Super Science & Fast Romance

by Doctor Zero

Original COMPLETED Comedy Psychological Romance Sci-fi Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Secret Identity Space Opera Strategy Super Heroes Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A super-intelligence is only limited by its ambition. If you could do anything, what would you do?

Megacles has a pretty good life. Also, she's horny, lonely, bored, anxious, and a bit of a drunk. She decides to fix all that with science. It works okay, until she accidentally builds a doomsday device. At least she’s not bored anymore.

This is a simple tale of love, hope, sex, rejection, revenge, secrets, extortion, theivery, dead billionaires, killer robots, space monkeys, mind control, superhot lasers, god-like power, and the destruction of the Earth.  And drugs. Almost forgot the drugs.

Check out the reviews - people like it, maybe you will too.  Or, just read Chapter 1.  It's a good example of the book.  If you like it, you're good to go.  


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Doctor Zero

Doctor Zero

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Useful Delusion ago
Functional Losers ago
The "Guy" ago
Virtual Date ago
Gun Drama ago
Police Trouble ago
More Police Trouble ago
Mr. President ago
Ambition ago
The Blackout ago
Leviathan ago
Agent Happy ago
Trillions of Guesses in a Past That Never Happens ago
Love and Rockets ago
Sparkles and Rainbows ago
Math Trouble and Dance Troupes ago
God Machine ago
Helping People… or, Killing Everybody ago
Planet Gazing ago
Deadman ago
A Short Life, But A Good One ago
Heavy Breathing ago
The Darkness ago
Into Darkness ago
Half Your Money ago
Decision Time ago
Red Team Dead Man ago
Leviathan ago
Lodestone ago
The Purge ago
This Monkey Was Lied To! ago
Airless Soundless Murder Terror ago
Space Dinosaurs in Love ago
Very Yummy Poison ago
The Optimal Job Experiment ago
The Victims of The Darkness ago
An Armageddon Class Caterer ago
To Hunt Man ago
Casus Belli ago
Monster ago
Danger's Laser ago
The March of the Dead ago
Optimal Uprising ago
Life Planning ago
The Destruction of The Mega Lab ago
The Laboratory of Doc-Danger ago
The Secret Laboratory of Doc-Danger ago
Interplanetary Brinksmanship ago
Wind ago
Beautiful Stranger ago
The Debate ago
Space Gods & Party Monsters ago
The Impossible Party ago
A Ride in The Rumor ago
The Khen Warper Party ago
Glowing Green Sludge ago
Escalation ago
Pillow Talk ago
Testament ago
Hangover ago
Breakfast ago
The End of The World ago
Second Breakfast ago
A Sliver of Forever ago
Revenge of the Party Monsters ago
The Impossible Party Redux ago
Anything’s Possible ago
Mighty Sexy Scary ago
Sunshine and Bacon Slime ago
A Necessary Delusion ago
Masters of Ephemera ago
Ultra ago

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This damn book has reinvigorated my desire to invent and create. What the heck. Literally the first thing in years to do so. Also, the only issue it has is the occasional missing word (I know that feeling, when the flow is great and you're writing fast and skip over a word on accident).



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A gentle but thorough mindf**k

Story has an amazing flow and introduces weird concepts in a way that make sense while being insensible. 

The author uses science and social commentary to deconstruct and reconstruct the human condition and make the reader think about themselves in a way that is as uncomfortable as it is compelling.

I started on the first chapter and wasn't able to stop reading until I reached the most recently posted, I highly recommend reading this if you like strange semiscientific sort of sexy stories.

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Ludicrous. Must read.

Super Science and Fast Romance is a knot of absurdity and intellectual masturbation only barely held in check by a loose adherence to rationality. It moves at breakneck speed with characters that somehow work as 3D creatures despite only their 2D shadows being shown; its plot will attempt to tie your expectations to the bed blindfolded, ride them reverse cowgirl, and then set the bed on fire.

This story is gratuitous and barely comprehensible, and I couldn't put it down.

Marmoset Threat
  • Overall Score

This story is what you'd get if you lace m&m's with LSD, load them into a m&m firing gun, and then shoot everyone at your local makerspace in the mouth repeatedly (in a good way).

This story is perfect for a web-platform, because it's something that I'd probably never pick up in a bookshelf but now that I've read it, I've fallen in love. Also, it's very different from anything else i've read on RR so far.

Doctor Zero, this is a masterpiece.

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The story is one of the most ducked up and weird sci fi stories I've ever read. I highly recommend it!

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If you are a classic Sci-fi fan, you are missing out if you miss out on this.

Great for fans of rational fiction as well.

Well written, good dialogue, amazing concepts: this is what you will find in this story.

Aaron Steele
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Madcap dash through a near-future dystopia to a high sci-fi arena

Reviewed at: Ultra

This story became my favorite on RR in a few quick chapters. It is nihilistic, empowering, and inspirational all at the same time and I'm not quite sure how it all works but by god it does.

The drunk analysis of problems in our world is more thought provoking than a great amout of articles I have read. The solutions proposed are over the top and might just work if they could ever be done, which is really representative of the story as a whole.

Reading about the characters making all this new stuff just based on random ideas they had while they were drunk is amazing, and it thoroughly inspired me to try and make new things. Sure, the stuff the characters make almost always works eventually, and they make it super fast, but it's a story and if it followed real life it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining.

Paul Boyle
  • Overall Score

Big ideas, poor characters

Reviewed at: Virtual Date

 I can see what others are jazzed about, but this mc is the least believeably written woman I can remember reading outside of very bad porn.  Maybe even including that.  Would have been better if the mc was just an AI to explain how offputtingly nonhuman and mechanical they are. Or if it was explained up front that they're deeply autistic, for instance.  Or had severe head trauma.

  • Overall Score

just not my cup of tea. Is kind of funny in some parts but gets old quick.