Eons have passed, and wars and problems resolved. Everything left behind got thrown into the pit. Soft sobs could be heard deep inside a hole where men lay their horrid past. Deep enough that the light of the Sun could not penetrate its abysmal darkness.

It is currently being occupied by the illness and plague that once ravished the lands of old. Although, not everything there was of material and concrete, and as abstract as its existence may be, it still held a definite place in this world.

The whimpering grew louder in volume, until the cries of soft turned into screams of terror. The pit's walls seemed to tremor alongside the ghastly wail, making the gapping space radiate the very essence of damnation and loss.

Teeth upon bones manifested, and the darkness became the embodiment of a shell for the newly formed amalgamation. It lashed out with its tendril like limbs, and begun tearing the plagues and concepts that rest. It was growing in consciousness and will from the remainders. Building up a raging inferno from the cinders of it all.

Then came a laugh—a laugh so sinister that it could drive a sane person into madness with but a second of exposure to it.

[••••• ••• •]

It spoke, but the words that formed weren't intelligible, or that it wasn’t a known language to the inhabitants of Earth. It may even be creating a new one.

[•••• • ••• ••• •• •••••]

The mass of darkness wriggled and shivered, as it shrunk and compressed into a single body. A body that of an androgynous human where most of its origin came from.

It tumbled and fell at first, clearly not accustomed to its new form. But after a few hours of trial and error, it finally managed to stand up with a smile plastered across its face. It realized that what it felt was a sense of accomplishment. A feeling of delight. Joy.

However, that joy wasn’t at the freedom of march. No. It was from the euphoria of being one-step closer to its purpose. It’s goal. It’s raison d'être.

It wriggled its fingers and stretched its limbs, and a moment later, it began to climb. It climbed the walls with such haste that it would give a professional rock climber a run for his/her money.

[••••• •••• • • •]

It eerily laughed once more while doing so. It can feel it. The start of a new dawn. One where it can drag everything in the surface into the pit. It is time to make a new home.


Thus, humanity’s damnation crept its way up to the surface.

An inevitable challenge in the face of a dominant and budding species to move forward? Or maybe, the harbinger of death and decay to end it all. Time will tell, but for our protagonist on the other end of the world who’s still worrying whether he can pass his first quarter exam on economics.

“I-I need a cheat sheet. Just a tiny and inconspicuous one that I… I’m going to fail, aren’t I?”

He still has more pressing matters to attend to rather than a simple world ending threat.


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