Hi! Sorry for another non-story update. This will be the last one, I promise. Sunshine and Bacon Slime is progressing slowly. I've had to rewrite it. I like near future science fiction, but writing about global warming in the year 2020 is a little closer to home than I'm used to. It's hard to find what hasn't been said.

On a related note, have any of you read Anathem by Neal Stephenson? It featured a world that had an Internet that was 99.999% disinformation. Tactical lies used to drown out the truth. It was a minor plot point in a beast of a book - I think he mentioned it twice in a thousand pages. When I read it in 2008, I thought the internet of lies was a goofy bit of paranoia. Hopefully comedic, definitely not one of his better predictions. Anyway, I figure I owe him a beer.

The new version of Sunshine and Bacon Slime is almost ready. As of today the chapters will be:

Sunshine and Bacon Slime

The Heat Event, Murder, Geoengineering, and Extortion

The Destruction of the Middle Class, Money, and Materialism

Masters of Ephemera

Also, I'm trying out new covers and descriptions, as well as a bit of editing for the early chapters. I've been told that they're kinda weak. I don't have a real great plan to fix them... I think I'll mix in some of Mr. President's election. It will give me an opportunity to write campaign slogans. Which sounds fun.

Okay! Thanks for reading. Please feel free to let me know what you think. That said, I will be erasing these Updates at some point. Please don't be offended. It's just because they won't be necessary after the last chapters are uploaded. Not because your comments made me cry.



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