenue of escape. The hallway’s blocked by her figure. No windows or doors that connects to a room to barge into. I’m cornered and sweating buckets. The only path that leads forward is to give up, let my hands be cuffed, and then atone for my sin this summer.

I jumped down from the second floor of the building.

“Again!?” Yes, again. This is the second time of the day that I jumped down from a building in order to escape her. What else can I do? I knew full well before jumping that I’m only prolonging my punishment, and that she’d get to me sooner than I’d expect, but it’s ingrained into us humans to escape a dangerous foe in sight. And this woman in front of me, she’s a calamity in disguise of an educator.

I landed on ground level with a crack from my knees. The toll of doing it twice this day takes effect. I can be sure of how tomorrow morning’s going to be. Me in bed, of course. Because I can’t walk, or even stand up when my body gives way to the pain. It’ll be fine, though. As I’ll just laugh it off when I make it out of here.

“NOT THIS TIME YOU WON’T!” The hawk's be screeching. My head turns when I saw the large shadow forming below my feet. By God, this woman has a few screws loose if she does what I just did. Commendable, for sure, but stupidity must have its limits. And I’m full of it. No need for someone else.

My body moved on reflex. Arms open wide to catch her falling silhouette. Forget the knees, my back’s going to break in half after this. Honestly, I’m too young to have back problems this early in my life. Before you know it, I’ll be on a wheel chair when I turn twenty.

The impact of her landing caused us to stumble backwards for a few feet. The spectacle of a teacher and a student causing a commotion in broad daylight gathered the heads of curious students and professors. The penetrating eyes of my mentors and compatriots in the struggle for a degree couldn’t be anymore nerve-wracking. But forget about that. I need to run away first before the adrenaline wears off, or before she does something else.

“You aren’t going anywhere this time!” She hugged me from the front with her legs tightly locked behind me while I sat uncomfortably on the ground. The very image of an immoral activity in full display. Imagination will do its due course to interpret what’s shown. The hushed whispers reached my ears. A forbidden love between a notoriously stupid young man and a fierce woman with a short temper, they say. How further from the truth could they get?

For now, I can only laugh it off as my defeat. I'm both physically and mentally exhausted from this fiasco. Ah, look, the public morals committee chairman is walking furiously towards us as I speak. Another troublesome individual. I wonder what form of entertainment will he show the gossiping crowd?


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